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Moving is demanding, and it only gets more stressful when you add the logistics of relocating to an entirely different state. Choosing an interstate mover is unlike selecting a local moving company. Interstate movers have to observe specific regulations and take extra precautions to protect items traveling long distances.

You need an interstate moving company with the right resources, equipment, and customer service. Sunshine Movers is just a call away. Our professional and experienced team will facilitate your small or large interstate moves while taking extra care of your belongings. No matter where you are going, Sunshine Movers is the best interstate movers to get you there.

State to State Moving Services

We have an interstate moving option for everyone, regardless of how complicated or simple your move is. You can choose from our comprehensive list of moving solutions, depending on your needs. What's more, our interstate moving services are customizable, and you are guaranteed a satisfying experience when you choose Sunshine Movers. Our services include

  • Small Moves

Our movers specialize in moving small loads across the country. Whether you are looking to send a few furniture pieces to a loved one or move in or out of your dorm room, we will get your precious items to where they need to be. We understand that moving costs will be your uppermost concern with small moves, which is why we offer affordable and flexible pricing.

  • Discounted Moving Supplies

We stock high-quality and discounted packing supplies for everyone looking for the best rates on packing materials. Our movers will also advise you on the materials you need for your move so that you don't buy excess materials.

  • Furniture Moving

Regardless of how sturdy your furniture looks, there is a chance of damage during interstate moves. You will need an interstate moving company with the right equipment to transport your precious furniture safely.

  • Interstate Piano Movers

A piano is heavy and delicate, and it will need movers who are experienced in moving fragile items. We are equipped with heavy-duty harnesses, dollies, and other special equipment to safely transport your piano across state lines.

  • Shipping Cars State to State

Your luxury or classic car needs specialized attention, and you should only trust tried and tested interstate movers. Sunshine Movers will provide shipping options and estimates to give you peace of mind.

  • Apartment and Residential Moves

At Sunshine Movers, we consider your household possessions to be treasures. We know that you are excited about your family's next chapter, and we are committed to making your relocation as seamless as possible.

  • Business Moves

If you want to relocate, expand, or downsize your business, Sunshine Movers will simplify the moving process. We will pack, load, and offload your office items, including fragile equipment. You can also count on minimal business interruptions.

  • Full-Service Pack and Move

If you would rather avoid all the work that accompanies moving or have a busy schedule, you can opt for the full-service moving solution. Our interstate movers will pack, disassemble, load, unload, and assemble all your items.

  • Appliance Moves

We use heavy-duty dollies and other professional-grade tools to move large appliances like refrigerators, washers, and freezers. Our movers will also arrive with the hand tools necessary to disconnect and reconnect your fragile electronics.

How to Move out of State

While no one loves the stress involved in moving, a little preparation will make things smoother. You will need to determine how to get your possessions to their destination and identify all parties that need to be notified about your address change. Additionally, you will need to set your moving budget, especially since unexpected costs can complicate interstate moves. Some decisions to make include

  • Selling Some of Your Possessions

Decluttering will simplify your interstate move since you will have less to work with. Be realistic when downsizing, and sell, donate, give, or throw away everything you can.

  • Renting a Moving Truck

Renting a truck for your interstate move will give you control over your schedule. Interstate moving firms like Penske and U-Haul have differently sized trucks for students, couples, singles, and families. You can get movers to pack and load your items securely in the truck, leaving you to drive to the destination. 

  • Renting a Towable Cargo Trailer

If your vehicle cannot fit all your items, you can attach a towable cargo trailer to expand the cargo space. In this way, you will not have to transport your car separately. You can fit several boxes of your items and small furniture in the trailer.

  • Using a Moving Container

Moving containers also let you move on your schedule, and they are cost efficient for people on tight moving budgets. These moving boxes vary in size, with some holding up to four bedrooms' worth of furniture.

  • Hiring a Professional Interstate Mover

When moving from state to state, there are a lot of logistics to keep up with. Getting interstate movers and packers is the smart move if you want to experience a straightforward and seamless process.

How to Prepare for Your Moving Day

The first thing to do when moving interstate is to research your new city and neighborhood. You can consult a real estate agent familiar with the area to get a place to rent or buy. You may need to research for schools if you have school-aged children. The checklist below will keep you organized:

  • Consider Purchasing Full-Value Protection

Full-value protection will hold your mover accountable for your possessions' replacement value if any damage occurs during shipment. Full-value protection will give you peace of mind during the interstate move.

  • Double-check the Details of Your Move

If you are moving with an interstate mover, confirm the moving details before the moving day. Check the arrival date for the moving truck or moving container if you are moving by yourself.

  • Write Down Your Contact Information

It is crucial to update your information before relocating out of state. Change the address for all financial institutions, subscriptions, and utilities.

  • Create an Inventory of all your Household Goods

A checklist for all your possessions will help you keep track of everything. You can tick off the items when unpacking in your new home to ensure you brought everything.

  • Read all Documents Before Signing Them

Carefully read your contract with the moving company to avoid any surprises. You should especially confirm if your mover is liable for any damage to your items during shipment.

Should I Hire an Interstate Moving Company?

State-to-state movers are your best bet to have a stress-free interstate moving experience. To start, experienced interstate movers will protect your items from damage during travel. Seasoned movers know the best packing materials to use to deliver your items in pristine condition. You will also avoid injuries from moving heavy items like furniture and pianos by using professionally trained, experienced movers. The movers will also save you time and energy to focus on other things.

Choose Sunshine Movers as the Best Interstate Moving Company

Interstate moves need strategic planning and execution. At Sunshine Movers, we are masters in the organization of a seamless interstate move, and we will oversee every aspect of your move for a stress-free experience. We are 5-star rated for friendly, reliable, and professional customer service, since we know you will have many questions during an interstate move. When the moving day comes, you will want Sunshine Movers at your side.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are your interstate moving services available anywhere in the country?

Yes, we provide our packing and moving services all across the country. You can contact us with your interstate moving requirements, and we will develop a solid relocation plan. We are specialized in offering flexible moving services and we take very good care of your belongings.

How to find the right interstate movers?

There are certain rules to follow to find the right interstate movers across the country. These include asking for the referrals, watching out for companies with red flags, considering the companies registered with the Business Bureau, and asking for their professional achievements.
When you partner with Sunshine Movers, you will get answers to all your questions. Our professionals not only help you move your belongings but will also develop a customized moving plan to accommodate your relocation needs.

How much does an Interstate move cost?

On average, the cost of an interstate move can be between $4700 and $7800. Interstate move can also be calculated based on the weight packed and loaded and the distance covered during the move. Connecting with a reliable and professional packing and moving partner like Sunshine Movers will make your interstate move a stress-free experience.

How long do interstate movers take?

It depends on many factors, like the distance (in miles) to be covered for the move, belongings to be decluttered, packed and loaded, and, most importantly, the season you're moving in. You'll have to struggle to find the right moving company if you plan to move in the busiest season. Book a call with Sunshine Movers to plan your interstate move.

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