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Sunshine Movers has been providing the best storage and moving services in Mill Creek. For over 20 years, customers have awarded us with a 5-star rating and referrals. One of the greatest things about working with us is that all our services are insured and licensed, and we handle your belongings with care. This means you can trust us with your possessions, no matter how delicate or heavy they might be.

As the Mill Creek professional movers and packers, we have partnered with thousands of moving companies in the world. This network has enabled us to assist our customers in relocating locally and overseas. Whether you're relocating to the Middle East, the United Kingdom, or Canada for work, school, or other reasons, Sunshine Movers is here to take the load off your shoulders.

Best Moving Services in Mill Creek

Moving to or out of a new state, or county is no joke. And the hassles are no laughing matter. But if you hire Mill Creek professional movers, in addition to prior preparation, your relocation will be a breeze and stress-free.

Besides professional movers, we also have highly trained packers who understand modern techniques for packing specialized items. Here's the full list of our services:

Local Moving in Mill Creek:

Local moving services include home, office, apartment, and college-dorm moving. Each move is unique, and every customer has a different plan. Our full-service movers and packers in Mill Creek will discuss your worries, answer questions, and design a plan for your relocation.

Long Distance Moving in Mill Creek:

Long-distance moves are more hectic than short ones. They require prior planning and experienced relocation experts. If you're moving your office or family across state lines or overseas, we'll work together from start to finish to make your move to be simple, efficient, and on time.

Residential Moving in Mill Creek:

It doesn't matter how big or small your home is, there are essential details you should take care of before the move. You need to buy packing boxes, declutter the areas, and finalize the moving belongings, and much more. Instead of struggling with this kind of task, let us help you get out of the door faster. Call us today to set up your moving plan.

Commercial Moving in Mill Creek:

Moving your business to a new office isn't a project to be assigned to an amature agency having less industry experience. It requires trained movers to handle office chairs, bookshelves, file cabinets, and other office items with care. If you're looking for experts in commercial moving services in Mill Creek, we can help you relocate your business without leaving a single swivel chair behind.

International Moving in Mill Creek:

When looking for International movers and packers in Mill Creek, you want an experienced company. You want one of the best Mill Creek moving companies who'll take care of your belongings and handle every process of the move. This is where Sunshine comes in. We've flexible rates, years of experience and design each international move according to the customer needs.

Storage Services in Mill Creek:

For the best storage services in Mill Creek, look no further than Sunshine Movers. We have been providing temperature-controlled storage options to our customers at an affordable monthly rate. The great thing about our storage services is that we send our crew to pick up your belongings and deliver them to our warehouse once they are ready.

Specialized Moving in Mill Creek:

Moving heavy and fragile items is a tough task to accomplish. However, when working with specialty movers in Mill Creek, your item will be handled with the utmost care and concern. We move and load some of your unique items during the moving process, including pianos, big TV screens, pool tables, fine works of art, antiques, and more, in our trucks and transport them to their new dwellings with safety.

Why You Should Move to Mill Creek

Located in East Manatee County, Mill Creek is one of the best places to live in Florida. Tourists who have visited this area wish they could buy a home or extend their vacation forever. This is because the environment is beautiful, with most homes surrounded by mature trees and green fields. By deciding to live in Mill Creek, you'll enjoy the following benefits:

Schools: Moving to Mill Creek is a perfect decision, especially for families with kids. You can find public, charter, and private schools in this location. This makes it easy for parents to choose where their kids will start classes.

Housing: If you love to live in a single-family residence with large gardens and backyards, you should start planning to relocate to Mill Creek. With $360K, you can find a 2-bedroom home while the price for 3-bedrooms starts at close to 600K.

Fun activities: Mill Creek is a host of countless family-friendly amenities. You can find venues for leisure, sports complex, and YMCA. Other fun activities you can participate in while living in this location are kayaking, angling, and biking.

The Best Time to Move in Mill Creek

One of the reasons for paying more for your relocation is time. So, when is the best time to schedule your move? As experienced movers and packers in Mill Creek, we recognize that the best months to move are between mid-September and November. However, this time is perfect for those people who don't have kids who are in school.

When it comes to day and time, our experts suggest that you should avoid scheduling your relocation plans on weekends. If you want more clarifications about the best time to move, please don't hesitate to contact us or fill out the form below.

Why You Should Choose Our Moving Services

Are you looking for the best movers and packers in Mill Creek? Sunshine Movers can offer more than just transporting your items. Here are some reasons you should hire us:

  • Exceptional customer services
  • A+ rated and insured
  • Free quotes and flexible rates
  • Trained movers and packers
  • Special equipment for handling unique goods
  • Commitment and professionalism

It's not fun to move. But if you allow us to facilitate your relocation process, you'll have the best moving experience ever. Pick up your phone and call us now to get a free quote.

Mill Creek Covid-19 Pandemic Movers

Since the outbreak of Covid-19, Sunshine Movers have been working hard to protect their customers' and workers' health. Some of the measures we are using to contain the virus when assisting our customers in moving to include:

  • Monitoring the health of all our workers
  • Conducting virtual homes or offices survey
  • Creating safer workplaces
  • Sanitizing shared equipment and surfaces

The goal of Sunshine Mover is to help you relocate safely. And in case you exhibit signs of respiratory ailment, we postpone the move. For more information about local, intercity, or international moves, give us a call today!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is mill creek best known for?

Mill Creek is known as one of the best towns in Florida. According to a published article, it has also ranked 36th best town/city in America. When moving to Mill Creek, you will find many benefits, including economic opportunities, open space and parks, housing affordability, good public safety, well-reputed schools, and a strong sense of community. These are the reasons behind the success and ranking of Mill Creek.

Is Mill Creek city good for moving in?

As per the residents and tourists, Mill Creek is one of the best places to raise kids. If you reside or moved to Mill Creek, you can get your kids admitted to the Everett school district, known as a good option in Washington. Moreover, the city also has many more attractions, including dining, entertainment, bars, and shopping centers.

What is the coldest month in Mill Creek?

The average temperature recorded for the year in Mill Creek is around 51.2°F (10.7°C). However, in December, the temperature is recorded around 39.6°F (4.2°C). This has been observed as one of the coolest months of Mill Creek. Additionally, August has been recorded as the warmest month of the year in Mill Creek, with an average temperature of 63.8°F (17.7°C).

What are the best areas to move to in Mill Creek?

Regional Center, East Shore of Puget Sound in west-central Washington, can be considered as one of the best places to live in Mill Creek. You can connect with a reliable moving company in Sarasota, Florida, to know more about the best places to move and live in and across Mill Creek, Florida.

How much do movers cost in Mill Creek?

It entirely depends on the move type and the area to be covered for the move. If you want to pack and move a 3 bedroom house with all the belongings, it will cost approx. $1000-$1900. The amount will increase if the area and belongings increase up to some extent. You can contact Sunshine Movers to get your personalized moving quote right away.

Area Served by Sunshine Movers

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