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Leading Cross Country Movers

Leading Cross Country Movers

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If you are organizing a cross-country move, you know how essential it is to get reputable movers for a smooth experience. It may seem like there are too many details and contacts to track during your long-distance move. At Sunshine Movers, we pride ourselves on giving our customers personalized attention to keep everything moving on schedule.

Cross Country Movers Near You

Moving is overwhelming, and things can get more complicated if you choose an unreliable moving company or a firm that is too small for your moving needs. When looking for cross-country movers near you, check the track records of your options. At Sunshine Movers, we believe that no two moves are alike. We will customize a long-distance moving plan for your household's size and needs that include flexible pricing.

Cross-country moves can be complicated, but you would be surprised at how easy your move can be with the right moving partner. Our highly-trained staff will be there from start to finish, and we will not rest until you are full-settled in your new residence.

Cross Country Moving Services

Our state-of-the-art moving company and seasoned staff can handle any size of cross-country moves. We will ensure that your treasured belongings are packed securely, loaded onto the moving trucks, and transported under the supervision of trained movers. We also make it easy to choose additional moving services like storage, auto shipping, piano moving, depending on your need. Our cross country moving services include:

  • Small Moves

Our small load movers will coordinate all aspects of your small move from picking to delivery. Perhaps you are moving your daughter's bedroom into her new apartment miles away or some of your possessions into storage? We help individuals with small move needs as well as businesses with small-scale corporate relocations.

  • Moving Supplies & Shipping Boxes

Proper packing is essential when moving long distances. As one of the top cross-country moving companies, we are equipped with top-quality packing supplies for your move. You can reach out to us for moving boxes, packing paper, bubble wrap, and anything else you need.

  • Cross Country Furniture Moving

Safety is the most pivotal element to consider when moving furniture long distances. You need cross-country movers with the expertise and resources to transport your furniture items safely. We will disassemble your beds, couches, and tables, wrap individual pieces, and secure them in the truck.  

  • Cross Country Piano Movers

Not all cross country moving companies can successfully transport your piano to your new home. You need professional expertise because pianos are easily damaged during moving since they have many internal components. We use the safest techniques and quality equipment to preserve your piano's condition during the entire moving process.

  • Car Shipping

It is much more convenient to get your beloved car awaiting you at your destination than to buy a new one or spend weeks in your new residence without a vehicle. We transport SUVs, luxury cars, and even motorcycles to save you the hassle of arranging it yourself.

  • Apartment & Residential Moves

Moving homes is exciting, but there is typically so much to do before you can start enjoying your new home. Our cross-country movers specialize in transporting household goods through the narrow entryways that characterize apartments. Even if you are moving between family homes, we will get all your items to where they need to be.

  • Appliance Moving

Our moving specialists only use the right equipment to move refrigerators, computers, washing machines, and dryers. In addition to being expensive, home appliances are also heavy, and our movers will simplify the moving process.

Full-Service Cross Country Moving Options

Are you stressed about your upcoming cross-country move? Professional full-service movers will take care of your move's logistics so you can sit back and relax. Full-service cross-country moving options are convenient, especially if you don't have time to pack and move by yourself.

Full-service movers will supply packing materials, pack up your items, disassemble your furniture, load the moving trucks, transport your items, and unpack at the destination. Additionally, you can pick and choose between various moving services, and we will create a customized plan for you.

How to Plan Your Cross Country Move

Moving cross country can stress anyone. Many things can go wrong when moving long distances, which is why you need a solid moving plan. A checklist will keep you organized and track all details of your move. 

It would also be a good idea to start planning for a cross-country move at least two months before you have to leave. The items below will help you stay on track:

  • Clean

Cleaning before packing will help you access all your belongings and visualize everything that needs to be moved. It is also easier to work in a clean space as you will avoid tripping on many items.

  • Declutter

Getting rid of items that you don't require will make moving easier and reducing your moving costs. Donate, sell, or throw as much as you can.

  • Pack

Since packing can be time-consuming, you want to start early as you can. Start with rooms with many things like basements and attics and tackle one room at a time.

  • Change Address

You can easily change your credit card billing address and bank account address online. For changes to your mailing address, simply visit USPS.com.

  • Set Up New Utilities and Services

You should set up new utilities to avoid unpacking in the dark when you arrive in your home. Contact the utility providers in your new residence to arrange for waste removal, power, water, gas, internet, and cable TV.

  • Cancel Old Services

Contact your current utility providers and schedule the disconnection of existing services. It is better to cancel old services at least two weeks before moving out.

  • Suspend Subscriptions

You should also cancel any recurring subscriptions sent to your old home, like yoga and gym memberships. Newspaper and magazine subscriptions can be sent to your new home.

  • Research

Your new neighborhood will affect your lifestyle, and you can research walkability scores, schools and other amenities, and crime rates on the internet.

Should I Hire a Cross Country Moving Company?

Choosing between cross-country movers is the most critical decision you will make when moving long distances. While there are perks to moving yourself cross country, things are significantly more manageable with a reliable moving partner.

Perhaps the most outstanding benefit to moving with professional movers is that your items will be protected from damage. Additionally, seasoned movers will save you time and money and leave you to focus on exploring your new neighborhood.

Choose Sunshine Movers as the Best Cross Country Company

When faced with an upcoming cross-country move, there is no better company to turn to than Sunshine Movers. We will customize your moving experience to provide services that are unique to your needs. 

We will also safely move and pack your household goods, including delicate items like appliances, pianos, and furniture. Our full-service packages will lift the load for you, so you relax and embrace your next adventure. Call us today for personalized moving attention.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you provide moving services anywhere in the country?

Sunshine Movers has expertise in offering packing and moving services across the country, especially in Sarasota, Florida, and nearby locations. If you're looking for an international move, we can make it successful by offering you the best and timely packing, loading, unloading and moving services.

How much does it cost to move across the country?

If you go for a cross-country move, it may cost around $4600-$9000. It's not the exact cost, but it can work as a baseline to plan for your move. The cost of a cross-country move may vary based on the number of belongings and size of the move. Therefore, if you have a big house to move across the country, be prepared to spend more. 

How to get ready to move across the country?

It's good if you're pre-planning to handle the cross-country move far in advance. For this, you have to stay organized with your belongings, get rid of unwanted things, pack everything well, decide on moving methods and proceed with the planned moving. You can contact Sunshine Movers for any cross-country moving assistance as we are just one call away.

How long do movers take for a cross-country move?

On average, a cross-country move takes around 2-5 days to accomplish. Usually, the time and duration may vary depending on the distance needed to cover to reach the desired location. 

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