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Moving to a new apartment is no small task, especially if you have to relocate all your belongings. The main challenges come when moving through hallways, around corners, and up or down stairs. You also need to factor in the cost of renting equipment to carry heavy items, such as appliances and furniture. And don’t forget the cost of renting a truck and purchasing packing material.

All this can be a lot of work. It may also mean injuries and possibly damage to your valuables. Fortunately, Sunshine Movers can help relocate you fast and safely. With our experienced staff, you can count on us to hasten the process into your new apartment.

Types of Apartment Moving Services

Everyone knows the stress and frustrations involved in moving. For instance, you’ll need to pack everything in boxes and label whatever is inside. You also have to categorize what you pack according to the degree of potential damage. 

Sunshine Movers will make your move as nearly worry free as possible! For ease of transporting your valuables, Sunshine Movers has come up with specific strategies to ensure the safety of your precious possessions. At each stage of the moving process, we handle your valuables with care and precision. To ease your move, we offer these services: 

Storage for Your Apartment

You may need a place to store some of your possessions for several days, before, during, or after your move. Finding a convenient storage warehouse is not easy. Fortunately, at Sunshine Movers, we know the best local storage locations that are convenient and safe.

Packing and Unpacking

Packing all of your things is not only tedious but also time-consuming. While most stuff can easily fit in standard boxes, other things, such as artwork, need extra care. Some items, like your expensive china, need unique packing methods to prevent breakage. The team of professionals at Sunshine Movers has extensive experience in wrapping, organizing, and packing items in boxes organized by size, weight, and fragility. After transporting your boxes to the new location, we can also help you unpack everything.

Furniture Disassembly and Reassembly

While we have trucks capable of transporting large furniture, we recommend disassembling furniture when and if possible. Some furniture, such as beds, for example, consumes too much space unnecessarily. Large, bulky, and heavy pieces are also cumbersome to carry around sharp corners or up or down stairs. For this reason, they get disassembled for easy transportation and damage prevention. At Sunshine Movers, we can provide reassembling services after delivery.

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Loading and Unloading

After packing and marking everything, the next step is loading in a truck. Sometimes you never know how much you have until you have to move. All your belongings may not fit in a single truck, and you need two or more. You might need help loading and unloading your boxes and furniture. Some items may be prone to damage due to vibration and movement during transportation. For this reason, loading has to take into consideration the complexity of each item, each piece of furniture, and each box. At Sunshine Movers, we’ll help you plan ahead to ensure an easy and stress-free move.

Local Apartment Movers

Local apartment moving involves relocation within Sarasota. If you want to move to a nearby apartment or across town, Sunshine Movers has got you covered. You don’t need to stop working; just pack, supervise, and observe.

Long-Distance Apartment Moves

When you’re moving to a new city or state, you’ll need professional apartment movers. At Sunshine Movers, we have all the logistics worked out for you. We have long-haul trucks for long distances and will move your belongings safely and carefully.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Apartment Mover

Part of what makes people opt for professional movers is the time-saving aspect. With a team experienced people and the right equipment, moving becomes easy and fast. An even bigger benefit, though, is the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your items are in safe hands. 

Reason to Hire Professional Apartment Moving Companies Near Me

There are many reasons to hire a professional apartment moving company. 

1. Safety

Often people suffer injuries when moving household goods, especially without the proper equipment or experience. Safety is the main reason to hire professionals: for your safety and that of your items. With many years of experience, the professionals at Sunshine Movers follow carefully crafted safety guidelines and possess see-around-the-corner problem-solving skills.

2. Affordable Pricing

Having to stop going to work to concentrate on moving is more expensive than hiring an apartment moving company. Consider the time it would take for you to pack up everything and then unpack in your new home. In contrast, hiring a professional apartment mover will take little time and save you stress and worry about your job.

3. Storage

Finding storage can be stressful. At Sunshine Movers, we ensure that our customers do not have to worry about where to place items. Our storage facilities are convenient, safe, and readily accessible.

4. Customer Service

Customer satisfaction is our motivation. We aren’t just after the growth; we believe in delivering the best services. In fact, we are a top-rated apartment moving company in Sarasota.

5. Experience

Our business is moving—we do this every day. With many years in the industry, we have faced all possible challenges and learned from every challenge we’ve faced.

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Why Use Sunshine Movers for Apartment Moving Services

Apartment moving is a huge task. You need professional movers. We will take away the burden so you can focus on other things. Other reasons you should choose Sunshine Movers include

Personal Inspection. The first step in apartment moving is inspection. By inspecting your items, you ensure that they are in the same condition than before they were packed. Through inspection, you can take note of any damage that may have occurred. Keep in mind that insurance is offered for your items against accidental damage.

Multi-vehicle, Door-to-Door Auto Transport. If you have more household goods than will fit in a single truck, rather than making multiple trips, we offer multiple trucks instead. If you need to deliver several things to different people, we provide door-to-door transport services. Whatever your individual needs, we have you covered.

Best price. Apart from offering convenience, we help you stay within a reasonable budget. You don’t have to break your bank when you need to move. At Sunshine Movers, we understand that cost efficiency is an important factor when choosing the best apartment movers. Also, you can get a free online quote from us.

No upfront payment. At Sunshine Movers, we believe in delivering quality services before requesting payment. This principle helps us relate well with you as our customer.

When you need to move to a new apartment, you need professional moving services. Contact our friendly staff at Sunshine Movers for any questions or for a quote.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find a reputable apartment moving company?

You need to keep a few factors in mind while looking for reliable apartment movers or your move.

  • Check their online availability
  • Request a free quote from them and compare if these are under your budget
  • Cross-verify if the agency has the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) number
  • Check if they have acquired any business certifications

How much does it cost to move an apartment?

The cost of moving a one-bedroom apartment will be around $450 - $650. The charges will take a rise if the inventory is extensive, like 2-bedroom or 3-bedroom. You have to set a meeting with our consultants if you want to get the exact estimate of your apartment move.

How long does it take for movers to pack and move an apartment?

You can calculate the estimated time of a move by checking the area and size of your apartment for the move. For example – a 1-bedroom or small studio will take 6-9 hours to pack and move, and if the apartment has 2 or 3-bedrooms, it may take around 1-2 days to get the relocation done.

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