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25 Easy Packing Tips to Make Your Move Stress-Free


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Moving can be exhausting. Packing correctly can help prevent the headaches that go along with so many moves. What if there was an easier way to keep your belongings safe and your stress levels low during a relocation? You’re in luck. Sunshine Movers has the best insider tips to help you find out all about packing to move. Read below to find out how to make your next move easier in 25 simple steps.

1. Start as early as possible. Begin with the items you use less often and designate a room like your garage or an extra bedroom to store boxes once they are packed. 

2. Don’t pack clutter. Get rid of it before your move. Now is the perfect time to clear out clutter as you go through your belongings. 

3. Purchase more moving supplies than you think you’ll need. Most people use more than they realize. Contact Sunshine Movers for your packing supplies. We will buy back what you don’t use. 

4. Make sure to purchase proper moving boxes in all sizes—small, medium, and large. You will need a good amount of each! Moving is not a one-size-fits-all situation. Avoid free boxes or food boxes. These often contain residue that will attract bugs.

5. Pack small boxes with heavy items and large boxes with lighter belongings. Don’t pack anything heavier than 50 pounds. This will help make it easier for you once the movers are gone, and a box has to be moved from one room to the other. 

6. Set up a packing station or do all of your packing in the same room where you store your moving supplies, away from everything else. Keep tape, scissors, packing paper, and permanent markers in a basket so you aren’t running around searching for these items when it’s time to pack.

7. Reinforce boxes on the bottom with packing tape. This prevents them from falling through, especially when packed with heavy items. 

8. Prepare a first-day box. Write a list of what you’ll need on day one of your move before anything else is unpacked. Good items to include? sheets, towels, toiletries, all-purpose cleaner, non-perishable snacks, and some essential kitchen items. 

9. Pack room by room and label accordingly. When you’re in your new home, the process will go much faster if the boxes are properly labeled. Be sure to label each box on the top and at least two of the sides. ​

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10. Map out a plan. Decide where you would like to store packed boxes—placed in one designated room or in their original rooms. If there isn’t enough space around furniture or if the box count is high, it may make sense to place all packed boxes in one room. Many people use their garage since it’s out of the way of the rest of the home. That way, on moving day, Sunshine Movers will be able to navigate around furniture and hallways easily. 

11. Line the insides of boxes with towels and clothing to protect fragile items inside boxes. This is only for the top and bottom of the boxes, however. Only use packing paper to wrap your items to properly ensure your belongings stay safe in transit.

12. Take advantage of extra space. Use up gaps in boxes for lighter belongings like scarves, tablecloths, etc. 

13. Don’t overload boxes. It’s tempting when there’s still room, but not a good idea. Instead of loading more books or cast-iron pans into large boxes, follow tip #5.

14. Pretend you’re going to the airport. Have each family member pack a suitcase with clothing and everyday items to use for the first few days. This will also help you remember to separate the suitcases from the rest of the moving supplies so you have them available for immediate use on moving day. 

15. Keep tools for assembling furniture handy. Sunshine Movers will take care of any needs you have during the move that require tools. Once your boxes are all inside your new home and your furniture is set up, you might wish you had a power drill or hammer close by, along with extra nails, and screws. Label a box with these and keep handy for quick and easy use. 

16. Involve the whole family. If you have children, help make your relocation memorable by giving each child a job when you’re packing to move. This not only keeps them out of trouble, but it involves your children in the whole process.

17. Don’t make this mistake: filling laundry baskets, crates, open boxes, anything that isn’t an actual moving box. This is a big no-no for packing! Why? It causes the moving process to take longer and makes the loader have to stop and find a safe spot for your loose items on the truck. Protect what you own by packing it properly!

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18. Not sure how to pack antiques and specialty items? We will take care of them for you. Contact us for more information. 

19. Take a picture of electronics and any other items you might forget how to set up. You will thank yourself later!

20. File important paperwork in a labeled manila folder and designate a safe place for it. Keep it with you on moving day.

21. Prevent leaks! Line boxes that have liquids with a trash bag​ before packing the box. Tie the bag before sealing the box.   

22. Pack valuables such as currency, coins, and jewelry in a separate box. Keep this box in a safe place until it’s time for the move. On moving day, this box should be transported separately in your car. 

23. Clearly label any items you will need right away. Whether it’s your first day box, bathroom or kitchen supplies, make sure these boxes are labeled as a priority to unpack first. 

24. Do one last walk through on moving day. Make sure you didn’t leave anything behind!

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25. Need some help packing? If at any point you decide you would like some help, let us know. Whether it’s a whole household or just a few items, we will do your packing for you. Call or email us!

Now that you know how to pack like a pro, you’re ready to get going on your moving packing list. Print out this guide and stick it to your fridge. Work on packing a few boxes every day. When you’re relaxed and enjoying time with your family in your new home, you’ll be glad you followed these tips and made your move a success. ​

Get a free moving estimate from one of the top-rated moving service companies in Sarasota County. Contact Sunshine Movers today!

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