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Sunshine Movers is your one-stop-shop for all moving services in South Sarasota. Our reliability, compassion, and commitment to safety are some of the qualities that make us the best. All of our employees are highly trained, experienced, and handsomely remunerated. This devotion not only boosts their productivity but motivates them to treat our customers with the utmost care. They handle your items as if they're our personal belongings.

We continuously fine-tune our processes to ensure we always stay ahead of the competition. We also have custom vehicles, storage units, and packing solutions for various moving jobs. Sunshine Movers will never surprise you with hidden fees. Our fair and affordable cost estimates are some of the most competitive in South Sarasota. We help you enjoy your relocation experience by making the process fast, smooth, and stress-free.

Best Moving Services in South Sarasota

We only need a few details to facilitate your move to or out of South Sarasota. They include the addresses of your current home as well as the new one. An approximation of the square footage helps us visualize the task ahead and prepare an affordable quote. We're licensed to provide the following South Sarasota moving and packing services:

Local Moving in South Sarasota

From humble beginnings, we've grown to become South Sarasota's most reliable moving company. Our firm knowledge of the area means we can safely and efficiently perform any relocation within the county. We conduct thorough planning and maintain communication throughout the job.

Long Distance Moving in South Sarasota

Whether you're moving to a neighboring state or across the country, you'll have some concerns about the process. As the premier movers and packers in South Sarasota, we have the expertise and equipment to overcome these logistics challenges. Our attention to detail is visible in every aspect, from packing to loading and delivery to your destination.

Residential Moving in South Sarasota

Are you moving from an apartment or a house? You can concentrate on your family as we handle the transportation of your household appliances. We'll conduct a site visit, disassemble any fixed appliances, and professionally transport them to your new home. Our full service includes expert wrapping and packing, as well as round the clock communication on transit progress.

Commercial Moving in South Sarasota

Sunshine Movers is flexible and versatile enough to handle the demanding nature of commercial relocation. These include moving to a bigger office or opening a new branch. If you need custom deliveries of machinery and other sensitive appliances, our team will plan and professionally execute them. Other than trucks, we have specialized equipment and storage facilities to make it happen.

International Moving in South Sarasota

Moving abroad or relocating here from another country has its complications. It involves more than one moving company, evaluating shipping options, and handling customs requirements. You also have to deal with fluctuating currency exchanges. Our moving services in South Sarasota include coordination with a network of global partners. We will supervise the packing, storage, shipping, and safe delivery of your items to your destination.

Storage in South Sarasota

You might need extra storage for various reasons. Maybe you're moving to a smaller house or relocating to a place where you'll need a few months before settling down. As you weigh your options, we'll keep your items safe in spacious, secure, and climate-controlled storage facilities. We offer you the convenience of making online payments, as well as 24/7 accessibility.

Specialized Moving in South Sarasota

If you are an art collector, it's understandable to worry about your paintings or sculptures in transit. Other unique items include pianos, antiques, and electronics. At Sunshine Movers, we train our staff to take extreme caution when packing and moving such delicate cargo.

Why Move to South Sarasota, FL

South Sarasota has a charming and laid back feeling. Living here feels like being on vacation all year round. It has a low crime rate, an educated population, and a conducive climate. The benefits of living here include:

Beautiful beaches: You can enjoy the calm ocean breeze and numerous sandy beaches. Most of them have dog showers and drinking fountains to keep your furry friend comfortable.

Robust real estate market: South Sarasota's listings have steadily increased in value for the past decade. If you buy a home here, you'll enjoy a high quality of life and own an appreciating asset.

Favorable economic outlook: Florida State has a zero percent income tax. South Sarasota's unemployment rate is also consistently lower than the US average.

High-quality amenities: This location has well-maintained schools, healthcare facilities, a transport system, and other excellent amenities.

Best Time to Move in South Sarasota, FL

Our experience as South Sarasota professional movers shows that March, April, and November have the most conducive weather. Although these are the best months to relocate, we have the expertise to help our clients move at any time of the year. Once you contact us about your ideal date, we'll do an assessment and plan accordingly.

Why Choose Us as your best moving company

Our clients consider us the best movers and packers in South Sarasota. This confidence is evident in the numerous 5-star reviews and online testimonials we receive. They remain loyal to us for the following reasons:

  • We offer maximum care and protection: We treat every item with the utmost concern to ensure it is delivered safely in one piece.
  • 24/7 customer care: You can contact us at any time to inquire about the progress of your delivery or storage.
  • Commitment to our objectives: We never rest until we complete all tasks within schedule. We always motivate our staff to improve their productivity.
  • Dependable equipment: By investing in the latest tools, we increase our employees' safety while boosting overall efficiency to our customers' benefit.

South Sarasota COVID19 Pandemic Movers

At Sunshine Movers, we take coronavirus containment measures seriously. As the premier South Sarasota movers and packers, our staff wear masks and always have hand sanitizers in their vehicles. Our virtual appointments also encourage social distancing. While preparing to move, we urge our clients to buy enough packing and wrapping materials.

If you're donating some clothes and other household items before relocating, inquire from the charity about their COVID-19 requirements. If you observe these tips, we'll help you move smoothly to your new destination.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best time to move to South Sarasota, Florida?

According to professional Sarasota Movers, March, April, and November are the best months to relocate to South Sarasota, Florida. Planning for a move can be daunting, but it can become more comfortable with the help of trained packers and movers. 

Is South Sarasota, Florida, a good place for planning a move to?

South Sarasota has pleasant weather that people love and admire. The city has a lot of attractions, including beaches and excellent amenities. In short, South Sarasota is one of the best places to move or live.  

What is the cost of moving to South Sarasota, FL?

It would be best if you connected with industry-leading movers and packers to know the exact cost of moving to South Sarasota, Florida. On average, it may cost approx. $800-$1600 to hire a moving company in South Sarasota. 

What are the facts about South Sarasota, Florida?

South Sarasota is a beautiful city and known for the below factors: 
• South Sarasota has an average temperature of 72.6 degrees. 
• The city welcomes 4 million visitors every year. 
• South Sarasota County is surrounded by 40% water. 
• South Sarasota has been ranked as one of the best and small cities across the U.S. 

What are the best areas to move to in South Sarasota, Florida?

You can relocate anywhere in South Sarasota, Florida. You can choose the areas mentioned below if you want specific and the best places to move in.
• EAST OF TRAIL - Lakewood Ranch
• WEST OF TRAIL - Indian Beach Sapphire Shores
• ISLAND - Siesta Key
• NORTH - Gillespie Park
• DOWNTOWN - Laurel Park

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