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Best College Movers

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Moving to college is an exciting time for any young adult. However, the transition can be overwhelming, which is why you need professional movers to facilitate your relocation. At Sunshine Movers, we provide full-service moving support for college students. 

Do you need short-term storage for the holiday period, or are you preparing to move into your first apartment? Our college movers will provide outstanding moving services that will enrich your college experience.

Dorm Room Movers

Our professional college movers are seasoned in moving everything you need for a successful school year. We will carefully pack your books, computers, musical instruments, sports equipment, furniture, artwork, and other school projects and unload them at the destination.

Dorm rooms are not the easiest places to maneuver because of crowded spaces, narrow stairs, and tight corners. You also need movers who know the rules in student living facilities to meet the tight guidelines for moving in and out of residence halls. At Sunshine Movers, we understand how tasking it is to study for finals, work part-time, and attend classes. We will handle all the moving logistics so that you can focus on the most important things.

Student Moving & Storage Services

Sunshine Movers is a full-service moving company committed to giving parents and students peace of mind. We will pack, transport, and unpack all your belongings to on- or off-campus housing. We are your one-stop solution for your relocation needs, including supplying packing supplies.

Our affordable storage services are ideal for students leaving campus for holidays or internships. We will also store your furniture and other belongings after you graduate so that you focus on getting a new apartment and job. Our student moving services include:

  • Free Moving Quote Process

Every college move is different, and we will assess your unique needs to customize a relocation plan. Simply call us or finalize the form to get a free, no-obligation quote.

  • Moving Supplies

Sunshine Movers has everything you need to pack and move your possessions. Our high-quality boxes will protect your items during the move or long-term storage. We also stock packing tape, markers, bubble wrap, packing paper, and moving pads to cushion your furniture from damage. Our dorm movers will help you identify what you need for your move to avoid spending money on supplies that you don't require.

  • Affordable Hourly Moving Rates

When looking for college movers near you, affordability will likely be your topmost concern. We will customize your relocation package to save you time and money and have you settled in your new dorm room or apartment in no time. You can count on our affordable hourly moving rates to work with your tight budget.

  • Variety of Services

When moving on a busy student schedule, you need a college moving company to fulfill all your moving needs. Sunshine Movers is the best moving partner to assess your relocation needs, declutter, pack, transport your items, and disassemble your furniture.

  • Licensed and Insured Professionals

Your college possessions mean a lot to you, and you should only entrust them to certified and insured professionals. The primary advantage of hiring reliable college movers is that your items will be protected from damage.

Moving Services for Busy College Students

Today’s college students are busier than ever. From attending classes, maintaining a social life, working part-time jobs to planning for the future, student life can get overwhelming. 

When you add moving frustrations to the mix, things can get even more complicated. However, all you need are professional student movers to do all the heavy lifting and leave you to focus on your studies. Our services include:

  • Dorm Room Move-in and Setup

Our college movers will move your possessions into your dorm room and set up your new home. Campus moves can be complex when there are narrow stairs and entryways, which is why you need seasoned student movers. Once we get your items into your dorm room, we will unpack and assemble your furniture and move it around until you are at ease with the layout.

  • Dorm Move Out

If you are preparing to move out of your dorm room at the end of the semester, our high-quality packing supplies and experienced college student movers will be at your service. We will clear out your space and transport your items home or to storage.

  • Off-Campus Housing and Apartment Moves

Sophomores looking for roomier residences will need student movers near them for a smooth transition to off-campus housing. If you are not required to live in dorm rooms, you can call us for an affordable quote for apartment moves.

  • Loading and Unloading Services

We offer moving labor services for students who need help moving boxes out of their dorm rooms or apartments and into trucks or vans. Our college movers will help you pack and disassemble your furniture to ensure everything fits into the moving truck.

  • College Students Auto Shipping

We maintain a network of auto transporters to help college students find an affordable car shipping service. You don't have to get frustrated when moving your car to and from college every year.

  • Summer Storage for Campus Students

The best room-to-room movers will also have storage options for the summer. Our storage units are secure and staffed, and your things will be waiting for you in pristine condition once you resume school.

Should I Hire a Student Moving Company?

For many first-years, moving to campus is the first time they will be away from home. This transition can be overwhelming, but hiring professional college movers will make a move less stressful. There are often strict schedules involved in college moves, which is more reason to contract seasoned movers.

What’s more, the residence will be filled with students and parents trying to get to their dorm rooms. We have experience navigating crowded elevators and stairs, and you will be in your room in no time. College students who live off-campus will also benefit from efficient and affordable moving services.

Choose Sunshine Movers as the Best College Movers

College students have unique moving needs, and they require an attentive and responsive moving company. Students in Sarasota and surrounding areas have trusted Sunshine Movers for years to help them settle into dorm rooms and off-campus housing. We will set up your room for you, organize storage during summer, provide loading and unloading services, and anything else you need to settle into campus life. Contact Sunshine Movers today for a free moving estimate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to hire college movers?

If you have planned to handle the packing and moving by yourself but don’t know where to start, hiring professional self-packing movers is always a good choice. We are the best dorm room movers across the country, and make sure you get the best in class services for your relocation. Connecting with us makes you relaxed in every way, from packing, loading to moving stuff to your given address.

Are dorm room movers legit?

Sunshine Movers are legit moves and claim to offer insured college moving services. Our services are specifically designed to ease the life of students by helping them pack and move their stuff to different locations. Connect with our professional dorm room movers now to make your move far easier and successful.

How to find trusted college movers near me?

If you are looking for reliable and first-class college movers to accomplish your relocation needs, you can count on Sunshine Movers. We are one of the leading packing and moving companies catering to different dorm rooms and other instant moving requirements. You can contact us and get quick help with your relocation plan.

How much does it cost to move into a dorm?

According to our experience, it costs around $1200 to move from college to a dorm. If you have a lot of stuff to pack and move, the charges may apply based on the number of belongings and their overall weight. Sunshine Movers are trained enough to take care of your moving requirements and stand with you until your belongings reach the destination safely. You can rely on us to get your next dorm room moving services.

How long do College Movers take?

It entirely depends on the location you want to relocate to. If it’s nearby, professionals movers will pack and move your stuff within a few hours. But if the relocation plan is for another state, this area needs proper planning and may take a few days to get it done. Connecting with trusted college movers can give you an exact idea of everything from cost to duration required till the final move.

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