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Moving boxes

When packing boxes, we advise not to use boxes from grocery stores, liquor stores or any other box used to transport food or drinks. In most cases odors & residue remain in the cardboard and will attract pests and rodents.

Something to think about - not all boxes are created equal. In fact there are different grades of corrugated cardboard. Moving boxes are of a much higher grade than average as they are built to withstand pressure to keep items safe inside. The weaker the box, the more likely they are to crush under pressure when stacked. This is why it is so important when choosing the right boxes.

Small Moving Box

  • When packing small items such as books, CDs, DVDs, photos.
  • For fragile items such as small statues, glass items, small picture frames, and other small keepsakes –be sure to properly wrap each item individually.
  • Be careful not to over-pack the box, making it too heavy to lift.
  • DIMENSIONS (In Inches) 16 x 12.5 x 12.5
  • One roll of tape will secure about 12 - 14 small boxes

Medium Moving Box

  • The most common used moving box as it is used for a variety of items
  • For kitchen and household belongings, office items, medium framed photos and more • Be careful not to over-pack the box, making it too heavy to lift.
  • DIMENSIONS (In Inches) 18 x 18 x 16
  • One roll of tape should secure about 10 - 12 medium boxes

Large Moving Box

  • For large lightweight items such as toys, linens, pots & pans, etc.
  • Wrap smaller, heavier items in towels or linens in these large boxes.
  • Especially important for the large boxes – be careful not to over-pack the box, making it too heavy to lift. • DIMENSIONS (In Inches) 24 x 18 x 18
  • One roll of tape will secure about 8 - 10 large boxes

Extra Large Moving Box

  • Do not be tempted to stock up on extra large as a means to speed up the process. In fact this is the least used moving box.
  • Slightly larger than a large box, these boxes should be used for oversized light weight items.
  • Ideal for pillows, bedding and lighter weight, large items
  • Accommodate taller items such as framed artwork, etc.
  • DIMENSIONS (In Inches) 24 x 18 x 24
  • One roll of tape will accommodate about 8 - 10 extra large boxes

Wardrobe Box

  • 45 inches tall for clothing on hangers
  • Hanging bar makes it easy to move clothes right from the closet to the wardrobe box • Great for storing clothes at home during changing seasons
  • DIMENSIONS (In Inches) 24 x 20 x 45

Picture Boxes

  • Picture boxes come in a set of 4 corner caps which can be oscillated to fit most all medium to large pictures or mirrors.
  • Mirrors and framed art should be wrapped with brown paper* prior to being packed in a picture box
  • Some oil canvas’s may be wrapped in a special art wrapping paper that will not disturb the oil and other materials within the canvas. (We do not carry this paper in stock normally but can order within one business day.)    

TV Box

  • If you have the original box that the TV came in, great! If not a universal TV box can be purchased. They often come in a few different sizes to fit a range of sizes.
  • A TV box is critical for moving high end larger televisions. Without being packed, there is no guarantee that the TV will be moved safely.
  • At Sunshine Movers we can custom fit or “cardboard crate” your TV using our commercial pads as well as fitting a cardboard shell around your TV for save transit.

Brown wrap also referred to as Paper pads

  • Brown wrap can be used for multiple purposes during the moving and storage process. Delicate vases, electronics or other larger fragile items may be wrapped with brown wrap prior to packing within a box.
  • Brown wrap can be used to wrap art & mirrors prior to being packed.
  • Brown wrap can be used as a one time use pad for items going into storage.
  • In some cases brown wrap can be used to pad items in transit however we do not recommend using them
    on higher end items as they are much thinner than the commercial pads we use on our trucks.

Packing Tape

Before you select your boxes, note that you will need packing tape to put them together. Grab plenty of tape because the last thing you want to do is have to stop packing and run to the store for more. One roll will tape:

  • 12 - 14 small boxes
  • 10 - 12 medium boxes
  • 8 - 10 large or extra large boxes

Tip: Tape like a pro

Review the following recommended taping method to help ensure secure seams while helping to prevent crushing:
On the bottom of the box:

  1. Fold in the two inside flaps first
  2. Fold in long flaps and secure with three strips of tape down the center
  3. For extra protection - tape the edges of the boxes along the open flaps.

Wrapping Dishes and other Fragile Items

Be sure to wrap your dishes and fragile items carefully to protect them during moving and storage.

  • Gloss wrapping paper / Packing paper is the most common used wrapping material used to wrap dishes and other items as it is efficient and less expensive as other wrapping materials.
  • Bubble wrap is a traditional wrapping material that is sometimes preferred over packing paper however it is much more time consuming and costly.

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