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Working with experienced movers lifts the burden of relocation off your shoulders, ensuring a safe and hassle-free move. Sunshine Movers provides reliable moving services in University Park for both long and short distances.

Our years of experience means we understand what works to facilitate a smooth relocation. We are the most trusted University Park movers and packers and pride ourselves on our ability to get the job done. At Sunshine Movers, we surpass customer expectations with the help of our efficient team and equipment.

Our movers and packers in University Park serve both households and businesses. You can count on us to plan, coordinate, and execute your move. We also make sure that your belongings arrive safely and on time to the intended destination. By working with us, you save time and relieve the stress of moving band focus on other things.

Best Moving Services in University Park 

Our comprehensive moving and storage services are available at competitive rates. We customize our services to fit your needs and offer support throughout the process to ensure that we achieve customer satisfaction. As one of the best University Park movers and packers, we provide the following services.

Local Moving Services in University Park

Being the reliable local movers, we can help you relocate smoothly within University Park, FL. We do this at affordable rates so that you don't have to break your bank securing a hassle-free relocation.

Long Distance Moving in University Park

If you plan to move out of University Park, FL, our long-distance moving package is available to make your transition stress-free. We help you plan and actualize your long-distance relocation without unpleasant incidences.

Residential Moving in University Park

Sunshine Movers provide residential moving services to enable you and your family to relocate in a stress-free manner. Our moving services in University Park are designed to take the stress out of your life, whether it is related to moving for work, school, or any other reason.

Commercial Moving in University Park

Corporate moving requires special attention and planning to ensure minimum business operations disruption. We are full-service movers and packers and can effectively execute commercial moving for businesses of all sizes by working with your schedule to avoid disturbances.

International Moving in University Park

As your ideal professional movers, we make it easy for you to move across borders with our tailored services. Our University Park services may include everything regarding international moving ranging from packing to customs clearance depending on your needs.

University Park Storage Services

Our clean, accessible, and climate-controlled storage facilities are available to keep your belongings safe. You don't have to worry about damage or mold and mildew destroying your valuables at our storage premises.

Specialized Moving in University Park

As part of our University Park services, we also move specialty items such as fine art, pianos, tradeshow items, and antiques.  We consider the standards governing the transportation of your high-value goods so that they arrive in good shape.

Why Move to University Park, FL 

Being home to Florida International University, University Park has a lot to offer if you are looking to relocate. The following are some of the reasons you should consider moving to University Park, FL.

High-Rated Schools - If you have school-going children, University Park, FL, has numerous private and public schools to cater to all learners. Here, you will find top-rated schools such as Coral Park Elementary School, Southwest Miami Senior School, Saint Agatha School, and the famous Florida International University.

Plenty of Amenities - From dining and nightlife amenities to shopping centers and parks, University Park, FL delivers the perfect suburban feel with matching modern amenities lifestyle. There are also museums and art amenities if you enjoy taking a look at history.

Diverse Real Estate - Are you looking for a small home, condo, or townhouse? The property market in University Park is diverse enough to fit your needs, budget, and lifestyle.

Good Climate - University Park experiences a pleasant climate with numerous sunshine. It provides you the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors most of the year.

Best Time to Move in University Park, FL 

If you are planning to move, the best time to do so is when it is most convenient for you. Consider relocating during the off-peak seasons for the sake of availability of University Park Professional Movers.

So, moving between late September and early May is ideal as there is less demand for University Park movers and packers. Therefore, you are likely to pay lower moving rates.  However, if you have school-going kids, you may have to consider moving during summer. This time would be suitable as they are out of school to avoid disrupting their schedule.

Why Choose Us as Your Best Moving Company in University Park

While there are several movers in University Park, working with the best assures you of success. Here are some of the reasons you should choose us for professional moving services in University Park. 

Extra Care for Your Belongings - Sunshine Movers guarantees the safety and protection of your belongings. We do this by using appropriate packaging and employing a team of experts who handle your fragile goods with care. They also ensure that all the items arrive at their destinations free of damage.

Round-the-Clock Customer Support - Our 24/7 customer support is always available to listen to you, address your concerns, and help you complete the paperwork. You also get access to real-time reports on the progress of your relocation.

We Deliver What We Promise - As one of the most reliable movers and packers in University Park, we never go back on our word.  We have an impeccable track record as we never miss our commitments and always deliver what we promise. 

We Come Well-Equipped - If you want extra tools and equipment to dismantle, load, or offload your belongings, we have you covered.  We come adequately prepared with all the necessary tools and equipment you want to ease the relocation process.

University Park COVID19 Pandemic Movers

If you are worried about having to move during the COVID-19 pandemic, Sunshine Movers puts your fears to rest. We have put in place the highest safety measures to prevent the spread of the disease.

We do this by wearing masks, sanitizing, and maintaining social distance. We also disinfect spaces to minimize the risk of exposure. We can adequately facilitate your relocation during a pandemic without putting your health and our team at risk.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is University Park known for?

University Park, Florida, is quite a nice place surrounded by a lush, heavily vegetated campus. It has many lakes and different natural attractions that make it the best and most preferred place to move to. The town is also beautified with nature preserves that people used for small hiking and fun.

What things will movers not move in University Park?

There is a long list of belongings that professional movers and packers don't include in their service package. They probably don't pack or move car batteries, ammunition, charcoal, lamp oil, pesticides, liquid bleach, kerosene, etc. If you are moving to University Park, Florida, you can ask for a detailed checklist of items they don't include in their moving package.

How far is University Park from Sarasota?

University Park is only 18 minutes away from Sarasota, Florida. You can pick the N Washington Blvd and University Pkwy to reach your destination. So, it is beneficial if you are planning a move from Sarasota to University Park.

What do full-service University Park movers do?

Hiring a top-rated University Park moving company will always help you make your move a stress-free venture. They understand your relocation needs and customize to facilitate you with a smooth relocation. At Sunshine Movers, we comprehend the clients' needs and surpass their expectations by offering them high-quality moving services. You can connect with us to hire both residential and business relocation services with a rough estimation.

How much do movers in University Park cost?

The moving cost for University Park is approx. $800-$2200 on average. You can consult with the market-leading moving company to get a complete idea of your moving plan. If you need to move to University Park, Florida, you can count on us as your reliable companion throughout your big move. 

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