Climate Controlled Storage

Climate controlled storage space

Sunshine Movers: Local and Reliable Storage Options

Sometimes you need a safe place to keep your belongings while waiting between closing dates, staging your home, or even moving your business. Or maybe you’re downsizing and need somewhere to hold your items temporarily. No matter where you’re at in life, we can help with your storage needs.

We have great relationships with some of the best and cleanest storage companies and facilities in the area. Before you contact a local storage company, contact us first. Sunshine Movers will set you up with a top-notch local storage business in the area, and we will load and pack your belongings into the storage unit for you.

Why go Through Sunshine Movers for your Storage Solutions?

Because you’ll enjoy these benefits:

  • We help our clients to get the best price and service.

  • You will have access to your items while they’re in storage. Most warehouse storage companies don’t allow clients to access their items.

  • We only do business with storage companies we’ve vetted first, and worked with ourselves. They have a personal interest in keeping our customers happy.

  • Your items are stored in a climate-controlled environment. This is vital to the protection of your belongings and prevents mold, mildew growth, heat, and rust deterioration. In Florida, this is a must!

  • Our business partners educate clients on the importance of using pads and properly wrapping objects to protect them from damage when stacking them. We offer paper pads and commercial pads. Most customers choose to use the low-cost paper pads on everyday items, and commercial pads on high-value items.

  • All your belongings are stacked in a specific order and style to best shield and preserve them. Leaving this to the professionals ensures your furniture isn’t damaged from heavy boxes or being stored in the wrong way.

  • MONEY saving! With most moving and storage companies, customers pay for more space than they need because the moving company didn’t have the knowledge needed to load the storage unit efficiently. When Sunshine Movers packs the storage unit for you, we pack it tight and right, using every cubic foot available.
  • We keep our clients in the loop and help them understand how much space they need. Sunshine Movers will give a ballpark estimate over the phone or upon survey of the items in your home or business.  

Looking for a General Idea of the Unit you’ll Need?

Here are some ideas of the storage unit size you’ll need depending on the amount of belongings you own:

  • A few boxes and a few pieces of furniture = 10x5
  • 1 bedroom apartment = 10x10
  • 2 bedroom home - 10x15
  • 3 bedroom home = 10x20
  • 4+ bedroom home = 10x30+

Another great benefit to working with Sunshine Movers—if you want access to certain items, we can load them last, which means direct access when you open the storage unit door. Our job is to make things easy for you.

Have questions or need a free estimate? We’re your trusted local moving company, and it’s our top priority to secure and protect your belongings. Contact us today.

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