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International Moving Services

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Crossing oceans and moving across the world can be quite exciting. Whether you are moving for work, or just looking to settle in a new place, stressing over everything you need to do to make your move abroad a successful one can take away this excitement. Keep the excitement and continue looking forward to this chapter of your life that lies ahead by letting us worry about moving you.

Sunshine Movers offers premier international moving service. Wherever in the world you may be moving to, we can help to ensure that yours will be a smooth and hassle-free relocation. We are driven by customer satisfaction, and with the international relocation job we take on, we strive to do our best and add to our ever-growing list of happy and satisfied clients. We have insurance cover, and our team will ensure that you take pictures and prepare written descriptions of the condition of your items for comparison when they arrive at the destination country.

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Our international moving specialists will come around for a survey or assessment of your inventory.  We will determine the best packaging materials for the safety and security of your items. Based on your inventory, your destination country, and when you would like your cargo to arrive in the destination country for pick-up, we will advise you on the best shipping options. We assign a specialist international moving expert who will be your contact person throughout the process.  On the agreed date, our movers will arrive and collect your items, and coordinate with the shippers. We also help to track your shipment until it arrives at your destination.

Types of Moves

Sunshine Movers is a full-service moving company with a diverse range of service offerings. We have been in business for years, and continue to grow our clientele and expand the services that we offer to adequately match and meet the needs of our clients.  Apart from international relocation services, we also provide the following types of moves

Local Moves

We cater to clients who are moving house or relocating their businesses within our local service areas. Trust us to deliver excellent service whether you need help to move a few blocks down the street, or to the other side of the city. Sunshine Movers is a leader in the local moving industry, with a reputation built on 100% customer satisfaction.

Long Distance Moves

While our international relocation service caters for your move abroad, our long-distance move service is for you if you are moving out across the state or across the country. We provide professional packing services and guarantee that your items will arrive in as good a condition as they are when they are packed.  We don’t do truck transfers and strive to deliver your items in good time.

Specialized Moving

We have the skills and equipment to deliver premier specialized moving, be it for a local, long-distance or international move.  Our movers pay attention to detail and are careful with packing and transporting specialty items such as antiques, furniture, pianos and other delicate music items and more. Trust us to always get your specialty items to the destination in one piece.

Employee Relocation

Relocating your employees within the city, out of state, or overseas? Sunshine Movers has you covered. We work with companies looking to relocate a single employee or group of employees. We take care of all the heavy lifting and all logistics of the relocation and leave your employees to relax and worry about being productive and doing their best at their new work station.

Government Moves

We have a specialized and unparalleled understanding of the dynamics or processes involved in government moves. We have served clients in the military, diplomats, ambassadors, and all types of government employees.  Whether you need to move temporarily or your move is for a permanent change of station (PCS) we are here to ensure that your government move runs smoothly. We also respect our client’s privacy and always adhere to the strict confidentiality requirements that are often tied to some government moves.


We guarantee the safety and security of your items while they are in our storage facilities. We have storage units in various sizes and fitted with various features to best suit what you need to store. Our storage solutions are available for both short-term and long-term storage. You can drop off the items at our storage facilities or make arrangements to have the same conveniently picked from your location.

Our Service Areas

Sunshine Movers has made a name for itself, and thanks to our loyal clientele, we continue to grow. We look forward to expanding our service offerings package as well as our service areas. Presently, our service areas are

  • Bradenton
  • Sarasota
  • Manatee
  • Lakewood Ranch
  • Fruitville 
  • Bee ridge
  • Vamo
  • Osprey
  • Longboat key
  • Bird Key
  • Lido 
  • Siesta Key
  • Myakka 
  • Venice

For our international relocation service, we will help you to move to whichever destination country. Our moving specialists understand the requirements for each country, and we are committed to ensuring that you get there.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

Elizabeth M, 5* Rating

“Our relocation from the USA to Australia was easy and stress-free. My grandparents were very happy with how these guys implemented our move. They were respectful, non-pushy, and handle every item with care. I strongly recommend Sunshine Movers to anyone planning to move out of the country.”

Michael B, 5* Rating

“I recently had to move to London for a new job on very short notice. I got in touch with Sunshine Movers, and we worked out a plan. I went ahead and left my brother to coordinate with the movers. Everything went smoothly, and I am now all settled in my new place. Thank you!”

Elodie, 5* Rating

“The very thought of all I needed to do for the move had me second-guessing my decision to move to Paris. The movers were friendly and professional, and the entire process so effortless. It went so well, and I would certainly recommend it to anyone moving out of the country.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose an international moving company?

To search for a reliable international moving company, you have to look for a few factors. 
• Look for the companies having a good reputation
• Give the process a kick start after selecting the company
• You also have to look for the experience they have in international moving 
• Ask for their customs clearance expertise
• Ask to provide at least 2 or 3 estimates

How much does an international mover cost?

The international moving costs can exceed up to  $10,000 for distant overseas moves. Further, the cost of moving to another country is based on a number of factors that need to be taken into account to make an appropriate budget for your international move. Sunshine Movers can provide you a customized budget for your international move. 

What do full-service international movers do?

Professional international movers and packers help customers with moves from art, antiques, statues to other delicate items. They also offer moving services, including land, air, sea, and air shipments. Here, you will be getting professional packers who carefully all your stuff for the move. The companies also provide comprehensive insurance and professionally handle customs forms to move your goods to your country without hassle.

What things will international Movers not move in their moving services?

During the international move, professional movers avoid moving a few items. These may include hazardous materials, flammable items, pets in your house, plants that you have grown, explosives, and different other valuable that you can’t hand over to some other person. 

What are the benefits of hiring international movers?

Here are many benefits of hiring international movers:
• Less Time-Consuming And Cost-Effective
• Deal With The Paperwork
• Secures Your Belongings
• Correct Way Of Handling Valuable Goods
• Stress-Free Moving Experience
• Machinery to lift and carry heavy objects
• Experienced And Knowledgeable Guys

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