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Average Move Times

Average local move times

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As we successfully complete hundreds of moves yearly, we have come up with average timef rames in which a move can take. There are many variables when estimating a move. For this reason we have a chart showing both “low end” and “high end” averages. These estimates are based on average moving times for average furniture and boxes to be moved from a ground level home to a ground level home. Please see notes below to help determine if your move is on the low end or high end of the estimated time frame.

1 Bedroom Home
Low end:  2 movers, 2-3 hours
High end:  2 movers, 4-5 hours

2 Bedroom Home
Low end:  2 movers, 4-5 hours
High end:  2 movers, 6-7 hours

3 Bedroom Home 1500-1800 sf
Low end:  2 movers, 6-7 hours
High end:  3 movers, 6-7 hours

3 Bedroom Home 1800-2300 sf
Low end: 3 movers, 7-8 hours
High end: 4 movers, 7-8 hours

Common variables that play a big role in move times

  • How furnished is the home? The more furniture in the home, the more items to wrap and take to the truck, which adds time.
  • Size and weight of the furniture. Heavier, bulky items take time to maneuver out of the house safely as well as loading into the truck, while lighter things zip in and out much quicker.
  • *Miscellaneous items.* Miscellaneous/unpacked items take more time than anything, as the men must hand carry these items as well as find a safe spot in the load for them. (Remember we do not offer liability coverage for unpacked items.)
  • How nice is the furniture? We take care of all items in our care; however, some higher end items or delicate items will need more time to properly wrap and handle.
  • Preparation. Preparation is the key to an efficient move. To be properly prepared for moving day, boxes must be sealed and ready to go, while all furniture is empty, clean, and ready to be wrapped and loaded. All debris is removed from around the furniture and boxes.
  • Disassembly / reassembly. Some items such as IKEA products, bunk beds, and other furniture items take much more time than other simpler bed sets.
  • Specialty items. Items such as antiques, pianos, gun safes, exercise equipment, and other items that require extra care can add time to the move and in some cases require extra manpower.

Remember, we are more than happy to help with any portion of your move. If you have miscellaneous items, we are happy to help pack them. If you have bulky furniture, we will gladly take the time to properly handle it. We mention these things because it is our goal to educate our customers so that you may better understand and prepare for your move.

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