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Professional Packing

Don’t Want to Pack for Your Move? Hire us for Fast, Easy, and Effortless Packing!

Many of our customers start out planning to do the packing themselves. But with jobs, kids, and busy lives, people often realize they don’t have the time or energy.

Sunshine Movers provides packing services in all shapes and sizes.

Let Our Professional Packers Make Your Move Easier with Personalized Packing Services

Our seasoned Sarasota packers will take care of all the heavy lifting during your move, and you can trust your precious items with our expert services.

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What Makes Our Professional Packing Services in Sarasota Stand Out?

One thing that makes moving so overwhelming is packing. While it is advisable to start packing weeks before your move, most people have busy schedules, and they rely on family and friends who may be unavailable to facilitate the relocation.

At Sunshine Movers, our fundamental mission is to make your life easier by expertly packing your household and transporting everything safely to their destination. Our customers often highlight our attention to detail as the reason why they rate us highly. We understand how sentimental your belongings are to you, and you can be sure that your furniture, china, glassware, lamps, electronics, and paintings will arrive in the same condition that they left in.

Sunshine Movers is your one-stop-shop for your packing and moving needs, whether you are moving between cities, offices, or to an international destination. We provide various packing materials to fit your unique requirements, and we will customize a moving solution to handle your most precious items.

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Rapid-Speed Packing and Moving = Time and Sanity Saving!

How fast can we pack your belongings and move them to your new home? We usually pack one day and move the next. It often takes our customers weeks to accomplish the same thing.

Types of Moves

Sunshine Movers will simplify your moving experience, and the only thing you will be left to do is be excited about relocating to a new destination. We are dedicated to providing 100% customer satisfaction, which is why we will customize our packing solutions to satisfy your unique needs.

When you call our expert movers, you will select between our comprehensive moving services that include

1. Local Movers

Sunshine Movers will facilitate your local residential or commercial moves, whether you are moving across neighborhoods or to new offices. We understand the anxiety that accompanies relocations, which is why we will move your items efficiently without complications. Our Sarasota coordinators will handle every step of your local move, from packing to unloading and unpacking your items at the destination.

2. Long-Distance Movers

If you are moving across states, you can contact Sunshine Movers for a quick and free in-home estimate. Our full-service relocations will have you settled in your new home in no time, and we will save you time to explore your new surroundings. Our crew will carefully pack sensitive items like TV screens, glassware, art, and lamps. We also offer bedroom, pantry, and kitchen setups to enhance your experience.

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3. Specialized Moving

Some of your household items will need a little more attention during packing, loading, and unloading to safely reach their destination. It is best to leave awkwardly shaped belongings, pianos, artwork, antiques, china, pianos, game tables, electronics, and any other fragile item to the professionals. We are equipped with the right technology and tools to relocate any high-value and delicate items.

4. Employee Relocation

Sunshine Movers makes employee relocation easy and convenient, whether you transfer employees across Florida, a different state, or a global destination. We recognize that every firm is unique, so we adapt our solutions to fit your culture. You can look forward to local and international employee relocation services that include consultation, full-service moving, round-the-clock service, air freight services, and specialized packing.

5. Government Moves

It takes significant experience to make government moves successful. Our superior organization and ability to work under strict schedules will serve government officials in critical assignments anywhere in the world. We customize our packing and moving to fit the government’s regulatory requirements, and you can expect personalized and accurate information from our consultants.

6. Storage

Sunshine Movers also offers safe and accessible storage facilities to keep your belongings secure for as long as needed. Whether you are moving, renovating, or downsizing your business operations, you can expect a variety of storage solutions for your budget. Our Sarasota storage units are secure, and you can relax knowing that your items are protected.

How do we do it?

Our movers are expertly trained in moving fragile and heavy belongings quickly and safely. We know how to move around tight corners and narrow hallways, leaving things exactly how they found them—-in tip-top shape.

Large or Small, We Pack it All

Do you have a lot of treasured belongings you need transported? Or maybe unique decor pieces you’re not sure what to do with? We know how to help. Here are some examples of common items we’ll pack for you:

  • Art and mirrors in custom picture boxes
  • Statues and large vases
  • Kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom contents
  • Fragile decor pieces
  • Bookshelf contents
  • Antique and specialty items

We’ll even pack up your squirt gun collection! You name it, we know how to pack it in the best way possible to keep it secure during transport.

Customize your Packing Service

Whether you’re looking to get a few boxes packed, a few rooms, or your entire house—-we plan our custom packing services to fit your needs.

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Partial Packing Service

Many clients like to do a portion of the packing, such as easy items like linens and non-breakable items. They leave us to finish up the difficult stuff. This is easier because they want to be sure their more fragile belongings are properly packed, or they want the items insured.

Insured Items are Guaranteed Protection

Sunshine Movers is only able to insure items that we personally pack for you. Why take the risk of a DIY packing disaster? Leave the tough jobs to us.

One Room Packing

We get a lot of packing requests for one room only. The most common request is for the kitchen. Many customers are surprised to find out we offer these kinds of packing services. Whatever individual room it is you need help with, we will pack it for you.

Tailored Service

At Sunshine Movers, we can also provide one of our movers to help with packing smaller jobs. Some of our clients don’t want to be overwhelmed with seeing their home turned into boxes in a matter of hours. Our staff member will help the customer sort and designate which items need to be moved, and which should be donated or thrown out. This way, the client is best able to keep track of what's being packed. This is a popular request for our senior customers.

Simple Organization

Sometimes, we color code boxes to make them easier to categorize in larger homes. This is common in homes with five or more bedrooms and two living rooms. Doing this keeps the process streamlined when the truck is being unloaded.

How it Works

We start out with a free estimate and take an inventory of the items you need packed.
Then, we set a date that works best for you to get going on packing up your home.

When Sunshine Movers comes in to pack for you, it’s a fun experience. We’re known for having a good time with our customers, while also getting things done. We arrive with all the necessary packing tools and supplies, ready to get to work. Our staff members station themselves in specific rooms, and before you know it, your home is packed up and ready to go.

We then follow with the processes of loading the moving truck, unloading, unpacking, and disposal. We will leave with all the moving supplies and boxes we came with, so you don’t have to worry about clean up.

Sunshine Movers enjoys the relationships we build with our clients during this process, and it’s often a happy memory for our customers to look back on.

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Benefits to Hiring us to Pack for You

While many people may think it’s costly to hire out packing services, it ultimately saves money. When Sunshine Movers does the packing for you, we put our years of experience and training to work to keep your belongings safe and organized. You won’t feel stressed and overwhelmed. You also won’t have to deal with the risk of injury for which moving is notorious. Having the packing done also helps you get comfortable and established in your new home fast and back to your normal life again.

Explore Our Packing Services with a Simple Call

Our experienced crew at Sunshine Movers is always ready to customize a packing solution for you and provide a free moving quote. Connect with the most outstanding packing consultants in Sarasota and enjoy world-class moving services.

We also serve the following areas

  • Sarasota
  • Bradenton
  • Lakewood Ranch
  • Manatee
  • Fruitville 
  • Bee ridge
  • Vamo
  • Osprey
  • Longboat key
  • Bird Key
  • Lido 
  • Siesta Key
  • Myakka 
  • Venice

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I prepare my house for a Packer?

If you want the movers to do all the lifting, packing, loading, and unloading proficiently, you have to put in a few efforts to prepare for the big day. Your preparation activities can include
• Prepare your home appliances. Clean or switch them off before the move.

• House cleaning. Make some space in the house by segregating essential things to pack and make the home free from clutter.

• Take pictures of the belongings. You can take snapshots of the delicate essentials you are worried about to check items before-and-after condition.

• Label Items. Labeling items is quite time saving and gets the moving done with less hassle.

This is how you can make your packing and moving go faster and more controlled.

How long does it take packers to pack a house?

On average, it requires 3-5 days for professional movers and packers to pack a three-bedroom home. It’s not a one-night task to pack the entire home for the big move. Instead, it is a dedicated effort to pack everything with the utmost care and checking the delicacy of items.

What are the best professional packing services?

There are different types of packing services that professional movers and packers offer in their package. The packing service list includes Office Moving, Residential Moving, Senior Relocation, Moving Specialty Items, Professional Packing, Home Staging for Homeowners, Boxes and Supplies, and Climate-Controlled Storage. You can avail yourself of any of these services from an industry-leading movers and packers agency.

How much does professional packing cost?

The cost of packing services may differ based on the essentials that need to be packed, load, and unload. It also depends on travel time, and if location professionals have to shift and equip the items. Contact Sunshine Movers for more and detailed information.

Will professional movers pack for you?

Undoubtedly, professional movers will pack your home for you exactly as per your terms. They staff trained packing and moving professionals who get your household belongings boxed safely and timely. You can also expect expert care, packing, and moving of fragile items. They make sure that your items are safely moved, unpacked, and equipped to the set location.

Packing doesn’t have to take weeks. Why not get it done in a few hours with Sunshine Movers?
Schedule a free estimate today!

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