How To Pack - An Ultimate Packing Guide for 2021

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How To Pack Guide

Chapter 1: General Moving Packing Tips

This chapter will cover easy packing tips and tricks, focusing on organizing your items based on common function and room factors. This chapter will also cover how to label your moving boxes and how to pack your boxes for optimal weight distribution and avoid breaking the boxes.

Pro Tip # 1: Pack Similar Items Together

How Can I Make Packing and Moving Easier?

Among the packing tips and tricks that will help you stay organized during your home is to pack room by room. It will make both packing and unpacking much easier. It also makes sense to pack the same items together even if they are not in the same room. You could, for example, pack together all the electronics from the different bedrooms.

It is one of the packing tips for moving that will save you so much time, as you won’t have to spend time sorting through each box when unpacking.

Pro Tip # 2: Label Each Box by Room and Its Contents

What Do You Write on Each Box Label?

When doing the label for a moving box, include:

  • The room for which it is destined
  • A list of its contents
  • Fragile items in the box

Number each box and write down on your notebook an inventory of the numbered boxes. You can check against the list when unpacking your numbered boxes.

If it’s more your style, then go for a color-coded moving label. Sarasota Sunshine Movers can work with this labeling method. Assign a color to each room and label the boxes accordingly. Again, write down your color code in a notebook, to which you can refer when you get to your new location and want to put your boxes in the different rooms.

Pro Tip # 3: Always Pack a Box of Essentials

What Should I Put in My Moving Essentials Box?

Have a box for packing essential items. These are basically the items you will need right away, even before you start unpacking the rest of your items. Start packing snacks, drinks, toothbrushes, medication, a first aid kit, a change of clothes, and paper and plastic utensils. If you are not too sure about unpacking your items right away, then you can include other items such as towels and the shower curtain.

You should also have a moving essentials box containing the tools you will need to set up at your new place. Think screwdrivers and hammers. Also, ensure that you label your moving essentials box. You can also choose to hold onto it and keep it with you in the car while the rest of the boxes go into the Sarasota Sunshine Movers trucks.

Pro Tip # 4: Refrain from Filling Boxes to the Brim

How to Prevent Boxes from Being Super Heavy?

Get as many boxes as you will need, so you don’t try to fit everything in the available boxes. If you fill the boxes to the brim, they may be too heavy to lift for our staff at Sarasota Sunshine Movers. Additionally, you will want to leave room for a final layer of packing paper before closing the box.  The final top layer of paper acts as a cushion for the items below them as well as a barrier so your items do not risk pouring out of the box.

Invest in the best quality moving boxes and get enough of these approved moving boxes to finish the job. Avoid used boxes as these are more likely to collapse under the weight of your items.

You want to put the heavier items at the bottom and the lighter ones on top for each box. This technique ensures optimal weight distribution, and you also greatly reduce the chances of your boxes breaking.

Chapter 2: Make a Systematic Packing Checklist

At Sarasota Sunshine Movers, we highly recommend packing room by room. This chapter will cover a room-by-room packing checklist and helpful tips.

Get the Kitchen Ready to Pack and Move

What Is the Best Way to Pack a Kitchen for Moving?

Sorting through your items and determining what to keep is the first thing to do in the step-by-step kitchen packing for move checklist. 

  • Pack an essentials box with food items, cutlery, dishes, cleaner, dishcloth, and any other items you may need right away in your new home.
  • Have a box for kitchen items you don’t frequently use, including special-event dishes such as condiment dishes.
  • Pack liquids separately and be sure they are transported separately from your furniture items to avoid spillage or stains.
  • Organize your dishes and wrap them in bubble wrap or packing paper before putting them in the moving box or dish-pack. Like bubble wrap, kitchen towels can be used for extra support when packing kitchen items. For your glasses, use sectioned boxes, as this is the best and safest way to pack this kitchen item. 
  • Pack small appliances and start by removing any loose components. Tape the cord of each appliance around it.

Sort, Pack and Move Your Bedroom

What Should I Pack First in the Bedroom When Moving?

Do the first thing on the bedroom packing guide and sort through your clothes. Pack your casual wear in the moving boxes. You may want to buy a wardrobe moving box for packing your bedroom for your formal wear. These boxes will allow you to keep the clothes on the hangers during the move.

  • Protect your mattresses from dust and the elements by keeping them in bed/mattress bags. You can also use cardboard mattress cartons to protect your mattress.
  • Wrap your fragile lamps and lampshades in packing paper or bubble wrap before packing them in boxes.
  • Wrap photos individually in packing paper and pack along with your books with the spine down on the box.
  • Put Your Jewelry and Other Small Valuables in a Container and move these items in your own vehicle prior to move date.

How to Sort and Pack the Bedroom Closet?

  • Get wardrobe cartons for the items you want to leave in hangers. Investing in these cartons is one of the best closet packing tips, as you’ll only need to transfer the hanging clothes to your new closet.
  • Pack your hats separately. It is better if you can leave them in their boxes.
  • Wrap your high end shoes in packing paper before loading into a large moving box. If you have room, you may pack the shoes in the bottom of your wardrobes. 

Get Bathroom and Toiletries Ready to Pack

How Do You Pack Things for a Bathroom?

You will need some additional packing supplies when packing the bathroom for moving. You will, of course, need moving boxes, but you also need plastic bags for wrapping around opened toiletries and liquid bottles to keep them from spilling. 

  • Choose smaller boxes for your bathroom items
  • Keep toiletries separate from your medicines when you pack the bathroom for moving.
  • Line your boxes with towels and clothing for cushioning. Ensure you do this for all boxes that will carry glass bottles or jars.

How Do You Pack Toiletries When Moving Your House?

  • Ensure you tighten the lids on your bottled toiletries when packing toiletries for moving.
  • Don’t pack your toiletries in the same box as medicine.
  • The best way to pack toiletries for moving is to put any opened bottles or jars of toiletries in zippered plastic bags. You should also put plastic wrap around the lid of any opened toiletries before closing up the lid again. By doing so, you can avoid any leaks or spills.
  • If you have multiple bathrooms, then you may want to pack up each bathroom separately. Keep the towels, soap, and toilet paper from each bathroom together.

Get Dining Room Ready to Pack

How Do You Pack a Dining Room?

With these packing tips for your dining room, the packing process should go much smoother. We advise to start clearing out space by removing chairs or other light furniture and then lay a pad or moving blanket on the table so that you have a protected area to stage items for packing.

  • Start packing the dining room items that are most available. These would be items that are already on the table or other surfaces. It's best to pack these items first as you are clearing areas thus creating more room to pack. 
  • Stage your fragile items and china your dining table in segregated groups so when you are packing boxes, you can easily pull which items go best in the moving box next.
  • To keep similar fragile items within the same boxes to reduce risk of damage, you may gather similar fragile items around the house to be packed with the items in the dining room.
  • When packing the dining room table, first remove the legs before wrapping them. 
  • Also, remove and wrap the legs on the dining room chairs if you are looking to save space in the moving van.
  • Wrap all remaining pieces of your dining room table and chairs as well as the China cabinet in a moving blanket.

How Do You Wrap Dining Room Chairs When Moving?

Protect your furniture by investing in a wrap roll for packing dining room furniture. You can also never go wrong with a moving blanket, and it protects your furniture from scratches and dents. 

  • Wrap table leaves
  • Wrap removed table and chair legs individually
  • Wrap your table corners in corner protectors or cardboard
  • Wrap any chair and table extensions, rails, or bars in a moving blanket or protective padding.
  • Wrap your entire China cabinet, and then tape the blanket in place.

Get Furniture Ready to Pack

How Do I Prepare My Furniture for Moving?

Properly prepare furniture for moving, and you will have an easier time come move day. Helpful tips for furniture preparation include the following.

  • Measure your furniture and compare these measurements against the measurements of your doorways and stairway. You will know what can fit in through the door easily and what will not.
  • For items that won’t easily pass through your doorway, remove as many parts as can be removed, including the legs and leaves. This will constitute a partial disassembly.
  • Completely disassemble what can be taken apart. 
  • Remove cushions and pillows from your sofa sets and beds. The best way to pack furniture items in this category is by putting them in plastic bags. Your garbage bags will do, and all you have to do is fasten the bags so the items inside don’t spill out during the move.
  • Wrap individual furniture pieces in moving blankets to protect the covered items from damage. Secure the blankets onto the blankets using tape.

Get Your Garage or Storage Tools Ready

How Do You Pack Garage Tools for a Move?

  • Gather all the tools you need for the move from your garage and keep them together in a box. Get ropes and straps, packing tape, and stair rollers.
  • Leave screwdrivers, pliers, and other small tools in the toolbox and secure it closed.
  • Pack power tools back in their original containers. Have a moving box for packing garage tools for which you don’t have the original container.
  • Wrap any sharp-edged tools with layers of bubble wrap and label the box with “SHARP OBJECTS” so you remember to carefully unpack these items without risk of cutting yourself.
  • Use packing tape for tools and bundle up shovels, rakes, and other garden tools before placing them in a wardrobe box.

Get Your Living Room Ready to Pack

How to Pack the Living Room for Moving?

Here are some of the best tips and tricks for living room packing.

  • Have blankets for wrapping your furniture and plastic bags for packing sofa cushions
  • Get a sturdy moving box for living items such as lamps and lampshades after disassembly. Use crumpled packing paper or clothing to cushion the items.
  • Get cartons for mirrors and photo frames and any other item framed in glass. Wrap each item in paper and place the carton items before wrapping the carton in all directions to secure it.
  • Consult the user manual on the best way to pack television and other electronics.
  • Use anti-static packing material to line the boxes in which you will pack your living room electronics.
  • Label the boxes holding your electronics as fragile.

Chapter 3: Plan to Pack Delicate Items with Care

This chapter will look at the best packing techniques for your delicate items, the best packaging materials for such, and how to go about moving these delicate and fragile items as you pack them.

Use Smaller Boxes for Heavy Fragile Items

How Do You Package Heavy and Fragile Items?

The best way to pack sensitive items is by using smaller boxes. These are easier to carry around with care. Additionally, your packed items are less likely to move around inside the box while being carried around and during transit. Remember to use padding to fill out any extra spaces.

Sarasota Sunshine Movers can help you find the perfect box for flower pots and other fragile items. If you are putting in several items in one box, ensure you have the heaviest at the bottom. Our team takes into account these and more fragile item packing tips for all types and sizes of items.

You want to secure the bottom of each box with strips of tape. The tape strips will provide support to your box and keep your box from giving in under the weight of the heavy, fragile items.

What Is the Best Packing Material for Fragile Items?

Even before getting to packing fragile items tips and tricks, you should first understand the best packing material for these items.

At Sarasota Sunshine Movers, we use a wide range of packing materials for fragile items, including the following.

  • Properly-sized Boxes - Every box is carefully selected to fit the dimensions of the packed items and ensure that there’s enough space left for packaging material for safe transportation of the item.
  • Packing Tape - For securing moving boxes
  • Packing Paper - Suitable for wrapping and protecting kitchen items, picture frames, and small electronics. It can also be used as filler material.
  • Bubble Cushion Wrap - Provides bubble cushioning for glassware, antiques, and other delicate items.
  • Air Bags - For filling out empty spaces in boxes.
  • Styrofoam Packing Peanuts - Perfect for filling up empty spaces in packing boxes and preventing the packed item from shifting inside the box.
  • Packing Foam - Easy-to-use protective packing material perfect for all types of items. Available as foam pouches, rolls, sheets, and corner guards.

Never Use Flimsy Boxes

How to Protect Fragile Items When Moving Homes?

After choosing the best packing material for fragile items, use the best packing processes to wrap fragile items. This ensures that every part of the item is well covered before putting it in the moving box.

Never should you use flimsy boxes for packing fragile items. Any box with a give, however slight the give, should not even be an option worth considering. The risk of your fragile items getting damaged after the box gives in is too high. At Sarasota Sunshine Movers, we are particular with our choice of moving boxes and only use approved, sturdy boxes for fragile items.

What Do You Need to Be a Professional Senior Mover? Ensure No Movement Of Items

How Do You Protect Valuables When Moving?

Using the best method to wrap fragile items will guarantee their safety in the box, and your focus should then shift to how to pack these valuables when moving. Before packing and moving, you need to be sure about what supplies you will use to pack the delicate items so they don’t move during transit. Doing this will eliminate half of your hassle of moving fragile items with care and without any damage. 

Ensure you carefully label your boxes containing these fragile items. Sarasota Sunshine Movers and anyone else helping with your move will know to handle such a box with utmost care to avoid its contents.

How to Move Delicate Items With Care?

Always use the right packing material such as bubble wrap for fragile products. Absolute care is a must when moving the box with packed valuable items. This means not placing other boxes or items on top of the box when moving it. We do not mind moving one box at a time if only to ensure the protection of your items. Sarasota Sunshine Movers are also careful not to hit the box against the walls or any other hard surfaces during the move. 

Use Dividers for Glasses and Stemware

How Do You Pack Wine Glasses With Dividers?

Get dividers to place at the bottom of boxes when packing glasses and stemware. You can trust Sarasota Sunshine Movers to assist in providing the best boxes for these items. You can use a small box for packing glasses of wine and other glassware and expect the best results if you prepare the box well and pack your items accordingly. You may place your small packed boxes inside of a large dish barrel to provide additional protection for your most fragile items. 

How Do You Pack Stem Glasses for Moving?

Rest assured that our pros at Sarasota Sunshine Movers only ever use the best way to pack glasses as follows.

  • Gently stuffing the globe of glassware with packing paper until there is no more space left
  • Completely wrapping each glass in layers of paper before inserting it into the dividers
  • Packing empty cells on the dividers bottom box with bubble wrap or tissue and topping up with the same cells with shorter glasses.
  • Laying tissue paper of bubble wrap on top of the fully packed boxes to ensure the glassware does not shift around.
  • Secure the flaps on the moving box with packing tape.

Wrap Each Individual Item and Piece

How Do You Wrap Things For Moving?

One of the most important fragile packing tips for moving that applies to all fragiles from glassware to picture frames is to ensure you wrap each item individually before placing it in the box. 

For each item, start by removing any loose parts such as the lids and wrap each part separately. The most delicate items should be secured with tape even after wrapping with tissue or bubble wrap.

Use Plenty of Packing Tape

How Much Tape Do I Need to Pack the Moving Items?

Exactly how much packing tape you will need for moving will depend on the type and size of your boxes. Again, you want to make sure you only use the best packing tape. Always go for a premier-quality packing tape that is strong, highly adhesive, and temperature-resistant. With packing tape, wider is better, as it will provide better support for your boxes. Our packers at Sarasota Sunshine Movers use big-size wrapping tape for packing all types of items.

Take Your Time

How Long Before Moving Should You Start Packing?

Start making plans for your move as early as at least two months before your scheduled move day. For packing, you can start as early as two months out, following packing with care step by step guide. Of course, with professionals such as Sarasota Sunshine Movers, you can look forward to an expedited packing and moving process.

What Is the First Thing You Should Pack When Moving?

After taking inventory of your belongings, have a packing order for moving. The inventory will help you make a packing schedule for moving house.

Start off with the items you have in storage, followed by your out-of-season clothing. Next up should be your china and rarely used utensils or dishes, followed by artwork, picture frames, and wall hangings. Also, pack up your books, after which you can now settle into room-by-room packing.

How Do You Organize Packing for a Move?

You can never go wrong with leaving all your pack and move needs to professionals like Sarasota Sunshine Movers. Experts will follow a packing checklist and employ custom packing tips to deliver fast, well-organized and efficient packing for your move.

Chapter 4 - Packing Your Electronic Items

Packing electronics can be tricky, especially when it comes to packing and moving specific electronic items like computers, laptops, inverters, data backup machines, and many others that your home or business needs to run operations. No matter how tricky it is to pack and move office electronics, you can do it seamlessly by following some good practices. Let's check them out.

Get Your Desktop Computer Ready to Pack

How do I pack up my computer?

Official PCs and computers contain a lot of stuff that needs to be protected and stored in a safe place that can be restored when needed. The most important and the best practice is to use bubble wrap for monitor packing. Along with protecting the computer screen with bubble wrap, you have to focus on safeguarding your systems' data.

No one can afford to lose valuable data, specifically related to your work, as it can hamper your efforts. So here are a few best ways to pack desktops that minimize packing and moving hassle during office relocation.

1. Backup all your important Files

How Do I Backup My Entire Computer?

Taking data backup before packing and moving the computer is always the best practice to keep data protected. You can take your computer's data using some backup software for the PC and the external drive. It would be even better if you store your data on the cloud.

2. Detach Wires and Accessories

How do you pack cables and electronic accessories when moving?

Detaching the wires from all the electronics is quite important to save the devices from getting damaged due to power fluctuations. Unplugged wires and cords can be confusing, especially when you have so many devices that are connected with each other. It's better to follow the best steps to organize cables in a ziplock bag. You can make the electronics moving and re-installing process smoother by taking pictures of all the hookups to know how to reconnect the computers and other devices.

3. Labeling Your Items and Cables

How do you label cables when moving?

Labeling all the computer items and cables is also a good practice to make the office relocation successful. Individually wrap or bag the chords and computer components, naming them with the appropriate device. You can also make your computer relocation more manageable by taking photographs of the wires before detaching them from the device. If you still find it challenging, contacting trusted packers and movers would be a great help for you.

Get Your Refrigerator Ready to Pack

How do I pack my fridge for shifting?

You have to be more careful while packing and moving refrigerators from one location to another. There are a few best ways to pack your fridge that you should follow with utmost care and precision.

  • Initially, you must gather all the fridge moving supplies, including moving straps, robust cords, rope, cleaning material, moving dolly, and tool kit. 
  • Next, you need to measure the refrigerator's height, width, and depth to make and decide the way to move it through. 
  • Further, to make the move more effortless, you can also measure the size of your doorways to see if you have to adjust the fridge as per doorway or you can smoothly move it through the passage.

Empty the refrigerator of all its contents

Question: How do you wipe the inside of a refrigerator?

Cleaning the fridge and emptying it before moving is also helpful in making your move way better. All you need to do is clean everything from the refrigerator using a cleaning cloth, including freezer compartments, racks, and drawers.

Remove The Shelves

How do you remove the rack from a refrigerator?

If your refrigerator has detachable refrigerator storage racks or removable refrigerator shelf glass, remove them to make sure they don't break during the transition. You can pack these shelves with bubble wraps or other packing supplies to protect them from damage, breakage, or cracks. If you don't want to remove the racks, you can tie them tightly with the heavy material packing tape to ensure they don't move around inside the fridge during travel.

Defrost The Freezer If Necessary

How do I get rid of ice in my freezer without defrosting it?

Defrosting the fridge takes time and also looks pretty tricky. But, you have to do it if you want to make your move hassle-free. All the advanced refrigerators come with a defrosting option that helps you defrost the ice from the fridge and make it clean. Remember to defrost the refrigerator one night before the move because it takes around 6-8 hours to complete the process. Try to make sure all surfaces and areas are wiped dry after the ice has melted.

Moreover, people also ask about the best way to melt ice from the fridge without defrosting it. There's certainly no way to completely melt the ice from the freezer zone, but one can reduce the frequency of ice production in the freezer by lowering the temperature. Of course, this is only for regular home refrigerators. But if you're moving to some other location, you have to defrost it before packing and moving.

Secure the refrigerator doors with plastic stretch wrap

How do you close and seal the refrigerator doors?

The best way to seal a refrigerator door is to wrap it with plastic stretch wrap. Some larger refrigerators may need doors removed to fit through doorways. But if you have a normal-sized refrigerator, you can buy plastic stretch wrap considering the size that it will properly get covered and protected from damage and scratches.  

Pack The Refrigerator Contents in a Cooler 

How do I pack my refrigerator contents?

You can’t generally pack the refrigerator into a box, but you can pack the contents in a cooling box or cooler to keep food material safe and hygienic for a long time. Buying a cooler is a best practice to follow as it provides a safe and better storage of fridge contents and makes your move hassle free.

Get Your Television Ready to Pack

How do you pack a flat-screen TV for moving?

Flat-screen televisions are fragile and can easily break when not packed or placed properly during travel. But you can reduce the risk of breakage or damage if you know the tactics to pack the flat-screen TV. Here's the list of things you need to know while packing and moving LED televisions.

  • Unplug all the cords connected to the TV to reduce packing hassle
  • Next, wrap your flat-screen television in a blanket or some other soft cloth or material to protect it from scratch and breakage.
  • Use the original TV box if you have it. Otherwise, you can buy a TV moving box as per your flat-screen size. (Be sure not to grab the TV by the screen when placing it in the box)

Get Your Printer Ready to Pack

How do you pack a printer?

Printers are fragile and can be damaged permanently if not packed using the best practices. Let's understand the sequence for packing printers to make the move more favorable and stress-free.

  • Keep the printer to the original or some other suitable box.
  • For more protection, you can wrap the printer in bubble wrap.
  • Next, you have to pack the cartridges separately and make sure they don't leak during travel. Also, you can keep the cartridges in airtight bottles to keep the risk of leakage away.
  • Next, you need to focus on storing the printer cables in a separate box to avoid tangles.

Here you go! You can now proceed with moving a laser printer or any printer with utmost safety and care.

Get Your Microwave Oven Ready to Pack

How do you pack a microwave oven?

Microwaves are one of the most versatile kitchen appliances these days that seem to have the essential equipment you can have in your home. These are designed with sturdy material and have less damage risks. But it doesn't mean you don't pack and move them carefully. Instead, you have to follow a step-by-step process to make the microwave relocation easy and safe.

Check out a few steps of packing Microwave for moving:

  • Clean microwave
  • Remove the glass tray inside microwave and pack separately
  • Wrap the microwave with bubble wrap or towel
  • Pack the microwave in the original box or a large moving box

Get Your Washing Machine Ready to Pack

How do you pack a washing machine?

Packing of washing machine for moving is quite a simple process and can be done only by using a couple of essential things. The list of aspects to pack a washing machine includes:

  • Hire a plumber if needed to disconnect water from the washing machine
  • Remove hoses from back of washing machine and place inside the washing machine
  • Lock the washing machine drum with pin if provided by manufacturer
  • Blanket wrap and plastic wrap the washing machine

Chapter 5 - How to Pack a Moving Truck?

After packing comes the final move. In this chapter, we will explore how to pick the right size moving truck and the best way to load up the moving truck.

Figure Out What Size Truck Rental You Need

How Do I Know What Size Rental Truck I Need?

There are several professional moving truck sizes to choose from. A moving truck size calculator can help you narrow down your best option. The best sized moving truck for your move will be based on total contents you have to move. An easy rule of thumb is to get a 26 ft moving truck for households with 2 to 3 bedrooms.

Gather Packing Supplies

What Supplies Are Needed for Packing The Truck?

Having everything you need prior to beginning the process of loading the truck will be helpful. Use straps, bungees and rope to ensure your packed items don’t move while in transit in the truck. You may also use sheets of plywood to secure your items in the truck or trailer.

Recruit Friends for Help

How Do You Ask a Friend to Help You Move?

If you are not able to secure a moving company, you may have the help of your friends. This may be helpful if you have heavy items that may require additional help getting into the truck.

Disassemble Furniture

How Important is it to Disassemble All Furniture Before Moving?

Disassembling the furniture is important to ensure all items fit safely within the moving truck. Additionally the furniture will be easier to maneuver around corners and doorways.

Load Large and Heavy Items First

How Do You Load A Moving Truck?

You will want to load the truck in tiers starting at the back wall. For best practice do not start your next tier until the first is complete. Each tier will be about as deep as one to two medium boxes. 

The best way to load a truck for moving is by starting with the large and heavy items as base. Such items include dressers, nightstands, desks or other bulky items. You will want these items at the bottom of each tier to avoid having them crush other items. Avoid using fragile furniture as base for your tiers as these items may crush under the weight of the load while in transit.

Place Couches, Headboards, and Tables in An Upright Position

How Do You Load Furniture and Heavy Things in a Moving Truck?

The best way to load bulky items in the moving truck is by keeping them in an upright position. They are not only safer in this position, but they will also take the ride better in the upright position.

Roll Up Rugs and Secure in Plastic Wrap

How Do You Secure a Rolled-Up Rug?

Roll up the rugs, and secure them with plastic ties before wrapping the rug with brown paper or plastic wrap. This can be a tough task if the rug is larger or extremely heavy. Sarasota Sunshine Movers can help with any or all of the rug packing process. 

Load Lightest Items on Top

What Order Do You Load a Moving Truck?

After the heavy items are loaded as base, move to the medium-weight and lightweight items, with the lightest items going on top. If you have miscellaneous unpacked items, you will want these at the very top of the load as they will not be able to support the weight of other items.

Distribute Weight Evenly

What Order Should I Pack My Moving Truck?

Be sure to evenly distribute the heavy items across the truck. This applies to weight distributed front to back as well as side to side. Heavier items should be placed towards the front of the truck rather than the back. 

Distributing weight evenly is a fundamental consideration as it will improve control while driving.

Use Moving Straps

How Do You Use Moving Truck Straps?

Sarasota Sunshine Movers carry the best moving straps. These moving truck straps secure your items, avoiding having them shift around in the truck while in transit. The best technique is to strap down each section at a time. This means strapping the entire load off as you pack the truck to ensure each section is safe.

Chapter 6 - Relocation Valuation

Whether you're moving your home, business, equipment, or some valuable inventory from one place to another, having everything covered under a damage coverage plan has become a necessity. It's needed to protect the belongings from damage, and if something wrong happens, your hired movers and packers will give you the value for your loss.

Connecting with authentic movers and packers will help here as they take full responsibility for your belongings until they safely reach the destination. Let's know the relocation valuation in detail.

Are movers liable for the damage?

Professional movers and packers are fully responsible for covering the damage to your belongings in accordance with your signed contract. But being a customer, it's your duty to check whether the selected packers or movers are registered with FMCSA, ensuring aligned interstate operations and transportation of residential or commercial goods.

Also, you need to know that the movers you hired are a broker or the direct movers. Because if they are brokers, they might not be involved in the insurance coverage part and can sometimes make fake promises that they will cover the damage or loss of your belongings.

On the contrary, if you hire a top-rated moving company, you can expect a commitment from them that your belongings will reach your destination safely on the finalized moving day. Furthermore, they will facilitate you with the following information before the move so you can be fully prepared for the relocation. The list of information includes:

  • A written moving estimate
  • The "ready to move" brochure or weblink, containing everything about the company's packing and moving process, terms, and conditions
  • Information about the mover's intervention throughout your moving journey
  • A written notice about all the access to the mover's charges and additional tariffs
  • The process of handling product damage or loss claims under moving insurance coverage
  • You might also get a booklet, helping you know about "Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move."

It's again advised not to contact the movers who are not upfront with all of this information or if they refuse to perform a physical survey of your goods before loading and moving, which sometimes results in breakage and damage of belongings.

How Long Do Movers Take to Load a Truck?

How long does it take movers to load a truck? There is no short answer for this question as it all depends on several moving factors, as outlined below:

  • Number of boxes that need to be loaded onto the truck
  • Number of furniture items, appliances, and other bigger items to be loaded
  • Number of specialty items such as hot tubs, pianos, and pool tables. Specialty items require special attention, which takes time.
  • The level of preparedness before the movers arrive 
  • The size of the moving crew
  • The number of stairs the movers have to get through.
  • Size and access to an elevator
  • Distance from your home to where the moving truck is parked
  • Weather conditions during the move

From the above, it is easy to see that loading depends on the volume of items you need to be moved and the challenges the movers are likely to encounter while getting the job done.

Chapter 7 - Choosing The Right Movers

You have planned to move to a new apartment or office! You're indeed busy with other stuff like sorting belongings, segregating them, and packing the items safely for moving. But have you selected a reputable moving company to help you make your journey smooth and hassle-free? Let's check out the steps to choose your partner moving agency for your move.

How do I choose the best packers and movers?

Choosing reliable movers and packers is quite daunting and requires a lot of knowledge. But don’t worry, there are a few things that if you keep in mind can help you choose the right packer and mover for your move. 

For that, you need to seek a mover having evidence of excellent customer support and service, proven business practices, and truthful advertising. When searching for the movers and packers, it’s important to get an idea about the estimates from around 2-3 movers to make yourself clear about budget planning.  

How do I verify packers and movers before selection?

Everyone wants a smooth move, and the best way to make it seamless is to hire a reputed moving company. For that, you have to make sure that the agency you’re connecting with is reliable enough to trust and hand over your relocation responsibility.

You can make it easier by checking for the below points:

  • Ask for the written quotes for your move and compare between 2 or more agencies.
  • Do not hurry while choosing the packers and movers.
  • Avoid selecting low-cost movers.
  • Cross-check if the movers are licensed or not.
  • Verify by asking and checking the earlier customer complaint history against the company.
  • Go through online reviews and ratings.
  • Read the agreement and paperwork properly before signing.
  • Ask if they offer additional coverage services.
  • You can also add other questions related to payment criteria, experience in moving, and many others.
  • Make sure the company you choose uses their own employees with workers compensation coverage for all.

How much should I pay to a moving company?

Having an idea about the cost of hiring packers and movers can help you make all the right decisions if you’re planning for a relocation. But do you know what would be the average cost to hire movers for your move? It’s hard to calculate the exact estimate, but you can get an approximate idea of your move by directly asking your movers about the price they charge for your type of move.

An easy way to get this done is to prepare a questionnaire and send it to the movers for an overall estimate. It would be easy and will let the movers know about your needs and requirements for the move


Professional movers and packers work hard to reduce all your tension and stress of relocation by putting the best packing and moving practices in place. You should trust the selected movers, providing they are reliable and have gained immense credibility among their customers through high-quality service offerings.

To keep yourself tension-free, all you need to do is to hire a credible moving company that knows how to carry out a home or office relocation without hassle. Conducting foolproof research can pull you out of every problem and let you enjoy your move the way you always wanted to be.

A reliable company will always put efforts to provide you quality moving services, whereas a other company will not even bother to help you make the right decision while moving. Here, the choice is yours, what do you want to choose!

Call a professional moving company, Sunshine Movers today to turn your hectic relocation into a smooth and enjoyable moving journey.

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