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Local, Interstate, and International Lido Movers

If you are planning to relocate, Sunshine Movers, your Lido Key movers and packers, can help you. With us, you don't have to worry about the challenge of moving and the stress that comes with it. Sunshine Movers should be your first stop when looking for commercial or residential moving services on Lido Key. We believe in customer satisfaction, as evidenced by our 5-star reviews. To maintain our position as the #1 mover on Lido Key, we invest in state-of-the-art equipment and employee training to facilitate your move.

Whether you are moving highly fragile, heavy, or bulky items, or need to store your valuables for some time, Sunshine Movers will help you efficiently and carefully. Working with us will assure you that your items are in experienced hands and will arrive at the desired destination safely and on time. 

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Best Moving Services on Lido Key

As your reliable and trusted moving service provider, we offer a wide range of services to accommodate both households and businesses. Our comprehensive moving services allow us to meet the unique needs of all our clients. Here's a comprehensive list of our moving services on Lido Key:

Local Moving on Lido Key:

We make relocation within Lido Key a simple, safe, and fast process. Our local moving services are available for you, whether you are moving across the street or from one end of Lido Key to the other.

Long-Distance Moving on Lido Key:

Long-distance moving comes with various challenges, including appropriate packing of items and finding storage during the transition. With proper planning and extensive experience, we will efficiently move you over long distances with minimum stress.

Residential Moving on Lido Key:

Sunshine Movers’ residential moving team on Lido Key considers each valuable item in your household and develops an appropriate packing strategy for its needs. We ensure that all your items arrive at their intended destination safely.

Commercial Moving on Lido Key:

Whether you are moving a whole department or a small office, Sunshine Movers is here to help. Our commercial moving services are available for large and small businesses to help you move without interfering with your business operations.

International Moving on Lido Key:

Do you plan to move from one country to another? We offer international moving services tailored to your specific needs, including customs clearance and destination services.

Storage on Lido Key:

If you have items to store, Sunshine Movers partners with reliable storage service providers on Lido Key to keep your valuables safe. Our climate-controlled storage facilities are monitored 24/7, ensuring that your valuable items are secure and free from temperature-related damage such as rust, mold, and mildew.

Specialized Moving on Lido Key:

Our specialized moving services in Lido Key are available for items like antiques, art, tradeshow items, and even pianos. With custom packing and a trained staff, you can be confident that your valuables will arrive safely and on time.

Why You Should Move to Lido Key, FL

If you are planning to relocate your family or business, Lido Key should be on your list of options. Situated to the west of mainland Sarasota, Florida, Lido Key is one of Florida's most popular ecotourism destinations and an ideal location for both businesses and families. Some of the factors that make Lido such a popular destination include

1. Diverse Real Estate Market:

The real estate market in Lido Key is diverse to accommodate its residents' unique needs. From luxury condos to waterfront estates, there is property to suit your budget and lifestyle.

2. Beautiful Beaches and Climate:

Lido Key Beach attracts tourists due to its stunning gulf views and white sand beaches. The perfect weather all year round makes Lido Key a wonderful option for vacationers, retirees, and families who love the coastal lifestyle.

3. Ample Amenities:

St. Armbands Circle has everything you need to make your life comfortable, from high-end boutiques and fine dining establishments to art fairs and exotic car shows.

When Is the Best Time to Move to Lido Key, FL?

If you are thinking about relocating in or out of Lido Key, there are a few things to keep in mind. You have to prioritize your convenience and take into account the availability of Lido Key moving services. In our experience, the best time to move to Lido Key is between September and May. At this time, fewer people are relocating, making your fall/spring move as easy and as affordable as possible.

You should also consider moving during weekdays as opposed to weekends. When you hire movers at a time with less demand, you will enjoy lower moving rates.

Lido moving truck

Why Choose Us as Your Best Moving Company

Sunshine Movers knows Lido Key. Our experience makes us your best bet when it comes to professionalism and reliability. Here are some of the factors that distinguish Sunshine Movers from the rest.

Commitment to Safety

At Sunshine Movers, we strive to ensure that your items are safe and protected from the impact of moving. Our team of experts does this by using professional-grade packing materials and proven skills to handle valuables with the utmost care.

Excellent Customer Support

Our 24/7 customer support is always available to address your concerns and update you regarding your items in transit. We listen to you and provide you with a moving plan tailored to your specific needs.

We Always Show Up

We are true to our word and have never missed an appointment. Whether it is showing up on time or delivering your items on the agreed date, Sunshine Movers delivers what we promise.

We Use State-of-the-art Moving Equipment

When you partner with Sunshine Movers, you don't have to worry about packing, loading, or offloading anything. We are the most reliable moving company on Lido Key and come equipped with the equipment and the manpower to ensure that your relocation is smooth, fast, and successful.

Lido Key COVID-19 Pandemic Movers

Moving during a pandemic can be scary. At Sunshine Movers, we care about the health of our staff and our clients. We strictly enforce safety measures such as social distancing and wear masks during the moving process to prevent the spread of COVID-19. This way, you will relocate safely without putting your health at risk.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Lido Key a good place to move?

Lido Key is full of life and has so much to offer its residents. Lido Key’s proximity to St. Armands Circle makes it an excellent shopping destination without all the hustle and bustle associated with the traffic and the tourists. Not only is Lido Key a beautiful place, it is a lovely 10-minute drive to Sarasota and all of Sarasota’s wonderful museums, libraries, theaters, music and artistic venues, churches and synagogues, and hospitals.

How safe is Lido Key, Florida?

Lido Key, like Sarasota and its environs, is a very safe place. People walk and bike around Lido Key day and night.

How far is Lido from Sarasota?

The distance between Lido Key and Sarasota Airport is only 6 miles. With good luck and light traffic, mainland Sarasota is an easy and scenic 10-minute drive away.

What things will movers not move on Lido Key?

The list of common sense prohibited items for a move are flammables and explosives, like motor oil, paint, solvents, kerosene, cleaning supplies, bleach, acids, ammonia, fireworks, and nitric acid, as well as live plants, jewelry, cash, financial documents, etc.

What is the cost of moving to Lido Key?

The short answer is simple: It depends. Your moving cost will depend on the volume of items you are moving and the distance traveled. Call Sunshine Movers, your best Lido Key movers, for an accurate quote for your move. 

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