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Climate Controlled Storage
Climate controlled storage space

Sunshine Movers: Local and Reliable Storage Options

Climate controlled storage is a storage facility with air conditioning and temperatures maintained at specific levels. For a place as hot as Florida, climate-controlled storage is necessary to protect delicate items. If you are looking for a space to store your items in Sarasota, Sunshine Movers should be your first choice when searching for temperature-controlled storage near me.  

Sunshine Movers partners with reliable storage service providers to give you access to climate-controlled storage so you can safely store your valuables for as long as you need. By working with us, you will enjoy peace of mind because your delicate and fragile items are secure.

Sometimes you need a safe place to keep your belongings while waiting between closing dates, staging your home, or even moving your business. Or maybe you’re downsizing and need somewhere to hold your items temporarily. No matter where you are in life, we can help with your storage needs.

We have great relationships with the best storage companies in the area. Before you contact a local storage company, contact us first. Sunshine Movers will set you up with a top-notch local storage business, convenient to you, and we will load and pack your belongings into the storage unit for you.

Why Get a Climate Controlled Unit?

Sensitive items require special conditions to keep them safe and protect them from damage. Since the temperatures in climate-controlled storage units are constant, there is a minimum fluctuation of temperatures and humidity. This protects your sensitive items from temperature and humidity-related problems such as rust, mold, and mildew. Also, items such as those made from wood and plastic may crack or warp due to extreme heat when stored elsewhere.

Air-conditioned storage facilities are properly sealed to keep away dirt and dust, as well as rodents and insects that may damage your items. They also provide excellent air quality. If you have sensitive items that you want to store safely, you should consider our conditioned-storage units for your peace of mind. Since everything is indoors, your items are safe and secure, and you will find them just how you left them.

What Items Need Climate Control & How Sunshine Movers Help

Regular items that you can store in your basement or outdoor storage can survive traditional storage facilities. However, delicate items require climate-controlled storage units if they are sensitive to temperatures and humidity. Below are items that need climate-controlled storage units.

  • Metal, Wood, and Plastics. Items made of metal, wood, and plastics are highly sensitive to temperature changes. When the temperature rises, they melt or warp due to excess heat. Wood items can also expand with heat, then shrink and crack when temperatures drop.
  • Clothing and Fabrics. Fabric, fur, and clothing can lose their color when exposed to high temperatures over time. When stored in high humidity areas, mold and mildew can start growing on them, accelerating wear and tear. Fur items will not last long in Florida’s deadly combination of heat and humidity, so furs and leathers will benefit from being in a climate-controlled environment.
  • Sentimental Items. Antiques, pictures, photos, and even wine are vulnerable to temperature changes as heat causes loss of value, luster, and quality. A climate-controlled environment is ideal for sentimental items of irreplaceable value.

Other items that require air-conditioned storage include electronics, musical instruments, magnetic media, record albums, and cameras. Sunshine Movers gives you access to safe, secure, and well-maintained climate-controlled units to store your items and protect them from damage.

Climate Control Checklist You Need to Follow 

When looking for storage for your items, a climate-control checklist will help you establish if you need climate-controlled storage units. Below is a checklist you should follow to help you make an informed decision.

  • Do your items have sentimental value; in other words, can you replace them?
  • Do the temperatures in your location drop below 32F or rise above 90F?
  • Is there high humidity?
  • Do you need long-term storage?

If you answered yes to even one item in the above checklist, then you need to find climate-controlled storage services. Sunshine Movers is your ideal partner when it comes to reliable air-conditioned storage in Sarasota. We have a variety of climate-controlled storage containers to fit items of all sizes.

Storage Tips

Proper storage will keep your valuables safe throughout the storage period. Below are a few storage tips to safeguard the quality and value of your items.

  • Allow Room for Air Movement: Air circulation ensures that your storage unit has good air quality and prevents mildew and mold. Always ensure you leave spaces between your storage boxes to promote air movement.
  • Utilize Silica Packets: Silica packets help absorb moisture. When storing your valuables, invest in silica packets to protect your valuables from moisture damage.
  • Elevate Items off the floor: Rodents and ants can easily make a home beneath your valuables and damage your items if you place them directly on the floor. What's more, the boxes can absorb moisture from the floor and put your valuables at risk. Be sure to elevate your items by placing wood pallets on the ground and stacking your boxes and other items on top of the pallets.
  • Pack like a Preservationist: When packing your items, consider preserving them to ensure they come out looking brand new. Consider treating leather and minimizing exposure to UV light as light accelerates deterioration.

Why Partner with Sunshine Movers for your Storage Solutions?

Because you’ll enjoy these benefits:

  • We help our clients to get the best price and service.
  • You will have access to your items while they’re in storage. 
  • We only do business with reputable storage companies we’ve vetted first and worked with ourselves. These businesses have a personal interest in keeping our customers happy.

  • Your items are stored in a climate-controlled environment. This is vital for the protection of your belongings and prevents mold, mildew growth, heat, and rust deterioration. In Florida, this is a must!

  • Our business partners educate clients on the importance of using pads and properly wrapping objects to protect them from damage when stacking them. We offer paper pads and commercial pads. Most customers choose to use the low-cost paper pads on everyday items, and commercial pads on high-value items.

  • All your belongings are stacked in a specific order and style to best shield and preserve them. Leaving this to the professionals ensures your furniture isn’t damaged from heavy boxes or being stored in the wrong way.

  • MONEY saving! With most moving and storage companies, customers pay for more space than they can use because the moving company didn’t have the knowledge needed to load the storage unit efficiently. When Sunshine Movers packs the storage unit for you, we pack it tight and right, using every cubic foot available.
  • We keep our clients in the loop and help them understand how much space they need. Sunshine Movers will give a ballpark estimate over the phone or upon survey of the items in your home or business.  

Looking for a General Idea of the Unit you’ll Need?

Here are some ideas of the storage unit size you’ll need depending on the amount of belongings you own:

  • A few boxes and a few pieces of furniture = 10x5
  • 1-bedroom apartment = 10x10
  • 2-bedroom home = 10x15
  • 3-bedroom home = 10x20
  • 4- bedroom home = 10x30+

Another great benefit of working with Sunshine Movers: if you want access to certain items, we can load them last, which means direct access when you open the storage unit door. Our job is to make things easy for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is climate-controlled storage?

Climate-controlled storage usually refers to temperature-controlled storage units designed to maintain humidity levels and steady temperatures in stored items. These units control the temperature and keep the moisture away so that your items stay safe and protected while stored on premises.

How much does it cost to build climate-controlled storage with sunshine movers?

Steel-built frames and partitions are required to build a climate-controlled unit that costs approximately $10 to $13 per square foot. The building process also includes siding, roofing, partitions, insulation, and doors. If you want turnkey climate-controlled development, it may cost up to $35 to $45 per square foot. You can contact Sunshine Movers to get quality-assured and robust climate-controlled units.

How does climate-controlled storage work?

Climate controlled units are equipped with air conditioning, ventilation, and heating. The unit is also built with an excellent amount of insulation for added temperature. You can use these units to store hot or cold items to keep them safe and protected for a long time. If you are looking for a reliable climate-controlled storage service provider, Sunshine Movers is your ideal option.

What home items need storage in climate-controlled units?

Climate controlled storage is the best way to protect furniture and other delicate items from extreme heat, pests, humidity, and harsh temperatures. If you have furniture made of metal, wicker, wood, or leather and plan a move, you should plan to use climate-controlled storage services. In addition, expensive artwork, media items, electronics, antiques, papers and photos, furs and textiles, and other fragile items will be stored safely in these well-maintained units. Sunshine Movers is your best partner if you are looking for an affordable moving agency offering temperature-controlled storage services.

What are the benefits of a climate-controlled storage unit?

Climate-controlled storage is always beneficial. The unit's building is made up of well-insulated metals that are best for greater protection for items from outside harsh environments. When you opt for these services from reliable climate-controlled storage service providers, your items will be protected from the weather, dirt, rodents, and insects.

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