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Pool table moving process

Are you wondering how you’ll move your pool table to your new home? Pool tables are often heavy, weighing about 200 to 1000 pounds, with lots of bolts and screws. Trying to move a pool table by yourself, or even with a group of well-meaning friends, without the proper equipment, may lead to damage or injuries. The bulkiness and the tedious work of disassembling a pool table makes it even harder if you have no experience.

At Sunshine Movers, we understand that a pool table is not just decorative furniture but also a gathering place for you and your friends and family. Hiring experienced local pool table movers will ensure your pool table reaches its destination safely. Here are a few things to think about when you have to move a pool table.

Pool Table Moving Services Include

Should I hire a pool table mover near me? The short answer is yes! Relocating something so heavy and large can be difficult and risky. Professional service providers come with experienced staff, the proper tools, and heavy-duty equipment that make it easy and safe for a successful move.

All these factors play a vital role in moving furniture pool table. A pool table isn’t like any other equipment you own. It is special and needs extra care when moving it. If you decide to move it yourself, you’ll be out of luck if anything goes wrong. At Sunshine Movers, we provide several pool moving services which include

1. Storage 

When moving to a new city, you may need to store your items before settling in to your new home. Other times when renovating your home or business premises, you need warehousing. Part of our service is to provide storage for your furniture, including your pool table. Our secure, reliable, and convenient storage services ensure your pool table is kept free from damage.

2. Packing and Unpacking

While there are trucks capable of transporting large items, we recommend disassembling the pool table. Disassembling includes removing the staples, side rails, slates, felt, and legs. A pool table has many sensitive parts that need wrappers, such as bubble wrap, blankets, and any other cushioning material to prevent vibration when transporting. These parts need extra care while disassembling to avoid damage. This service also includes reassembling at your new location.

3. Loading and Unloading

The transportation phase is another critical part when moving a pool table. Sunshine Movers will load it for you, and then transport and unload it at your new location. Our team uses a special pool table dolly to load all the pieces to our truck. 

4. Local Pool Table Moving

Local pool table moving refers to services we offer to Sarasota residents. If your new dwelling or business location is still within Sarasota, you can count on us to relocate your pool table. Even if you are moving across the street, you don’t have to wreck your equipment (or your back) trying to do it by yourself.

5. Long Distance Pool Table Moving

Apart from Sarasota, we also provide services to other locations. If you intend to relocate across the county or to another state, we at Sunshine Movers have you covered. Long distances often pose a challenge, especially when it comes to packing and loading, but our experienced team has all the problem-solving skills. We are also licensed to handle long-distance moving and storage of households and businesses.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Pool Table Mover

The advantages of hiring your local pool table movers are many. First is the insurance against accidental damage. If you decide to move it by yourself and your pool table gets damaged, getting compensation will be challenging. On the other hand, professional pool table movers have insurance that covers all your valuables, including your pool table. In addition to insurance, there are other reasons to opt for professionals.

Reason to Hire Professional Pool Table Moving Companies near Me

Any mistake when moving a pool table will result in expensive repairs or replacement. There is also the chance you could get injured due to its weight. With many years of experience, Sunshine Movers has the solution for every problem throughout the process. Here are some other reasons you should opt for a professional moving company near you.

Safety. Your personal safety is of paramount importance. At Sunshine Movers, we have trained our staff in all the necessary skills to handle your pool table. Leave moving your pool table to the experts.

Affordable Prices. Several factors determine the price of moving a pool table, including the size of the table and distance to the new location. Luckily at Sunshine Movers, we provide you with an online platform for a free, accurate quote for moving your pool table. 

Storage. At Sunshine Movers, we understand that sometimes it takes time to complete the move to your new premises and you need somewhere to place some of your valuables. Storage is part of our service, and we provide warehousing when needed. 

Customer Service. Sunshine Movers is not only a moving service provider but we also relate well with our customers. In fact, we are a top-rated, 5-star service provider in Sarasota. 

Experience. Over the years, Sunshine Movers has gained extensive experience in moving pool tables. At every stage of our growth, we have continuously incorporated customer needs and preferences that have given us an edge.

Why Use Sunshine Movers for Pool Table Moving Services

Sunshine Movers are simply the best: from customer service to affordability. We offer

Best price. Among the reasons that make us the best is affordability. The quote you receive for moving your pool table is honest and accurate. We do not have hidden charges or surprise fees that will inflate your final cost.

Personal Inspection. The first step in moving a pool table is inspection. A personal inspection offers you the opportunity to inspect the condition of your pool table before moving and after delivery. 

No Upfront Payment. Any company with good customer service does not require an upfront fee. At Sunshine Movers, we first build trust with you by providing our excellent service, then receive the payment.

A pool table is among the items that many households consider unique furniture. Using a professional and experienced mover is the first step in a stress-free move. For more information about pool table moving, contact the team at Sunshine Movers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find reputable pool table movers?

You can find the best pool table movers near you easily by searching on the internet. But a simple search doesn’t ensure that the agency you selected is reliable or appropriate for your type of move.  Hiring Sunshine Movers as your professional moving partner will give you the moving services that exactly suit your moving needs.

Do moving companies move pool tables?

Many do. We at Sunshine Movers are experienced in moving antiques, pool tables, and works of art with extra care and safety. You’ll feel assured and stress free by hiring us as your moving partner.

How much does it cost to move a pool table?

If you’re planning to move a pool table to a new location, plan to budget between $400 to $900. Don’t consider this cost final, however as the final moving cost depends on different factors, including the type of play surface, model of the table, the moving area (especially if it includes stairs or elevators), and the total distance to be covered. Contact us, and we will give you an estimate based on hourly rates or weight and distance.

How much do you tip a pool table mover?

With Sunshine Movers, tipping is entirely optional However, after seeing the time and effort that goes into to a safe pool table move, most people are comfortable offering a tip of $20 to $40 per mover involved in the move, with the upper end if the pool table requires a lot of work, like maneuvering around tight corners, moving down stairs, or going upstairs.

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