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Emergency Movers

Emergency Movers

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Usually, a professional move is scheduled months in advance giving you plenty of time to plan for unforeseen circumstances. But what happens in an emergency when you need to pack and move out at a moment’s notice? In a time of crisis, the stress of moving can be multiplied and even overwhelming. A house fire, flooding, hurricane, eviction, or any other type of emergency can make an immediate move seem like an impossible task. Having a company well-experienced in these types of moves can make all the difference in the world.

Knowing which moving company you can trust is a big part of the emergency moving process. Being rushed doesn’t leave you much time to research and go through the traditional vetting and moving quote process. If you are pressed for time, you can save time, energy, and stress by utilizing a company that offers full-service pack-out, moving, and storage services. Most of these types of moves are urgent and you won’t have a lot of time to worry about packing and where you will store your belongings. Sunshine Movers is an experienced emergency moving company located in Sarasota and serving much of the tri-coastal area from Tampa to Naples and beyond.

Sunshine Movers has been in the moving business since 2013. During that time, we have seen our fair share of urgent emergency moves requiring immediate assistance. Sunshine Movers has handled emergency moves during hurricanes and other natural disasters year after year. Seeing first-hand the havoc and destruction that these events can bring, we also realize that during natural emergencies, the need for urgent pack-out and moving services is a necessity, and Sunshine Movers is here to help.

Our emergency moving services include:

  • Emergency Storage (Short-term or Long-term)
  • Emergency Pack Out and Unpacking
  • Emergency Loading and Unloading

There are many reasons to hire emergency moving service, however we understand not every situation is the same. This is why it is so important you choose an emergency moving service provider that knows and understands how to handle the situation you are in. Listed below are some of the reasons clients need emergency moving services.

Hurricane damage

Hurricane damage

When hurricanes strike there are multiple reasons you may need emergency moving services. Damaged roofs can allow water to rain into your home allowing moisture to damage the items inside. Another outcome is a compromised wall or window which if the electricity is out, humidity will begin to damage the home along with the furniture inside.

Emergency water damage

Water damage

When a home is flooded, the items inside must be packed and relocated so that the home can be dried out and, in some instances, renovated. It may also be helpful to place dehumidifiers in the home to dry the items out before sending them to storage.

Fire and smoke damage

In the instance of a fire in the home, smoke and soot can stain and destroy items in the home even if they were not close to the fire itself. In some cases, items can be saved and cleaned if packed and removed from the home soon after the fire.

While we are aware that an unplanned emergency move can often be hectic and stressful, having a reliable and experienced company like Sunshine Movers assisting you through that process can make a difference. We are well-equipped to alleviate your concerns and handle your immediate moving and storage needs. Whether you need to move out of your apartment, townhome, house, or business, let our professional movers and packers assist with your emergency move from start to finish, leaving you time and energy to focus on things that are more important. We can’t promise an emergency won’t be stressful, but we can promise to treat you and your belongings like they were our own and take the stress out of the moving part of your situation.

Here are just a couple of reasons you should contact us for an emergency move.

  • We have over 10 years of emergency moving and storage experience
  • We offer full-service and partial-service moving and storage solutions
  • We are fully licensed, insured, and bonded for both residential and commercial relocation
  • We are trusted and referred by local insurance adjusters, renovation companies, and realtors

Emergency hurricane damage

Average cost for emergency moving services

Each emergency move comes with its own cost therefore you will always need to get a proper estimate and proposal for the work being done. It is also good to know that your insurance may cover the cost of the emergency move. For this reason you should speak with your insurance provider, public adjuster or restoration company to know if your insurance will cover the emergency moving services you may need. 

Whether you are moving locally or relocating anywhere in Florida or even out of State, contact Sunshine Movers today and we can get you moved out of your old home, office, or commercial business as soon as possible. Contact us at (941) 447-1719 or contact us below for a free emergency moving quote!

General areas that we currently serve for emergency moving and packing services:

Siesta Key
South Venice
Manasota Key
Rotonda West
North Port
Punta Gorda
Boca Grande
St Petersburg
Port Charlotte
Cape Coral
Fort Myers
Fort Myers Beach
Tierra Verde
St Pete Beach
Pinellas Park
Palm Harbor
Tarpon Springs
New Port Richey
North Naples
Bonita Springs

Contact us for a free in-home emergency relocation estimate.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do full-service movers do?

Trusted movers and packers make sure that all your precious and delicate items are packed and moved to the decided destination. You can trust them to move all your items with utmost safety and protection. Also, you can expect a seamless partial or full furniture disassembly/reassembly as needed to your new location.

What is considered a long-distance move?

If your move is more than 400 miles, it is considered a long-distance move. A long-distance move usually refers to the move to another country or state. For this, you will pay for the items you want to move, the overall weight of your items, and the distance you cover (in miles). It is similar to an international move except for the distance and customs clearance conditions. No matter what the distance covered, Sunshine Movers will move you efficiently and safely. Connect with us any time to plan your next move.

What won't sunshine movers move?

Professional movers and packers usually don’t move harmful items such as nitric acid, muriatic acid, and batteries. Apart from this, they also don’t include items like valuables, important documents, cash, certificates, and jewelry in their moving list. 

How much does it cost for long-distance movers?

The cost of a long-distance move depends on the distance and items to be packed and moved.  Our experienced moving consultants will be able to give you a competitive, accurate price with no hidden fees or surprise charges.

How do I avoid being scammed by a moving company?

Protecting yourself from fraudulent movers and packers is not easy, but you can reduce the chances of disappointment by following a few steps.
1. Always choose a reliable and experienced moving company.
2. Make sure the company is insured, and all the employees are trained.
3. Get references and check them properly. 4. Plan your relocation well in advance so can schedule the best company for the job.Plan your next move with Sunshine Movers: we offer moving services with proficiency and fool-proof planning.

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