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It's no doubt that moving requires prior planning for success. However, not everyone gets the time to prepare for the move. At Sunshine Movers, we understand that emergencies happen, which is why we offer last-minute moving services for both households and businesses in Sarasota. As your reliable last-minute movers, our short-notice moving services include same-day notices. With our last-minute moves, you get your logistics needs out of the way and focus on other important matters.

Same Day Short Notice Moving Services

To help our clients who need to move with short notice, we provide same-day, short-notice moving services. Below are some of our same-day, short-notice services.

  • Home and Apartment Movers. If you are moving into a new home, we can help you relocate your household or apartment in short notice.
  • Furniture Moving. If you are moving furniture to a new location, we have the right equipment and tools to deliver your furniture wherever you want.
  • Office Movers. We provide commercial moves for businesses of all sizes. We can conveniently move your office to your new location with minimal interference to your business operations.
  • Packing and Unpacking. Last-minute moves don't give you enough time to pack your valuables. Our staff can come with packing supplies and help you pack your valuables properly, and also handle your unpacking after unloading.

Why You May Be Looking for Same-Day Movers

It is always advisable to book your moving services early, so you have more time to prepare for the move. However, many factors may cause you to settle for last-minute movers. Sometimes, you will need to call last-minute movers because your first movers failed to show up. You also might have an impromptu event, such as a new job out of town, that you have to organize with very limited notice.

In these scenarios, you only option is hiring reliable last-minute movers who are willing to offer comprehensive services with short notice. If you are ever in this a situation, contact Sunshine Movers.

How to Pack for a Same-Day Move

Packing for last-minute moves can be overwhelming. To save time and money, you should start packing before your movers arrive. Begin by planning what you want to move to your new location, then proceed with packing essentials, like critical documents, medications, and toiletries, as well as your family’s must-haves.

Since you won't have enough time to sort your items, ensure that they are safe from damage while in transit. Also, consider packing items like clothes while on hangers, and use soft fabrics and linen to protect fragile goods. It is impossible to pack everything by yourself in a day. Therefore, consider hiring the professional packers at Sunshine Movers to help.

How to Hire Same Day Movers near Me

When looking for same-day movers, you want a reliable company that offers comprehensive services to facilitate your entire move. To find last-minute moving services fast, use a moving cost calculator to get free estimates from different last-minute movers near you. Once you have a list of potential movers, find the ideal mover by comparing the companies and what they offer.

When choosing your ideal moving company, check its licenses, reviews from past clients, AMSA certifications, and online ratings with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Also consider the extra services each company offers, like packing and unpacking. Once you make a choice, contact your same-day moving company and confirm your move.

How to Organize a Last-Minute Move

Organizing a last-minute move doesn't have to be stressful with Sunshine Movers. We are available to meet all your last-minute move needs. Besides contacting a well-known company for your last-minute services, you can utilize moving agents for connection with last-minute movers in your location.

  • Same day, short-distance moves. Our same-day short-distance move services are available if you are moving within Sarasota.
  • Last-minute, long-distance. Finding last-minute movers for a long-distance move can be a difficult task. However, you can use an agent to link you up fast.
  • Licensed moving companies. When you are desperate for an emergency move, you can easily fall into the hands of unlicensed movers or frauds. Always ensure that your moving company has a valid license to operate.
  • Trained professionals. When looking for a last-minute mover, ensure you hire experts in the field. Reputable moving agents have a network of reliable emergency movers with trained experts to get the job done efficiently.
  • Free quote. When organizing a last-minute move, you can ask for a free moving quote to help you make the right choice.

Choose Sunshine Movers for Your Emergency Move

If you are in Sarasota, Sunshine Movers is your most reliable option for an emergency or last-minute move. Our efficiency in carrying out short-notice relocations is unmatched, as is our dedication to customer satisfaction. Here are some of the reasons that set us apart from the rest.

1. Local

Sunshine Movers has its offices and headquarters in Sarasota. We have in-depth knowledge of the best routes to transport your items, so they arrive at their destination in time. As a local company, we are easily accessible, and you can expect a fast response whenever you need emergency moving services.

2. Experienced

Having been in the moving business for years, we have garnered enough knowledge and skill to carry out seamless moves with short notice. Our team of trained staff has the experience to handle even the most fragile items and ensure that they reach their destination in their original condition.

3. Licensed, Bonded & Insured

We have the license to carry out our operations in Sarasota, which gives you legal protection. Also, our company is insured, meaning you are not liable for any damage to your belongings or injury to our staff during your move.

4. Transparent Rates

At Sunshine Movers, what you see is what you get. Our rates are devoid of any hidden costs, so you can adequately plan your moving budget. You won't suffer financial surprises and end up spending more than you expected.

For short notice or emergency moves, Sunshine Movers has you covered. We can help effectively complete your move, whether you are relocating your household, transferring furniture, or moving your business to a new location. Contact us today for all your short-notice relocations

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a same-day move?

The same-day move is planned for those who need to move with short notice. Short-notice moving services include home and apartment moving, office moving, furniture moving, special items moving, etc. Contact Sunshine Movers to get complete information about the same-day moving process.

I Need Movers Now. What Do I do?

Call us now to have a discussion with our professional moving consultants. They will stay in touch with you and help you plan your last-minute move quickly and efficiently. You don't need to bother about packing, loading and unloading your things; our expert moving crew will manage everything for you.

How Do I Hire Same-Day Movers Near Me?

If you are relocating due to some unforeseen circumstances, we are here to help you with your last-minute moving requirements. Our staff is experienced and will help you with planning, packing and moving your things.

How much does it cost to hire same-day movers?

Professional movers usually charge per hour when it comes to same-day moving. We at Sunshine Movers charge on average between $99-$150 for 1-2 movers. If we need more than two movers, the hourly cost of moving will increase. No matter what your needs, we can help. Call Sunshine Movers today to get the best quote for your last-minute move.

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