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Professional Furniture Movers

Professional Furniture Movers

Large and fragile furniture pieces can be challenging to move, even with the help of friends and family. Hiring furniture movers protects your furnishings from damage and yourself from injuries. Our reputation at Sunshine Movers is built on delivering furniture in perfect condition and on time. Our certified team is skilled in moving various home and office furniture, including sofas, recliners, bedroom sets, bookcases, dining room sets, and computer desks.

We are equipped with dollies, padded blankets, and high-quality packing materials to protect your assets during moving. Additionally, we take extra care to transport furniture with glass or mirrors.

Types of Moving Furniture

When choosing furniture moving companies, you want a partner who will meet all your relocation needs. Do you need your furnishings disassembled and assembled, or do you have unusual furniture designs that require special care? If you have a multi-story residence, it is best to hire movers with the equipment to move your pieces downstairs or upstairs. The different types of furniture moving services include:

1. In-Home Furniture Moving

In-home furniture movers bring the muscles you require to move large pieces of furniture within your home. Are you rearranging your home or swapping old furnishing for new ones? Our team will bring all the equipment for moving furniture to the house.

2. Local Furniture Moving

Whether you are moving furniture from a condo, townhome, or studio apartment, Sunshine Movers will simplify the move. You can relax knowing that skilled professionals are handling your possessions. What’s more, we deliver your furniture on time to get you settled quickly.

3. Interstate Furniture Moving

There are high chances that your furnishings will incur damage if professional and licensed movers do not move them. Our team will use pads, straps, and dollies to relocate your precious furniture miles away to your new home.

Shipping Furniture Across the Country

Moving furniture can be cumbersome, especially when maneuvering through the logistics of a cross-country relocation. Cross-country moves demand careful coordination and a high-efficiency level that only a reliable company like Sunshine Movers can provide.

We will deliver your antique coffee table, workstation, sofa set, and any other furniture in perfect condition. Whether you are furnishing your new apartment several states away or sending several pieces of furniture to your kids in college, we will make the process painless and quick.

Types of Furniture for Moving

Most movers move everyday furniture items, including bedroom sets, sofas, bookcases, coffee tables, dining sets, and wall units. If you have specialized items, you should let the moving company know beforehand. A reputable mover will have padded blankets to protect fragile pieces and specialized equipment for moving your furniture safely. Our moving services include the transportation of:

1. Couch & Sofa Movers

Are you donating your old sofa or moving your couch from your apartment to your new home? You could be browsing online and find an excellent steal on Facebook Marketplace. Wherever you need a couch moved to or from, our skilled sofa movers are here to help.

2. Heavy & Specialty Items

Specialty moving services can save the day when you have giant or unusual items. Heavy items like pool tables, exercise equipment, and hot tubs need to be transported carefully to avoid damage and injury. What’s more, these possessions cost a fortune, and you want skilled personnel in charge of their relocation. Our team is trained in moving bulky items without damaging the door frames or any other part of your home.

3. Furniture Storage

Our seasoned furniture movers will help you find storage facilities that meet your requirements. We will pad wrap all your furnishings for protection and move them to climate-controlled and secure storage units. Additionally, you can choose the most convenient location for you and enjoy affordable long- and short-term storage rates.

4. Office Furniture

Office moves can be complicated, especially because no companies are the same. Every firm has its style of cubicles and floor layout, and hiring the wrong movers can result in delays and damages. Our goal is to reduce downtime, which is why we will deploy a fully-trained crew with all the equipment needed to move your office furniture. We will disassemble, take inventory, transport, and assemble all workstations and freestanding furniture like cabinets at the destination. Our experienced workers will also leave your walls and carpets free of damage.

5. Antiques & Vintage Furniture

If you sourced antiques from dealers or auctions or received them from previous generations, you undoubtedly want to preserve them in their current condition. While you can pack and move these sentimental pieces by yourself, you risk damaging them. At Sunshine Movers, we understand that packing is the most crucial step in preserving antiques. Our crew only uses high-quality packing materials and specialized equipment to deliver your precious items safely.

Why Use Sunshine Movers for Furniture Moving Services

After many years of moving furniture, we have developed efficient techniques and processes to simplify the process. When you choose Sunshine Movers, you get a seasoned moving partner renowned for affordable and premier services. Our team has all the materials to protect your furnishings during loading, transportation, and offloading. What’s more, we have equipment like dollies, straps, and ramps to move bulky furniture items and protect you from any injuries of relocating these items by yourself. Our services include:

1. Best Prices

Moving furniture doesn’t have to be expensive as we offer competitive rates for quality services. Our team will save you moving costs and time to focus on settling in your new home or office.

2. Multi-Vehicle, Door-to-Door Auto Transport

Our fleet of moving trucks will complete any scope of work, whether you are moving offices or homes. We will pack and remove furniture from your current home and deliver it in perfect condition to your new residence.

3. Personal Inspection

We provide a video survey or an in-personal inspection of your furniture before giving a quote. Therefore, you can be sure that we will only charge you for the items we are moving.

4. No Upfront Payment

Unlike other movers, we don’t ask for upfront payments. You can be certain that you are partnering with reputable and reliable furniture movers.

You can simplify your relocation with a simple call to Sunshine Movers. In return, you will get a team that is eager and skilled in moving your furniture safely and efficiently

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find a reputable furniture moving company?

There are many proven ways to make sure that a furniture moving company is legitimate. You can choose a reliable company by checking:

The company’s online visibility
Asking for the free estimate for your type of move
Check if the company has a U.S. Department Transportation (DOT) number
Check for the company’s business certification

Do furniture moving companies provide door-to-door delivery?

Yes, professional moving companies are committed to delivering door-to-door delivery. We at Sunshine Movers are professional movers and packers, equipped to handle different types of moving requirements. No matter the size of your move or the destination, our door-to-door moving services are planned to offer you the well-managed and safe transportation of your belongings.

How much does it cost for furniture moving?

On average, leading furniture movers charge hourly rates of $120. In different scenarios, furniture movers may charge from $70 to $130 per hour. You can contact us for more and exact price information about your move.

How long does it take movers to move furniture?

Generally, the average time for a small furniture move can take a few hours to accomplish. The hours or time may vary depending on the size and number of furniture to be moved. For example – a 2 bedroom furniture move can take 3-5 hours, 3 bedroom move will take around 5-8 hours, and so on.
For a long-distance furniture move, it may take anywhere from a few days to weeks. You can get an exact estimate by connecting with our professional furniture movers.

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