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Longboat Key

The beautiful, coastal town of Longboat Key offers wonderful opportunities for tourists, retirees, and families. If you plan to move to Longboat Key, you need a dependable moving company to simplify the process. Sarasota movers have built a reputation on precision and efficiency to be a top-rated mover in Longboat and surrounding areas. You can count on our solutions, experience, and high-quality equipment to get your prized possessions to your new home.

The pristine, sandy beaches of Longboat Key continue to attract tourists and retirees. Straddled between Sarasota and Manatee counties, Longboat Key offers residents a scenic environment. If you want to be part of the town's close-knit community, Sunshine Movers will help you by offering customized and high-quality services.

We pride in being reputed Longboat Key local movers who assist residents and businesses with their moving needs. Our attention to detail sets Sunshine Movers apart from other moving companies near Longboat Key. We create specialized relocation plans for all our clients to take care of their unique requirements. You can choose between our packing, moving, and storage services, and we will customize a package for you.

Best Moving Services in Longboat Key

It is common for people to be unsatisfied with moving companies, so customer satisfaction is at the top of our priorities. Are you planning to move and enjoy the seaside charm of Longboat Key? The secret to a successful relocation is hiring a moving company that guarantees the safety of your possessions.

Whether you are moving to another town in Florida or moving states, you can count on Sunshine movers for efficient services. Our comprehensive selection of customized services include:

1. Local Moving in Longboat Key

Sunshine movers will make your move down the street or across the town quick and easy. When moving within Longboat Key, you want movers who know the area very well. Our experience working with Longboat Key residents will come in handy to help you relocate to your new home.

Our skilled movers move people to condos, apartments, and retirement communities, and other places as per their convenience. Once you contact us, we will dispatch professionals for a comprehensive on-site survey. We seek to understand what is essential to you and allocate the necessary resources for a seamless move.

2. Long Distance Moving in Longboat Key

Long-distance moves are notorious for being challenging and overwhelming. At Sunshine Movers, we will remove any uncertainty from the moving process so that you can look forward to your new adventure. Large and small households have sought our reliable relocation services for years to make the transition to another town, city, or state.

Our long track-record of impressed clients speaks for itself, as do our advanced equipment. We are equipped with a range of top-quality packing supplies, and storage is also available for your items. We will assist you in picking a moving package for your requirements and budget.

3. Residential Moving in Longboat Key

Your household items are priceless to you, and you should entrust them to dependable movers and packers in Longboat Key. Our movers are highly-trained in packing, loading, and transporting a wide variety of household possessions. Your electronics, antiques, and fine china will arrive at the destination in optimum condition.

We will customize our moving services to suit your schedule and requirements and use our experience to develop a relocation plan. You can look forward to transitioning to your new home with minimal fuss.

4. Commercial Moving in Longboat Key

Sunshine Movers is proud to be a leading commercial mover for businesses in Longboat Key. We understand how important your commercial investments are, and we use high-quality equipment to move your assets safely.

Our commercial moving solutions range from customized packing services to moving offices. You can call us to relocate retail stores, corporate offices, law firms, and other commercial establishments. When you choose Sunshine Movers, you will enjoy minimized downtime to get your business up and running in record time.

5. International Moving in Longboat Key

International moving involves a lot of legal and logistical intricacies that can overwhelm anyone. However, all you need is adept and affordable Longboat Key movers to make your international relocation stress-free.

Our international moving services include storage solutions, full-service packing, custom crating, air freight shipping, and online shipment tracking. Trust Sunshine Movers to work with your budget and deliver your items to your new space.

6. Storage in Longboat Key

Our excellent storage facilities are conveniently located across Longboat Key to provide short and long-term solutions for our clients. Whether you are renovating your business premises or moving to a smaller house, we will safely store your items for the desired duration.

We run storage facilities that are well-staffed, equipped, clean, and safe. We also organize a variety of storage options for you to choose the best fit for your items.

7. Specialized Moving in Longboat Key

When looking for Longboat Key local movers, you need a relocation company that can carefully move special items like pianos, tubs, furniture, and antiques. We use specialized equipment to guarantee the safe transport of your precious and high-value items.

Our efficient team is well-trained in packing and moving delicate and fragile items as they use extra layers of protection during the moving process whenever needed. You can trust Sunshine Movers with your heirlooms and any other sentimental possession.

Why Move in Longboat Key, FL?

Longboat Key boasts 12 miles of unspoiled sandy beaches that will delight anyone looking to settle in an idyllic town. The town offers the perfect seaside lifestyle for tourists, families, and retirees, and they are plenty of cultural activities to enjoy. Longboat Key also has a tennis club, waterfront golf course, luxury resort, and fine dining establishments. The town's amenities include:

  • Highly-rated public schools
  • Beautiful beaches
  • Excellent restaurant scene
  • Numerous enjoyable activities

Best Time to Move in Longboat Key, FL

Like many other towns in Florida, Longboat Key experiences an influx of visitors during the tourist season. You can expect seasonal traffic during this time, and you can opt to relocate when it is much calmer. However, reliable Longboat Key local movers will help you move at any time of the year. You can call Sunshine Movers to organize a smooth relocation according to your schedule.

Why Choose Us as Your Full-service Moving Company

Our understanding of what it takes to complete residential and commercial moves has made Sunshine Movers the best in Longboat Key. We know how tasking moving can be, which is why we inform you every step of the moving experience. Our skilled coordinators will help you choose a package that suits your requirements and budget. When you choose Sunshine Movers, you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Care and Protection
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • We have never missed an appointment
  • We come equipped

Longboat Key COVID-19 Pandemic Movers

Moving to Longboat Key is possible during the COVID-19 pandemic. You will only need Longboat Key local movers who respect all CDC safety measures.

At Sunshine Movers, we are paying more attention to disinfecting packing supplies, equipment, and trucks. We also try to minimize contact as much as possible to protect our clients and staff. It will help if you look to a reliable moving company to ease your mind during these uncertain times.

Frequently Asked Questions

How far is Longboat Key from Sarasota?

It will take only 20 minutes to commute to Longboat Key from Sarasota, Florida. You can hire a taxi to travel to Longboat. It is comparatively the fastest mode to reach the destination within a few minutes.

What things will Movers not move in Longboat Key?

Usually, movers and packers do not move hazardous materials like paints, aerosols, fertilizer, motor oil, pesticides, etc. In short, any item or material that can cause flames and potentially explosive are not included in the moving list of movers and packers.

Are there alligators in Longboat Key, Florida?

You can enjoy seeing the alligators in the 29,000-acre expansive park. This park is only 45-minute far from Longboat and is home to alligators and 200 other bird species.

Is Longboat Key a nice place to move with family?

First of all, Longboat Key is a safe place to live and move in due to low crime rates. The place gets an avid appreciation for art and real creativity that emphasizes making things that look and feel real and nice. Moving here would further be a beneficial step in terms of atmosphere as it is acceptable and friendly all the time.

What is the cost of moving to Longboat Key, Florida?

The cost of moving to Longboat Key can depend on many factors. A common factor for longboat keys is whether or not they are going up an elevator and how accessible that elevator is. Also to condos in Longboat Key and some have small elevators with long carry from where we park the truck, to the elevator we are using. Average costs of a move into longboat key are about $1200-$2800.

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