How to Plan for a Move?

Ultimate Moving Guide for 2021

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Ultimate Moving Guide

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What you will learn in this guide

Chapter 1 - Planning for a Move

Moving can be an exciting experience, but it can also be quite stressful. However, you draft a plan that keeps track of all aspects of your move for a seamless experience. We have constructed a comprehensive moving guide to help you settle into your new residence efficiently and smoothly.

Moving Day Process

Where to Start the Moving Process?

You will find the moving day process more manageable if you start at least eight weeks in advance. However, you can adjust the moving timeline to suit your lifestyle and schedule. During the planning phase, you should determine if you will be consulting professionals or moving by yourself.

Choosing a Moving Date

How to choose a moving out date?

If you are relocating with kids, choosing a move-in date will be a little complicated. Most families choose a move-in date during the summer, but this is a busy season for movers. You can work around the availability of friends and family who can babysit your kids as you plan for the moving date. You can also ask several movers about their availability and price variations if any.

Preparing for a Move

Getting organized is the key to prepare for a seamless move. You will do a lot of coordinating, scheduling, packing, and cleaning, and it is best to create a checklist when preparing to move.

1. How do I Prepare for Moving Day?

The best you can do to prepare for moving day is to get enough rest and wake up early. The process is long and tiring, and you want to dress in flexible and breathable clothes. Choose enclosed shoes that will discourage injury and keep you from getting tripped.

Remember to pack some food for yourself, friends and family, pets, and movers. Moving is an energy-intensive process, and your crew will need to refuel to keep momentum. In addition to packing an essentials bag, keep your electronics charged to coordinate with the moving team. You can also prepare to move by setting aside cleaning supplies to wrap up the process.

Factors for Hiring Moving Services

While hiring moving services is a worthwhile investment, you want to select the right company for your needs.

1. Factors to Consider When Hiring Moving Services Company

Hiring movers will simplify the moving process. Reliable movers will secure your possessions for transportation and do all the heavy lifting during moving day. However, many people have had negative encounters with moving companies, which is why you should do your due diligence.

Some critical factors to watch out for include:

2. How to Get Rid of Items Before Moving?

It is typical to accumulate things you don't use anymore in your house. If you have tons of unwanted stuff in the bedrooms, attic, shed, or garage, you will need a declutter checklist for moving.

Write down everything you want to take, and identify items to sell in a garage sale, give away, donate, or throw away. You should employ the practicality test when minimizing before a move, where you ask yourself if you will actually use different items. You can also sell items online if you are interested in how to declutter and pack for a move.

3. Tips on Looking for an Apartment When Moving Out of State

Finding a good apartment is not easy, especially when you are doing long-distance apartment hunting. In addition to finding a place that fits your budget, you have to consider the safety and amenities in different neighborhoods. Fortunately, the internet has made apartment searches easier. The tips below will simplify the process of finding a rental home out of state:

People Required for Moving Services

How many people are required for moving services in Florida?

In Florida, anyone who operates as an intrastate mover of household items should register with FDACS. Many companies offering moving services will have a team that includes full-time employees, part-time workers, and seasonal employees. When looking for moving services in Florida, ensure that the company has enough workforce for your project.

Moving Service Cost

How much do moving services cost?

You can expect to pay higher moving costs if you have many belongings. The average cost to move locally is $1250, while that of a long-distance move is $4890. This cost will be affected by packing and other additional services, storage, moving supplies, moving date, and liability coverage. You can connect with Sunshine Movers to know your moving cost.

Chapter 2 - Moving Day Tips & Planning

Congrats, you are moving to a new home! Now you have to figure out how you will pack and move everything without breaking your delicate and fragile belongings.

Moving into a new home in a new city or within your city can be stressful. This may result in even more anxiety for many of us. At the same time, there is also a feeling of excitement about moving to a new place. Thankfully the stress can be managed with appropriate moving tips and planning.

The moving venture can also be handled by hiring full-service movers and packers who are trained and experienced in relocation jobs. This will let you enjoy your move and allow you to look forward to your life with new enjoyment.

Things to do on Moving Day

After taking careful considerations in mind, you decided to hire a professional moving and packing company. This has made you more confident about your move, but you might feel a bit anxious by thinking about your moving day.The clock is ticking fast, and you are still unsure where to start.Here are the smart ways to help plan your moving day and make you feel relaxed amidst relocation hassles.

Wake up early before your movers arrive

Your moving professionals may not be on the site early morning; make sure to be ready before your full-service movers arrive at your location. Waking up early will refresh you and also allow you some time to prepare a healthy breakfast. Also, you can wind up any last-minute packing tasks.

Make sure to charge all your electronics

One of the most important things is to charge all your electronics. On a prior note, charge your phone to make it ready to go. There might be times when you need to get in touch with your family members or movers, here, you’ll need your mobile. So, don’t forget to charge your phone before stepping out for the final move.

Dress properly to be comfortable for your big day

Don't forget to keep aside your attires for moving day. Make yourself comfortable on and during your move by wearing seasonal clothes. For instance, if your move is planned during winters, it's mandatory to wear warm clothes you feel comfortable in. Prepare moving day clothes by keeping your comfort in mind.

Have some loose cash in your pocket

During the move, you might need something for yourself or your kids. It can be food essentials, beverages or anything else. Having loose cash can help you accomplish those desires. It all depends on how long you have to travel to reach your new home. In the end, there might be a need to give your professionals a tip if you are blown away by their moving services. Putting some extra loose in your hand is a handy option.

Moving-In Checklist: What to Do After You Move

Now you have finally made the physical move to your new house or apartment, it's time to plan and things to do on moving day. To make sure you don't miss anything, start by listing the priorities you will need after moving to your new home.

You can follow the below moving checklist to know what you need to do after moving to a new place.

1. Clean the entire place before you unpack

Everyone wants to start with a clean home. This will be much easier to shift belongings if the home is empty and clean. Plan to hire professional cleaning services prior to moving (a day before), or you can pitch the entire family to clean the house night before the furniture and other belongings arrive. You can also do it on the same after the move.

2. Set up a floor plan

Assess the house and plan a floor plan, so you and your professional movers know where all the furniture and antiques are to be placed. This will save the maximum of your time on the move day. You can even handover this task to your reliable moving company you have hired for your move.

3. Buying a few necessities

Be prepared before your truck arrives at the destination. Purchase bottled water or buy snacks to share with family members and movers. Besides, make a box ready with essentials such as soap, toilet paper, LED lights and bulbs, paper towels, cups, paper plates, etc.

4. Start unpacking your belongings

If you are among those who don't like unpacking belongings, then getting all the stuff out of the boxes would be a nightmare. The great idea is to create a plan and onboard it to get everything done.

5. Organize closets of all rooms

When you finally arrive at your new home, start organizing the stuff bit by bit. If needed, rush to the nearest store and buy out a few closet organizers and small racks to set up utilities. You will feel better by placing everything in place in your new home.

6. Familiarize yourself with the entire house

Explore the entire house to check where the circuit box is, water shut-off valve, and furnace filter. Check if the carbon monoxide and smoke detectors are working and have the batteries installed. Find out if there are burned-out lights to be replaced.

7. Set up services and utilities

Quickly make a list of services and utilities you had at your previous house. It helps you keep track of the services (electricity and water) you need now for your new location. There might be situations when you don't find your previous service providers serving your current area. This puts you in need of signing up for new service connections to bring more life to your new place.

8. List out emergency numbers

As soon as you move to a new place, having emergency numbers of nearby hospitals or medical centers, police, fire department and other emergency services are crucial.

Don't wait until you need any of them! Make a list and collect them all in advance.

9. Collect moving receipts

It's a good idea to keep all the receipts handy and on track. If you haven't received them yet, get them from your household movers and make notes about moved items. Later, the receipts will be helpful at tax time.

10. Check belongings and file an insurance claim for damage

Always hire packing and moving companies that offer moving insurance for all the belongings to be moved. If you find some of your belongings are missing or damaged, you can submit a claim for damage recovery. You will find many packing and moving agencies over the web, but it's not sure if they all sign the insurance and damage recovery agreement. Here, making a wise choice is crucial. You need to go in-depth to check whether the company is reliable or not. 

Make Moving Day Successful

Moving day is all about making a balance between your expectations and reality. It's always hard to achieve a seamless and stress-free move because sometimes things go wrong, and plans get failed for your move. Hiring professional packing and moving companies, known for offering insured moving solutions, is the only option you should opt for to make your moving day successful.

How to make the moving day successful?

Relocation or moving is undoubtedly a stressful process that can confuse even the best movers and packers. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to pack and unpack, reducing the amount of work to make your moving go just faster and smoother.

Does it sound so good to be true? Try these top packing and moving tips to plan a successful move.

Prepare a moving day To-Do-List

moving day checklist

Moving day often turns into a hustle as the day comes with a lot of tasks. Packing the last minute essentials, getting ready before the movers arrive and preparing the food to have in the travel is only a few from the list. There's a lot to do on the final day. You can miss important things on your important day; it's better to have a to-do-list with you to track what has been done and what's pending to make your moving day successful.

Plan your move day early morning

It's a better idea to plan your move early in the morning. You will be well-rested as you slept overnight. When you wake up early, you have plenty of hours ahead of you to finish up everything pending from your end.

Give yourself a deadline

Unpacking is really hectic; it's double the effort of more than packing and moving belongings. You must need more time to unpack and settle the things up in your new home. It is suggested to invite neighbors or friends for a housewarming party after a few weeks so you can get yourself some time to get all your unpacking done.

Get someone to watch your kids and pets

If your kids are too young to handle, the best bet is to get them busy with friends or family. This will relieve a bit of your stress and, at the same time, keep them safe while you are busy with the movers to pack and load stuff in the moving truck.

Get ready with a moving essentials bag

Having a handy moving essentials bag is crucial. You should keep that with you as it will have everything you will need on your move day or the day after the move.

Keep sandwich or other snacks handy

Food is something that everyone needs to survive. Moving day can be big and tiresome; it's needed to have some food and snacks to curb your hunger amidst the move.

Take pictures of your home utility meters

Walk all-around your home and check if you have taken pictures of your latest meter readings. This may include electricity, gas or water meters and makes you feel positive when you receive the latest bill from your current utility service providers.

Label the boxes

Labeling the boxes ease the work during packaging and helps house movers recognize and safely load them to the moving truck. You only need to make sure to mark fragile and delicate items in bold letters to protect them from damage during relocation.

Connect with Sunshine Movers to make your move less stress-free.

Explore the parking area to check space for moving trucks

There has to be enough space, in front of your house or apartment, to park your mover's truck. It can be difficult to find immediate parking to park the truck. Better to have a booking in advance so your moving can't create any conflicts.

Chapter 3 - Moving Services

When planning for a move, you need to determine the kind of moving services you require. Are you moving for a short distance, between states, or to an international destination? Some moving companies will specialize in a few moving services, and it is essential to ask beforehand.

Local Moving

1. What Is Considered a Local Move?

Local moves are the most common services in the industry, and they describe any relocation under 50 miles. The locations involved in local moving are often in the same metropolitan area. Although local moves seem simple, a lot of expertise goes into packing and moving valuable items safely.

2. What's the Average Cost and Average Time for a Local Move?

Local movers typically charge per hour and include travel fees in the moving estimates. The average cost of movers is around $65 per hour for each mover. The approximate moving cost, however, can be higher depending on the size of your residence. For example, the average cost to move a 3-bedroom house with three movers working for 6-9 hours is between $1,120-$1,750. The cost can be higher when calculating the average cost to move a 4 bedroom house.

Long Distance Moving

1. What Is Considered a Long-distance Move?

A long-distance move typically describes a move that is over 400 miles. Long-distance movers can get you to another state or country, and you should check if they have a USDOT number for interstate moves.

2. How Much Should I Save Before Relocating Out of State?

It can cost between $4500 to $8500 to hire out-of-state moving services. One of the essential tips for moving out of state is saving living expenses for a few months. You can set aside $1000 to cover food, emergencies, miscellaneous items, transportation, and other expenses.

Residential Moving

1. What Is a Residential Move?

A residential moving company will relocate a home or apartment while taking extra care of valuables like furniture and electronics. Keeping a residential move-in checklist that includes decluttering, packing, and cleaning will make the process easier.

2. What to Do When Moving Into a New Home

Moving into a new house is a thrilling time for any homeowner. However, it can seem like there are infinite things to do before settling in. Thankfully, we have included moving into a new house checklist for the most important things to do for a smooth transition:

Change or Rekey the Locks

You should first think about what to do when you get keys to the new house! You can never be too certain about who has extra keys to your new home. One of the vital tips for moving into a new home is to get all the locks changed or rekeyed for peace of mind.

Perform an Inspection

Do a complete walkthrough of the home to ensure that everything that was in the sale is present. Check if the outlets, lighting fixtures are functional, and plan for electrical upgrades if necessary.

Transfer Utilities

If you are pondering what to do when you get keys to a new house, you can start by setting up your electricity, gas, and water. Your checklist for moving into a new house should also include waste management, phone, and internet.

Commercial Move

1. How Do You Plan and Organize an Office or Business Move?

Commercial moves are more complicated because of strict timelines and high-value equipment. You will also need a comprehensive office move plan to minimize interruption and losses. The office moving checklist below will provide you the best ways to organize an office move:

Set Up a Timeline

If you have a large company, you may need at least 6 to 8 months to prepare. The best way to organize an office move is to include all the critical stages of your relocation in a well-detailed timeline.

Design a Floor Layout

Map out your current and new facility to determine where things will go. Additionally, identify any problem areas in the new office and make adjustments as needed.

Communicate with Affected Parties

Notify all team members about the move and assign moving responsibilities. You should also notify your clients, financial institutions, and other contracted services about your change of address.

2. Checklist of Things to Do When Relocating a Business

When relocating your company, you will need to stay organized to ensure everything goes smoothly. Commercial relocations are challenging, but you can use the business moving checklist below for a smoother experience and to know what things to do when moving a business:

Hire Professional Packers and Movers

Do not trust your company assets with just anyone. Get quotes from different commercial movers, and choose one that is reliable, experienced, and affordable.

Plugin Your IT systems, Telephone, and Internet

Coordinate with your provider to keep systems and telephone lines connected. Operational systems will minimize business interruption and enable parties like supplies and clients to reach you.

Do a Complete Walkthrough of Your Current Office

You should inspect your premises once everything has been moved to identify any damage. You will also ensure that nothing significant has been left.

3. How to Communicate to Staff When Moving an Office or Business?

When preparing staff for an office move, you should provide regular updates to avoid confusion. You can send out an office moving announcement email to kickstart preparations and provide support channels to clarify any employee concerns. Along with the announcement email, you can also circulate office move instructions for employees to make the commercial move more effective and efficient.

4. How Long Does It Take to Move an Office?

An office move can take anywhere from a day or 2 for smaller offices and upwards towards a month for larger office moves. It is best to start planning early to reduce business downtime.

International Moving

1. How Do I Plan an International Move?

International move planning needs a lot of advanced planning. To prepare for an international move, you need to apply for or prepare important documents like passport, visa, ID, medical records, and school reports for your kids. Your international moving plan should include a financial assessment that accounts for the costs of settling in the new country. Since there are many legal and logistical aspects involved, it is best to hire a seasoned international mover.

2. How Long Does It Take to Move Overseas?

It is much faster to move items by air rather than by sea when you need to move overseas. For example, it would take up to 10 days to ship your items from Sydney to London by air, compared to 51 days by sea.

3. How Much Does It Cost for International Moving?

The cost for international moving can exceed $10,000 depending on where you are going. The international moving cost includes transport expenses, packing costs, insurance, storage, customs duty and taxes, and visa fees.

Specialized Moving

How to Move Specialty Items

You can start by searching "specialty movers near me." To move special items, you need movers with special expertise to move pianos, paintings, electronics, fine china, jet skis, boats, and other high-value items.

How do you move heavy objects alone?

If you decide to move specialty and heavy objects upstairs all by yourself, take extra precautions to prevent damage. For example, wrap your piano in padding, and use a trolley and heavy-duty straps to move it to the truck.

Senior Moving

1. What Is Senior Move Management?

Senior move managers address the physical and emotional tasks of helping an older person relocate. The manager will start by developing a senior relocation services plan or age-in-place plan and customize a floor plan. The organizing, sorting, and downsizing is the energy-intensive part of the move since the client may have lived in their house for several decades.

2. How Much Do Senior Move Management Services Cost?

Senior move managers charge an average of $40 to $80 an hour. You can ask senior move management services costs or estimates from several managers to stay within your budget.

3. What to Consider When Moving a Senior Citizen to a New Home

The checklist below will help you plan for a successful senior move:

Plan for Appropriate Transport

If you are using road transport, plan for extra time since moving an aging parent or seniors may need to take many rest stops. You may also need to call the airline in advance to arrange for special accommodation if you will be moving elderly parents by air.

Account for Medical Needs

Coordinate with a healthcare manager to organize any medical requirements in advance.

Organize the New Place to Feel Like Home

It is important to add familiar items and layouts to make the transition easier for seniors.

Chapter 4- Types of Movers

There are different types of movers in the market, and they are classified depending on the service they offer, the goods they move, and the distance they operate in. Types of movers include local moving companies, long-distance moving companies, international moving companies, commercial movers, household movers, white-glove movers, fine art movers, full moving services, partial moving services, specialty movers, and self-service moving.

Local Movers

How to Find Local Movers 

If you are moving within your locality, search online on "local movers near me." The results will be a list of local moving companies. Alternatively, you could ask for a recommendation from friends or family of good moving companies near you.

Who Is the Best Mover Near Me? 

To find the best local mover, read online reviews about them. If their reviews are outstanding, you can proceed. As a bonus, if several moving companies offer free estimates on moving costs, engage them all to shop for a good deal. For reference, you can connect with Sunshine Movers in Florida. We are professional movers and packers, accomplishing all the client's relocation needs.

What to Expect from Local Movers When Moving Out to A New Apartment? 

When moving, you need to have your moving tips and checklist with you. This list will guide you through all the mover tips on what to expect from full-service movers. A headstart is to have a mover come in and have a rundown with you beforehand.

Long Distance Mover

Would you like to relocate for work, family, or would you like to change the scenery and move halfway across the county? If yes, you need a long-distance mover. These moving companies do relocations across the country and operate under federal law. 

How Do Long-Distance Movers Work?

If you are planning a long-distance move, you may be wondering how long distance movers work. For the most part, long-distance movers charge their services based on three major factors.These are the total weight of the goods to be moved, the distance of the move, and additional services (if requested) like packing and unpacking, disassembly and reassembly of furniture, appliance servicing, etc. 

How Much Time Do Long-Distance Movers Take? 

The long-distance moving time estimate is between 10-14 days. This delivery spread is affected by three crucial factors. These are the distance of your move, the size of the shipment (how long it takes movers to load a truck), and the time of year.

International Mover 

If you are planning to move across the Atlantic, you will need an international mover. The services offered by international movers include full container shipping (FCL), ocean freight shipping, air freight services, warehousing, temporary housing, visa and immigration assistance, among other services.

What Is Considered an International Move?

An international move happens when a person or a family does state to state moving (typically across continents) and transports their possessions to the new country using ocean freight transportation. One of the rules of international moving for individuals is that the person sending the goods at origin must be the same person to receive them at the destination to authenticate move and new residency.

How Do Long International Movers Work?

The operations of international moving companies are typically the same as any other mover. However, what makes them different from other movers is that they move their clients' belongings from one country to another and professionally deal with visas, immigration, and customs.

Chapter 5 – Moving Tools

When you're ready to make a move, there are plenty of things you need to be aware of. For this, you have to plan and line up a truck for moving to get all your paperwork finalized, and most importantly, make sure you have got all the tools needed for a successful move. 

Whether you are doing it yourself or getting it done by hiring household moving companies, you will need a few of the moving tools during the endeavor. The tools are probably available with the professional movers and packers, but if you are handling the move on your own, you buy some of the most incredible tools to make your moving life hassle-free.

Do movers bring tools?

This is one of the critical questions people often ask while hiring moving companies. Putting together all the belongings and loading them to the moving truck is no easy task. But when you hire movers, you can expect a hassle-free packing, loading and unloading of all your items.

There are a few most useful moving tools you cannot think of planning your move, and professional movers bring them all. They can lift heavy electronics like refrigerators, ACs, and inverters with ease using lifting tools.

The number of professional moving tools is quite impressive. These tools are handy and help moving professionals with different activities, from moving large pieces to appropriately packing and sealing the boxes.Let's take a look at the moving tool list you will need to move heavy household items.

Forearm Forklift

Which is better, Forearm Forklift or shoulder Dolly?

Forearm Forklift is the most demanding moving tool in the moving industry. When placed under the items you want to move, this pair of robust moving straps can help you in a strategic and effective lift. You can even alleviate up to 66% of the weight. Besides, you can easily fold the pair of straps, hang them somewhere or wrap them up to ensure their placement in a small space.

Comparing the Forearm tool with the shoulder dolly is explaining about two similar things. As the forearm forklift supports arms to lift items, a shoulder dolly is used to lift heavy stuff with shoulders' help. Both of these are effectively used as the best moving straps for furniture.

How do you use a forearm forklift?

To use the Forearm Forklift shoulder straps, you only need to cross the arm straps in the shape of X and put them underneath the item you want to move around safely. Placing these moving straps prevent the chances of the item to be slipped out.

Once you are done with placing the straps under the item, you are ready to lift it. Coordination with the partner is crucial to make the lift more swift and less tiresome. This way, both the lifting partners know when to go down and when and how to handle the load shifts.

Dolly Carts

What is a dolly cart used for?

A dolly cart is a type of sliding platform with two axles and four wheels. It is used to relocate heavy items from one location to another. These are available in different designs and sizes you can select to meet your specific moving needs.

A few dolly cart designs include:

  • Furniture dolly
  • Drum dolly
  • Pry dolly
  • Piano dolly

How much does it cost to buy a dolly?

You need a dolly cart if you plan to move all your belongings (including heavy items) all by yourself. Buying dollies from reliable sellers would be beneficial. Moving dollies cost around $300-$365. Instead, you can hire any of the affordable moving companies to do all the packing and moving for you. Sunshine Movers are ready to help you at all steps to make your moving journey effortless and stress-free. By hiring us, you only need to pay for our services and not the cost of moving Dolly.

4-Wheel Hand Carts

How much weight can you move with a hand truck?

Hand trucks are designed with a maximum load handling capacity. When you are moving heavy items using these carts, make sure you don't overload them. A range of dimensions in hand trucks is available with different lifting and load handling capacities. If you use 900# 25T73 Hand Truck, it provides you around 900 lb. lifting capacity for heavy items.

How do I choose a hand truck?

It is important to find the right moving tools to make your job super easy. Hand trucks work best to take all the load off your shoulders and facilitate loading, unloading, transportation of heavy items from one place to another. But you have to choose the best among all the available hand trucks.

If you think that all the hand trucks are similar, you are mistaken. These are designed with different features like hand truck dimensions, weight lifting capacity, etc., to meet all types of load-lifting needs during a move.

Here are some of the significant choices you need to make when you choose a hand truck:

Start choosing with the frame

Start your hand truck selection by choosing the appropriate frame that goes well with your heavy lifting and moving needs.

Choose the Terrain-Appropriate Wheel

This feature often gets ignored while choosing a hand truck to move the items, but this is significantly most important to be considered. Choosing the wheels is crucial and should be selected, keeping the items and their loads in mind.

Select the handle keeping the amount of item control in mind

Choosing a robust handle in a hand truck is vital as it impacts maneuverability

Decide the truck nose for stair item lifting

It is recommended to go with a die-cast aluminum nose. It is temperature resistant and makes the best hand trucks for stairs item lifting.

Choose additional accessories

You can choose additional accessories for your hand truck to meet any specialized lifting or item transportation needs.

Floor Sliders

What are floor sliders used for?

You will always need floor sliders to move big house furniture. All you need to stick it under the furniture's legs you want to move or relocate and drag it across the floor. These sliders are built with robust plastic that quickly gets stick to your furniture edges, preventing your floor and furniture legs from breaking or any damage.

How do you use floor sliders?

It's pretty easy to use these floor sliders. You only need to simply put the sliders underneath the legs of your house furniture and slide to any location you want. You can find a wide variety of furniture sliders to make your house moving effortless and easy.

If you want to relocate to another location and seeking professional assistance, you can consider Sunshine Movers as your ideal packing and moving services provider.

Truck Loading Ramps

What are loading ramps?

The loading ramps are the strong devices that make the delivery point and transport vehicle level easy during a move. These truck loading ramps are also known as the mobile ramp for unloading trucks and containers. At Sunshine Movers, we come equipped with truck moving or forklift ramps to make relocation a flawless and effortless venture.

How do you use truck load ramps?

It is crucial for safety purposes to secure the truck loading ramp to the vehicle to be relocated. Remember to use loading ramps with safety straps to avoid flipping vehicles while moving.

Steps to use truck loading ramps

  • Furniture dolly
  • Drum dolly
  • Pry dolly
  • Piano dolly

How long should truck ramps be?

  • Furniture dolly
  • Drum dolly
  • Pry dolly
  • Piano dolly

However, it is considered that longer loading truck ramps are always stronger.

Chapter 6 - Packing & Moving Supplies

It's good to keep yourself abreast about the loading and unloading moving equipment, but would you be able to place the boxes in the moving truck if these are not properly secured with the packing supplies?

How can you forget about packing essentials while planning for a move? Take some time to learn about the most important packing supplies to help make your move safe and successful.

Packing Tapes

What is packing tape used for?

Packing tape is a lightweight tape widely utilized for fixing bundles and boxes for relocation or shipments. Both of these tapes are a bit different in terms of their sizes and fixing capacity. Made of high-quality polyester or polypropylene backing, packing tapes make the most to pack the belongings safely in particular boxes.

These are available in various lengths and widths; gaffer type, adhesive tape, duct tape for packing, and masking tapes are the name of a few.

Professional moving companies use packing tapes to seal the cartons and boxes containing relocation belongings. You can hire them to reduce your stress and make your moving a hassle-free endeavor.

It's completely okay if you want to pack your belongings on your own; make sure to use the right tape for the particular box or type of packing. The wrong choice of box sealing tape can cost you more money, time and efficiency.

Bubble Wrap

What is bubble wrap used for?

Many top-rated moving companies use bubble wrap for packing fragile and delicate items to move them safely without any loss or damage. It's a lightweight, versatile, durable packing material that has long been used to prevent belongings like antiques, glassware, and delicate stuff from accidental breakage.

A few bubble wrap packaging material benefits include excellent insulation, reusability, cost-effectiveness, lightweight, great stress reliever when popped up.

Foam Sheet

What is the packing foam sheet used for?

If you are worried about safely transporting your delicate items and antiques, packing them by keeping foam sheets to the box walls will help you out. Foam sheet, generally known as EPE foam sheet mattress, is a lightweight, flexible, semi-rigid, and closed-cell foam used in packaging household and commercial items.

The foam sheet for packing is dust-free, non-abrasive, and oil and fuel resistant, making the material more useful to meet packing and moving needs.

Best-rated moving companies pack fragile items using EPE foam sheet, ensuring high shock absorption and complete surface protection. Avail them in different sizes and lengths to meet your packing needs and to make your move successful.


What are different types of boxes used in moving?

Have you got the right boxes and supplies for your move to make it fast and successful? You can ask any of the reputed moving companies which boxes to use for packing various household and commercial belongings.

Let's look at the different types of boxes you will need to pack and move your items to a new destination. To get the exact type and number of packing boxes, you have to prepare an inventory for your belongings.

The most common moving boxes are:

  • Small boxes
  • Medium boxes
  • Large boxes
  • Mattress boxes
  • Dish packing boxes
  • Custom crates
  • Mirror boxes
  • Wardrobe boxes

Packing Week Wise

The prospect of moving to a new home might seem exciting; it can be made easier if you organize things a few weeks or even months before.
Check out our week by week moving checklist to manage and schedule your move efficiently.

8 Weeks before moving checklist

  • Start preparing a self-moving checklist by making a folder or binder to keep everything in one place related to your move
  • Do an inventory check by exploring all rooms of your house
  • Declutter items as much as possible; don't waste your time and money keeping and carrying unused stuff
  • Order new appliances to your new home if needed to save transportation and moving cost

6 Weeks before moving Checklist

  • Research moving companies by getting in-person, check references, and written estimates
  • Hire a specialized and reliable moving company
  • Review your mover's insurance policy with terms and conditions
  • Call your utility service providers for cross-checking the pending bills and new connections (if they serve in your new home location)
  • Start making travel arrangements by booking cabs or airways to avoid last-minute delays
  • Gear yourself up for household packaging and decluttering

4 Weeks before moving Checklist

  • Start your packing with seldom-used items; including, seasonal clothes and holiday ornaments
  • Creating a spreadsheet and segregating the table naming each room with different colored rows make it easy to track all the moving boxed items
  • Use specialty packaging boxes to pack delicate or electronic items
  • Try to keep hardware items together in a single box to avoid the last-minute rush to find screws and drivers to disassemble and assemble belongings to the new home
  • Updating the address to all the online and offline utility service would help start a new life in a new place with less hassle

2 Weeks before moving Checklist

  • Wind up with packing the entire house
  • Confirm your final moving date with your moving solution provider to plan more accurately in advance
  • Defrost your refrigerator and drain all the gas-powered equipment (you can do it as per your convenience a few days or a week before)
  • Creating a first day and night kit (with some essential items) would be highly helpful to start life at a new location
  • Safely pack all your valuables, including medications, jewelry, and financial documents

1 Week before moving Checklist

  • Close safety deposits and transfer all your bank accounts if you are moving out of state or country
  • Pack a box with essentials, including clothes, toiletries, and a few things you will need for a few days after the move. Make sure everyone in your family has his/her essential boxes prepared for the final move.
  • Pay all your remaining bills and close accounts and utility services
  • Collect garage and shed belongings, keep them in a box and label it; you can instantly recognize them and use them when needed
  • Start disassembling the furniture
  • Figure out and plan a simple meal for the rest of the days
  • Finish rest of the packing if pending to avoid last-minute packing stress

Moving Day Checklist

The day has finally come, the moving day. You have planned for your move, found one of the best-rated moving companies, packed all your essentials, decluttered the items, donated unwanted things, and got ready to move to your new place. What else is left to plan for the final day?

Following the given moving day checklist will help you make your big day less tiresome and successful in every way.

  • Start your day with bright sunrise by waking up early
  • Pack last-minute essentials left outside
  • Do a sweep to clean the house and finally check if something has left to pack
  • Greet movers when they arrive to pack and move belongings
  • Be around the movers while they load the boxes to the moving truck; they might have quick questions to ask
  • Be in touch with your full-service movers during the travel and guide them about traffic and the best routes to reach the destination
  • Guide the movers by knowing which room will be shifted to which box
  • Appreciate the movers by offering them a tip for their good work
  • Start unpacking but only do it with your quick essential bag you have prepared for after the move
  • Be relaxed and enjoy exploring your new home

1 Week Post Checklist

Congrats, you moved safely to your new place! Now comes the time to settle down and place everything to your convenience in your new home. Start by unpacking the most essential belongings and enjoy personalizing your place with your preferences.

  • Clean the floor and carpets to set up things
  • Sweep your kitchen chimney before use
  • Put a nameplate outside your home to make neighbors recognize you
  • Get installed home security system, if needed
  • Go outside to explore the neighborhood, including libraries, supermarkets, local shops, cafes, restaurants and grocery market
  • Send a thankyou note to all who helped you during your move

2 Week Post Checklist

You are almost there and completely settled in your new home! Only a few activities are left to do for you.

  • Wind up unpacking as soon as possible to get a feeling of incredible relax
  • Get some spare keys made
  • Host a soothing housewarming party and invite your neighbors, family and friends to cherish your big move
  • Save everything related to your move so you have a clear roadmap for the move (if needed in the future)
  • Sit back and relax as you have done everything given in the moving checklist

Chapter 7 - Moving Areas in Florida

The great "Sunshine State" has its reputation as the mecca for senior retirees. However, it is changing and is seeing an influx of young families. Millennials and Generation X'ers are being drawn here and search for the best areas to move in Florida to enjoy its beautiful sunny weather, good job opportunities, affordable homes, no state income tax, low cost of living, excellent public school system, and many other perks.

Sarasota Movers

Why Should You Move to Sarasota? 

According to the US News & World Report 2020-21, Sarasota was ranked as the #1 best place to retire in the country. This is not uncommon, as Sarasota has consistently ranked among the top retirement cities in the US every year. If you are looking for a good place to retire, you should consider Sarasota.

If you are not a retiree, you may ask, "Should I move to Sarasota, FL?" Yes, you should if you are looking for a job in the service sector. Sarasota is primarily a service-based economy and has many jobs in hotels, restaurants, retirement homes, health care facilities, construction, real estate, etc.

How Sunshine Movers Help You Relocate to Sarasota?

Now that you have decided to move to Sarasota, you will need a mover. A moving company in Sarasota would be best suited for the job. Sunshine Movers is one of the best Sarasota Movers that are professional, efficient, and can help.

Lakewood Ranch Movers

How Many Lakewood Ranch Movers Required for A Move to The Local Area? 

There are several Lakewood Ranch moving companies in the Lakewood Ranch area. If you are preparing to move to the region, you should consult one of them. Professional local movers at Lakewood Ranch are highly trained and reliable.

What Are the Top Reasons to Relocate to Lakewood Ranch?

Lakewood Ranch, Florida, is the 2nd best-selling master-planned community in the US, according to research done by RCL & Co. The area has a high quality of life and should be one of the top reasons to relocate to Lakewood Ranch.

The 48-square mile community is also a haven for year-round recreation. It has 4 golf courses, endless shopping and dining options, 150 miles of interconnected recreation trails and sidewalks, area parks, and so much more.  Other amenities in the area include Lakewood Ranch Cinema, Lakewood Ranch high school, Lakewood Ranch medical center, Lakewood Ranch weather, and Lakewood Ranch hospital.

How Sunshine Movers Come Up to Help Make Your Moving a Breeze? 

To move to Lakewood Ranch, you can engage Sunshine Movers. They are one of the top Lakewood Ranch movers. They will provide an estimate on the cost of moving to Lakewood Ranch and make your move a breeze.

Bee Ridge Movers

Why Should You Move to Bee Ridge? What Are the Benefits of Moving Here? 

Bee Ridge, Florida, is located in Sarasota County and is a census-designated place with a population of about 10,000. It means it does not have its government; rather, it is part of the metropolitan area near it.

It has a median income of $64,940, and the average home value is $321,943. You should move to Bee Ridge if you want that small-town feeling while enjoying the amenities of big city living. For recreation, there is Bee Ridge Park that is a 10-acre park centrally located at the south of Bee Ridge Road.

What Is the Best Company to Choose for a Move to Bee Ridge?

The best moving company in Bee Ridge is Sunshine Movers. They are full-service Bee Ridge movers who are licensed and insured. As compared to other moving companies in Bee Ridge, they are the most professional and best movers in Bee Ridge who know how to plan and proceed with a move.

Englewood Movers

What Are the Best Areas to Move to in Englewood? 

Englewood is a small town with a population of 14,786. It is a census-designated town and sits between the two counties of Charlotte and Sarasota in Florida. Englewood has stunning beaches, a take it easy, relaxed vibe, and is not particularly touristy.

In contrast to other towns in Florida, so no big-time action here. The best areas to move into in Englewood are Punta Gorda, a small port town, and Port Charlotte, a large planned community. These towns are quiet, and residents are mainly retirees and winter residents. 

Why Should You Hire Sunshine Movers to Relocate to Englewood?

When moving, be sure to engage an Englewood moving company. One of the best full-service Englewood movers is Sunshine movers. They will send somebody to your house to take a standard inventory before moving and explain the moving process.

Osprey Movers

What Are the Advantages of Moving to Osprey? 

Osprey is located in Sarasota County and has a population of 6,678. The median income is $86,418, and the median home value in Osprey Florida real estate market is $425,975. The cost of living in Osprey is 20.6% higher compared to the Sarasota Metropolitan average.

The weather for Osprey, Florida, is amazing, with November, April, and March being the most pleasant months in Osprey. August and July can be considered as the least comfortable months. By moving here, you will enjoy the Osprey Florida beaches. Some of the Osprey Florida attractions include visiting the Historic Spanish Point and Oscar Scherer State Park.

How Do I Choose a Moving Company for A Local Move to Osprey?

For local moving in Osprey, it is best to engage an Osprey moving company. Osprey movers are knowledgeable about the area and are more than willing to work with the residents. They also offer customized moving solutions within Osprey.

How Can Sunshine Movers Give You Relief from The Hectic Moving Journey? 

When moving to the home of artists and designers, engage full-service Osprey movers like Sunshine Movers. You can expect them to be affordable and on time when it comes to finalizing the move as planned.

Bradenton Movers

Why Moving to Bradenton Is a Wise Decision? 

Bradenton in Manatee County has a population of about 60,000. The city of Bradenton is not too big and not too small. Bradenton weather is typical coastal weather; however, it gets hot and humid with a bit of rain in summer.

Bradenton Beach is a 20-mile stretch of sugar sand with long fishing piers, lots of small shops, and family-owned Bradenton restaurants. If you are a big fan of fishing, boating, or any water sport, Bradenton is a good place to move. The area is surrounded by fresh and saltwater waterways, where you can fish, swim, water ski, Jet Ski, and boat.

Which Company to Choose as Your Ideal Moving Partner?

When planning to move, be sure to choose one of the local movers in Bradenton. Sunshine Movers is one of the movers in Bradenton, FL. They are licensed and have general liability insurance coverage. It would be best if you choose them for a seamless move.

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