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The Day Has Finally Arrived: What to Expect on Moving Day

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After months of packing and preparing for a move, the big day is here. It won’t be long before you’re in your new home and back to a normal, everyday routine. It’s our job at Sunshine Movers to make sure there are no surprises. That’s why we created this guide, so you’re prepared for how the day will unfold. We know you’re eager to transport all of your belongings in the smoothest way possible. We’re here to make your new location feel like a welcome spot to hang your hat and relax after the last few busy months.

  • The walkthrough: Sunshine Movers’ crew will arrive within the scheduled time frame. Each of our movers will greet you with a smile and introduce ourselves to you. We will ask you to guide us through your home and show us which furniture needs to be moved and which furniture will stay. We will also observe any pre-existing damage to furniture and note it. We do this for liability reasons.

  • Parking the moving truck: We want to make sure we can transport your furniture and moving boxes out of the home in the most efficient way possible. In most cases, we will wait until after the walkthrough to park the truck. This way, we know we are placing the truck in the best position possible to create a streamlined loading process. If the driveway is freshly poured, paved, or painted, please let us know as this may affect whether we park on the driveway.
  • Layers of protection: Our goal is to always keep things in the same condition we found them on the day of the move. At Sunshine Movers of Sarasota, we’re experienced experts in safeguarding your priceless belongings. Our movers will cover and protect your furniture and doorjambs, floors, banisters and other high- traffic areas of your home. Some items such as beds, desks, or other large objects will be taken apart prior to protecting them.
  • Loading the truck in tiers: We follow a proven system of efficiency, using every bit of space possible. First, we begin at the front of the truck, creating a base of solid items like dressers and nightstands. Then, we gradually work our way up, carefully stacking boxes and other square-shaped materials on top of the base. At the top level of the tier, we finish with lighter objects that can’t withstand any weight. These are usually artificial trees, chairs, and large miscellaneous objects. After we form one tier, we start over with another. This process continues until the truck is loaded. At the end, you’ll notice we add miscellaneous items that do not stack well and should not be stacked on top of, such as bicycles or yard equipment.

  • Final walkthrough: After loading the truck, Sunshine Movers will go through your home again, making sure nothing was left behind. While we’re doing this, make sure to point out anything additional you would like included in your move.
  • Time to get on the road: Once you’ve confirmed that the home is cleared of all necessary items and that the unloading address we have is correct, Sunshine Movers will be on our way to your new home. Make sure you or someone capable will be there when we arrive.
  • Walkthrough in the new home: Just like the home you moved out of, we will need your help to guide us through each room and tell us where you want your furniture and boxes to go. Like before, we will also protect doorjambs, floors and banisters.

  • Unloading the truck: Sunshine Movers will bring your belongings into the home and place them into rooms (as above, with your direction). Some furniture will be unpadded on the spot while other furniture may be left with padding on until the end. We do this to protect your belongings while they are unloaded. As items are unpadded, the pads will be brought back to the truck and folded as needed.
  • Bringing in boxes: We will transport your moving boxes to the rooms where you want them to go. Important Tip: If boxes are properly labeled, we can easily place them in their respective rooms. This is a HUGE time and sanity saver! Movers will also take boxes to any specific room of your choice. Our job is to make things as easy as possible for you!
  • Furniture assembly: Once the beds and other items that require assembly are placed in the home, members of the crew will break off to handle the assembly and final placement of each of the items. At this point your new house will start to look like your new home!
  • The final move-in walkthrough: Once the truck has been completely unloaded, we will go through your home again with you to make sure all of your items are properly placed. You are welcome to have our movers switch items from one room to another. Even if you need your furniture moved a few inches to the left, we’re happy to help.
  • Truck inspection: After we complete the walkthrough, feel free to check the inside of the truck to verify that the truck is empty and all your belongings are in your new home.
  • Payment: Congratulations! You are now moved into your new home. We will present you with your moving paperwork and it will be time stamped with your signature. At this time, we also provide the bill. We take cash, credit card or check. Want to save more? We offer a discount for clients who pay cash! Ask us for more details.

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Now that you know how moving day will progress you can see that we have this down to a proven process that works. You may rest assured knowing the step by step process in which this move will take. By hiring Sunshine Movers, you’re making a smart choice. No need to worry about your next relocation—we’ve got your back.

Don’t forget to check out our packing tips post and use our printable moving checklist.

Questions about the moving process? Check out our FAQs page.

Get started packing now—or hire us to pack for you—and we’ll see you on moving day!

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