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Small Moves Solutions

Small Moves Solutions

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Small Load Movers

Although small loads are more convenient to move, they also present some challenges. Most times, it doesn't make economic sense to transport them using conventional movers. 

As America's best moving company for small moves, Sarasota Sunshine Movers provides efficient and dependable services. No package is too small for us. You don't have to pay for an entire truck if you won't be utilizing it.


What Is A Small Load Move?

In our industry, any load under 2000lbs qualifies as a small move. For residential settings, it could consist of the items within a 1-bedroom or studio apartment. Other examples are select appliances such as pianos, safes, and student belongings to or from a dorm. No matter how many items they are, they qualify as a small move if they cumulatively weigh under a ton.

Small Moving Services

There are various reasons why we rank among Florida's most dependable moving companies for small moves. Our quotes contain detailed information about the crew, minimum cost, the route, and hours billed. 

We also update you on additional services that we offer, such as professional packing. Some unscrupulous movers fail to tell clients about extra charges for flights of stairs and parking difficulty. Sarasota Sunshine Movers will never charge any hidden fees.

We design each move carefully and integrate your thoughts into the planning process. We're happy to give you a free quote once you show us the exact items you're interested in moving. 

It doesn't have to be a physical process because we allow virtual tours. It makes sense to pick well-planned shipping, which only charges for the actual weight of your appliances. If you intend to move your small load across the country, we'll connect you with reliable long-distance movers.

Types of Small Moves

As one of Florida's premier moving companies for small moves, we offer various specialty services. They include:

  • Transportation of household goods.
  • Movement of storage unit items.
  • Settlement into your college dorm.
  • Office or shop relocations.
  • Deliveries to friends and family.
  • Transition into your first apartment.

We can make special arrangements if you're moving to a senior community. You'll also require our services if you're executing an estate settlement. Our professional movers will help distribute the various items to their assorted owners. If you opt for full-service pick-up, our crew will take care of the packing and moving as you relax during the move.

Apartment and Condo Moving Services for Small Moves

Our experience involves navigating stairs, elevators, busy parking spaces, and other apartment challenges. We've completed thousands of moves to or from 1 bedroom houses, dorm rooms, and high-rise condominiums. We have customized solutions for students, seniors, and urban professionals interested in moving some belongings to their new destination.

Specific services include bed disassembly, cloth moving pads for your furniture, and arrangement at your new home. We maintain a detailed inventory of all the items we handle. Additionally, we'll coordinate the process with the relevant property managers. 

We also provide insurance information on request. Our punctuality and attention to detail have sealed our reputation among the most dependable moving companies for small moves.

Packing Services for Small Moves

Although exciting, the moving process can also be hectic for your family. Our packing services allow you to concentrate on the fun aspects while we carefully handle your belongings. 

Apart from packing them in brand new boxes, our staff will expertly label, wrap, and stack them neatly. We have lots of experience with challenging items such as electronics, cutlery, and glass objects. You don't have to worry about the cost because we charge a flat fee per box.

Storage Services for Small Moves

Our clients consistently rank us as one of the best moving companies for small moves because of our comprehensive approach. Sometimes relocation can take longer than expected. 

Maybe you've already moved out of your current home but haven't found a suitable alternative. A parcel recipient could also need a few more weeks. Such scenarios emphasize the need for a secure storage location. This solution allows you to customize your moving needs according to a comfortable schedule.

It is suggested to wait for a few weeks for your preferred location, instead of spending money on the wrong office or apartment. We'll securely hold your items in a climate-controlled facility and offer delivery services to your new destination if requested. 

If you're moving abroad, we can organize long-term storage until you settle in your new job or home. Once ready for your belongings, we'll liaise with our global moving partners to ensure you receive them in good shape.

Why Sunshine Movers for Small Moves

Whether you're moving across the street, crossing state lines, or going overseas, Sarasota Sunshine Movers has you covered. With thousands of successful moves and years of experience, we keep growing for the following reasons:

We Put Our Customers First: Our past and current clients always speak highly of us. This loyalty is evident in the excellent reviews on BBB, BNI, and Angie's List. That's why they rank us as one of the best moving companies for small moves in America.

Get Your Quote Faster and Easier: Our free quote takes into account every aspect of your impending move. What we indicate is what you'll pay, no more.

Guaranteed Move Dates: Once we agree that our professional staff will show up on time and strictly follow the schedule.

Only Pay for the Services You Need: We never charge any hidden fees from our clients or upsell unnecessary small-scale moving services. You'll only pay for what offers the most value for your money.

We Include Full-Value Protection: Sarasota Sunshine Movers are fully licensed and insured per state and federal regulations. In addition to their skills and experience, we regularly train our staff on industry best practices. Our storage facilities offer 24/7 protection and climate regulation to ensure we preserve your items in the best possible state.

If you're looking for small load movers, please call us today to experience our state-of-the-art solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a small move?

As per packing and moving professionals, any load under or up to 2000-lbs is considered a small move. It could be as small as moving a single item or only a few boxes. Moreover, if you want to move to a one-bedroom apartment or a studio, it will be categorized as a small move. At Sunshine Movers, we are specialized in offering small moves to include household appliance relocation, pianos, antiques, furniture, safes, and other items under small moves.

How do you move a small amount of things?

If you have a few belongings to move, it would be best to hire a moving truck or van for rent. You only need to load and move your stuff wherever you want, all by yourself. Sunshine Movers are here if you think renting a truck or asking friends to help or some other medium is not your cup of tea.

How do I get started with a small move?

Firstly, you have to finalize the stuff you want to relocate under a small move. Remember, it should not be more than 2000-lbs; otherwise, it may fall under full-service moving service.  Pack it safely and load it into a rented moving truck. If it seems challenging, you can ask Sunshine Movers for quick help. We are 24/7 available to make your small moves flexible and convenient.

How much does a small move cost?

Sunshine Movers plan every move carefully and integrate your considerations into the small move planning process. We do not have hidden fees or costs as we provide all information upfront including crew size, truck and materials cost if any. Most of the small moves can cost approx $200-$500. The cost may fluctuate based on the type and number of belongings you want to move under the small moving service.

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