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If you desire a Florida lifestyle, you will enjoy all that the picturesque town of Lakewood Ranch has to offer. In addition to Sarasota’s unspoiled beaches, the town has 150 miles of natural trails, parks, lakes, 144 holes of golf, Sarasota Polo Club, and hundreds of eateries. Sunshine Movers is an esteemed member of the business community in Lakewood Ranch, and we owe our growth to the clients who keep coming back for our award-winning moving services. 

Moving furniture into Lakewood Ranch home

Lakewood Ranch communities feature unique housing solutions, from estates, condos, single-family homes, to townhomes. If you are organizing a move to this beautiful city, the first step is to select experienced and insured Lakewood Ranch Movers. Our reputation for taking extra care of our clients’ items and simplifying the relocation experience precedes us at Sunshine Movers.

We are proud to have witnessed the phenomenal growth of Lakewood Ranch from an expansive ranch to the master-planned community it is today. Over 31,000 residents live in the town, and we will facilitate your move to Lakewood Ranch as well with top-rated moving services. 

Best Moving Services in Lakewood Ranch

At Sunshine Movers, we boast a highly-trained team that can handle any moving task. We emphasize safety above everything else, and you can trust us with your furniture, electronics, business equipment, and other fragile items. No matter where your current location is, we will make your relocation stress-free with quality services that include:

Room of furniture moved in

1. Local Moving in Lakewood Ranch

The unique villages in Lakewood Ranch offer attractive lifestyle perks for families and retirees. If you would like to move within the town, you deserve Lakewood Ranch movers with the right expertise for your project.

At Sunshine Movers, we have built a reputation based on timely service, professionalism, and efficiency. Our local moving services start with a comprehensive on-site evaluation of your moving needs. Our range of packing materials and an experienced team of movers will make your move seamless.

2. Long Distance Moving in Lakewood Ranch

Local moves are one thing, but things get even more complicated if you add significant distance. Long-distance moves are particularly tasking, and you need Lakewood Ranch Movers who provide affordable full-service relocations. We have appropriately-sized trucks to transport all your belongings on long-distance moves safely. In addition to being fully-insured, we have the right certifications for long-distance moves, and you can look forward to reuniting with your possessions in your new home.

3. Residential Moving in Lakewood Ranch

If you have moved your household before, you know how many details you need to manage. From packing fragile items to ensuring that they reach their destination safely, household moves are quite complicated.

Sunshine Movers will ease the burden for you by deploying experienced consultants to pack, disassemble furniture, load, unpack, assemble furniture, and set up your kitchen, living area, and bedroom. Our proper planning techniques include the use of detailed checklists that will make your move efficient and swift.

4. Commercial Moving in Lakewood Ranch

Not every Lakewood Ranch Mover can handle a commercial move due to the level of strategic planning involved. We understand that you want minimal interruption to employee productivity, which is why we invest in advanced equipment to make commercial moves as efficient as possible.

Whether you are moving your office, corporate branch, hotel, or any other business establishment, you can be confident that our resources, seasoned team, and facilities can safely transport your equipment.

5. International Moving in Lakewood Ranch

Relocating to a new country or continent is an exciting experience, and you should choose established Lakewood Ranch movers who will empower you for your new adventure. At Sunshine Movers, we will simplify the process with services that include packing, custom tracking, customs clearance, and convenient tracking systems. You can expect your valuables to arrive on time as you look forward to enjoying the sights of your new home.

6. Storage in Lakewood Ranch

If you want storage near your Lakewood Ranch residence or business, you are in luck because we provide various short and long term storage solutions for the town’s residents. Sunshine Movers’ storage facilities are adequately staffed, monitored, and maintained to ensure your items are safe. We take exceptional care to maintain your belongings in the same condition you stored them in. 

7. Specialized Moving in Lakewood Ranch

When fragile and high-value items are involved, you will be hesitant to trust just any Lakewood Ranch Movers. In such cases, you need a specialized mover with the right expertise and experience to safely transport your piano, vehicle, medical equipment, furniture, antiques, and china. Our capabilities in moving specialty items are unmatched, and you can look forward to timely delivery.

Why Move to Lakewood Ranch, FL

Lakewood Ranch is among the most exceptional planned communities in Florida and the US. When the Schroeder-Manatee Ranch ventured into community development in 1994, they envisioned a town characterized by green spaces, unique housing, a vibrant cultural scene, and hobbyists’ clubs. Today, Lakewood Ranch epitomizes community living thanks to its eateries, designer homes, events, and parks. If you are contemplating a move to Lakewood Ranch, you can look forward to:

  • Various housing options at different price points
  • Abundant amenities
  • Polo matches
  • Seafood restaurants
  • Shopping Stores

Best Time to Move to Lakewood Ranch

If you are looking to buy a home in Lakewood Ranch, it helps to know the real estate patterns. Homes are typically expensive during the Florida season, which starts in January. House prices are at their lowest in June. Lakewood Ranch enjoys pleasant weather throughout the year, and Sunshine Movers will facilitate your move no matter the season.

Why Choose us as Your Best Moving Company

We have assisted multiple families and retirees move into Lakewood Ranch, and our intimate knowledge of the town’s villages will make your settlement smooth. Our goal is to make the relocation affair stress-free, whether you are moving within the town or another state. We only keep a well-trained and adaptive crew who use top-quality equipment for every moving project. Call Sunshine Movers today for a free estimate and customized relocation services.

Lakewood Ranch COVID-19 Pandemic Offers

Sunshine Movers value the safety of our clients and staff, and we are dedicated to providing convenient moving services for Lakewood Ranch residents during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our movers are equipped with masks, gloves, and disinfectants, and we will minimize contact with you and your family. Our equipment and trucks are also sufficiently-sanitized during every move. 

List of all Moving Services Sunshine Offers

Sunshine Movers facilitate both local and long-distance movers with the same level of care and precision that has made us highly-rated in Lakewood Ranch. If you are anxious about an overseas move, you can rest easy knowing that your belongings will arrive on time and in optimal condition. Our superior moving services are listed below:

1. Local Moving

We will help you move to any neighborhood in Lakewood Ranch or Sarasota with outstanding packing, loading, and offloading services.

2. Long Distance Moving

Sunshine Movers is certified and equipped for interstate moves, and our fleet of trucks will deliver your items on time.

3. Residential Moving

We will swiftly pack your household and transport it to its new destination safely.

4. Commercial moving

Commercial moves demand proper planning, and we will minimize your company’s downtime with efficient moving services.

5. International Moving

Are you relocating abroad? Sunshine Movers will facilitate air, land, and sea transportation for a seamless move.

6. Storage

Our safe, staffed, and maintained storage units are perfect for temporary or long-term storage.

7. Specialized Moving

You should only trust moving your piano, vehicles, antiques, and other specialty items with an expert company like Sunshine Movers. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the facts about Lakewood Ranch, Florida?

Moving into the Lakewood Ranch is one of the best decisions to make. The place is in Florida and offers many reasons to shift or move here to live. Here are some facts about Lakewood Ranch you should know before relocating to this place.

  • It’s been more than 20 years since Lakewood Ranch was developed.
  • The area is comprised of 17,500 acres.
  • Lakewood Ranch has 8,500 houses that are ready to move in. In the future, the city will have 23,000 approved homes to live for movers.
  • The average cost of homes in Lakewood Ranch is around $417,000, which is significantly not that much expensive.
  • It has beautiful playgrounds where you can play a round or two of miniature golf.
  • Fill your mouth with tasty Bar-B-Q food available here at Lakewood Ranch.
  • You can party hard at bars available here in the Lakewood Ranch area.
  • The city fascinates movers with beautiful art and culture.
  • Fully-equipped movie theaters are also available in Lakewood Ranch to offer you a fantastic entertainment experience.
  • Live music cafes add an extra charm to this city.

The list is endless, but you can make your mind to move here by going through these pros.

Is it expensive to move to Lakewood Ranch, Florida?

Lakewood Ranch, Florida, is always a wise decision if you are looking to move in or want to buy a home in this beautiful city. Here, homes are a bit expensive in the Florida season that probably starts in January. On the contrary, you can see house prices at their lowest in off season, i.e., June. Lakewood ranch is undoubtedly the best place to visit and relocate and Sunshine Movers can help you by making your move a hassle-free experience.

How much time does it take for a local move in Lakewood Ranch?

Moving and shifting to Lakewood Ranch is not a hectic task. But, it may take a significant amount of time if you have a big house to pack, declutter, and shift. Everyone has different belongings to pack and shift; hence there must be different guidelines for every item to pack and move. You can reduce your hassle and even discuss the exact time to move by hiring Sunshine Movers as your reliable Lakewood Ranch movers and packers.

Is it cheaper to move to Lakewood Ranch by yourself or hire movers?

It might incur less cost to move to Lakewood Ranch by yourself as you will pack and manage all the belongings as per your convenience. Remember, the process may take a lot of time and effort, and it can be stressful for you and your family members. It is suggested to call professional movers, and packers like Sunshine Movers specialized in offering various packing and moving services to different clients for Sarasota and its neighborhoods. We are reliable movers and packers agency and charge affordable prices that meet customers’ expectations.

Is Lakewood Ranch a good place to live?

Protecting yourself from fraud movers and packers is not easy, but you can reduce the chances of hacks by following a few steps. The steps are:
1. Always choose a reliable and experienced moving company
2. Make sure the company is insured, and all the employees are trained
3. Get references and check them properly Plan your relocation well in advance
You can plan your next move with us as we offer moving services with proficiency and fool proof planning.

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