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A piano is an expensive investment for people who want to learn to play or have it as a piece of furniture to extend the beauty of their home. Due to their weight and complex structure, moving a piano yourself is quite risky. Any damage to the interior or exterior of the piano can reduce its value tremendously.

Irrespective of the role of the piano in your family, it must be moved with utmost care and safety. Therefore, with Sarasota Sunshine Movers, you can ensure that your piano is in safe hands during transportation.

Different types of piano movers in Bradenton, Florida

When it comes to moving your piano from one location to the new location within Bradenton, Florida, it needs to be done carefully. Due to the different types of pianos, the moving method for each type of piano is different and needs to be understood thoroughly before the move happens. Here is a useful guide in ensuring that each type of piano is moved carefully:

  1. Moving a grand piano
    The weight of a grand piano can range from 500 to 1200 pounds, making it quite heavy and difficult to move. Also, due to no base and horizontal soundboard on the grand piano, its massive size and oddly distributed weight make it necessary for movers to handle it with the proper equipment and extreme care.
  2. Moving an upright piano
    An upright piano has a narrow and evenly distributed weight, making it easy for moving professionals to move it without the need for disassembly. The tricky part is when the piano moves from a higher level to a lower level as it may require hoisting or other specialty equipment. It should also be ensured that door frames and walls are not bumped into.
  3. Moving an electric piano
    Electric pianos are also known as electronic keyboards, which come with a stand on which they are placed. Due to their similarity in shape with an upright piano, it can be easily moved. First, however, it is necessary to make sure that they are wrapped properly to maintain their exterior finish.
  4. The experienced movers at Sarasota Sunshine Movers have been moving homes and precious cargo from the old location to the new location for a long time. Their experience as professional piano movers means that your piano will always be transported and delivered safely to you at the new location.

Advantages of hiring piano movers in Bradenton, Florida

There are several piano movers in Bradenton, Florida, who can address your needs of moving a piano from the old location to the new. The benefits of hiring piano movers in the city of Bradenton, Florida, have been mentioned as below:

  1. Size
    Several pianos have an awkward size, shape, and weight. But, of course, most pianos are high in value and must be handled a particular way. Due to this reason, moving a piano by yourself can be quite risky. However, experienced piano movers in Bradenton can ensure that your piano is moved without damage to the instrument or to the home you are moving from and to the new home you are moving into.
  2. Special care
    Moving the piano from the upper floor to the lower floor should be transported carefully to avoid damage. Here is where the work of professional piano movers comes into focus as they can maneuver through difficult areas inside the home like staircases or hallways as well as utilize professional moving equipment as needed.
  3. Equipment used
    As moving pianos is mostly a professional piano movers job, they have specialized equipment and techniques to ensure that the moving is done extremely professionally. In addition, equipment like skids or piano boards helps in the easy transport of the piano from one place to another. The benefit of having skids or piano boards is that the weight of the piano is distributed evenly and safely.
  4. Functioning and sentimental value
    Pianos are expensive and considered very sentimental for some people as they can be a family heirloom. Therefore taking utmost care while moving the piano is very important to reduce damage. Furthermore, as professionals can understand the structure and function, it will be easier for the moving company and the professionals moving the piano.

    Apart from the above, having experienced movers over to move your piano makes sure that the piano can be disassembled easily. In addition, due to multiple layers of packing, the piano will be protected from any sudden weather changes. Finally, there will be no injuries to family or friends helping you move the piano.

    Sarasota Sunshine Movers are considered the best piano movers in Bradenton due to their long years of service and experience in moving pianos from a current location to a new location. While ensuring that the piano is carefully transported, keeping all necessary safety measures in mind.

Reasons to hire piano movers in Bradenton, Florida

If you are moving into or moving out of Bradenton, Florida, and have a piano that has sentimental value, you must hire professional piano movers. Due to the hiring of professional piano movers, it will be helpful for you to have an easier moving process. The following reasons are also helpful for you to understand the need for piano movers in Bradenton:

  • Storage
    Piano movers in Bradenton, Florida, are experts in moving the piano from one place to another and providing storage services to store the piano for some time. Storing your piano for some time may be necessary if your new home does not have room for the piano to be placed by the Bradenton piano movers.
  • Customer Service
    Some piano movers in Bradenton, Florida, limit their services to moving the piano while some companies offer services such as fine-tuning the piano so that it can be played at any time or during family gatherings. Some piano movers can also help in repairs if there are any minor damages to the piano's inner workings or any outer damages that might have happened during the move.
  • Affordable price points
    Hiring professional piano movers in Bradenton, Florida, is crucial as the piano must be moved to your new location. The cost will be priced according to the size, weight, and type of the piano that will be moved. With the affordable price points for moving your piano from one point to the other, it will be easy to set aside enough budget for the rest of the moving process.
  • Safety
    Piano movers are not only able to move your piano safely but also make sure that they can take adequate safety measures to reduce suffering injuries to themselves or the home that they are working in. As a piano is expensive and can be a family heirloom, the piano must be covered and transported with the help of a skid or a piano board that can make it easy to load and unload properly.
  • Experience
    Any professional piano moving company must have ample experience moving an oddly shaped, heavy instrument like a piano. If they have enough experience, they will easily plan out the best and safest route for the piano to be moved from its place onto the loading vehicle for transportation.

Reasons to hire Sarasota Sunshine Movers in Bradenton for piano moving services

Although there are several professional piano movers in Bradenton, Florida, the best services are provided by Sarasota Sunshine Movers. The reasons why you should hire Sarasota Sunshine Movers for all your piano moving needs are as follows:

  1. Affordable cost
    Moving professionals at Sarasota Sunshine Movers can provide their customers with good quality piano moving services that are not too expensive yet can provide you with the assurance that your piano will be transported safely to the destination.
  2. No advance payment
    There is no need for advance payment when booking your piano for the moving process with Sarasota Sunshine Movers. There is however a deposit taken at time of booking to reserve your moving date on our busy schedule. The deposit is applied to your move and will be deducted from the cost of the move.
  3. In-person inspections
    At Sarasota Sunshine Movers, each of your possessions are treated in the best way possible. Therefore, the professional piano movers at Sarasota Sunshine Movers always thoroughly inspect before and after the piano has reached its destination.
  4. Doorstep transport
    All the professional piano movers at Sarasota Sunshine Movers have enough experience in moving pianos and provide door-to-door service for their customers. Hence, as a customer, you can ensure that your piano will be packed and picked up from your old residence and delivered to your new residence.

    Therefore, professional piano movers from Sarasota Sunshine Movers in the city of Bradenton, Florida, are the best suited for all your piano moving needs. Their impeccable service and attention to detail, and safety will assure you that your family piano is in good hands.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you move a piano properly?

Depending on the type of piano you have, you will need to disassemble removable parts of the piano and pack pedals with a blanket and tape to eliminate any chance of damage. After hoisting the piano onto the piano board, the piano will be  transferred to the truck. After you have reached the destination, get the piano out of the moving truck and then place it in the designated area in the home, assemble it and make sure that there is no damage to the body of the piano during transportation.

Do you need special movers to move a piano?

Special movers are necessary when moving a piano as the piano is a delicate musical instrument that needs to be wrapped and handled methodically without damage.

How do you move an upright piano with a pick-up truck?

Upright pianos should be moved on to a pick-up truck very carefully as the front two legs on the piano are not that strong. With the help of a hoist, you can manage to load it onto the pick-up truck to transport it to the new location.

Can I move a piano myself?

If you want to move your piano by yourself, you need to ensure that you can disassemble and load the piano onto the moving vehicle. Since a piano is heavy and shaped awkwardly, special care needs to be taken so that neither you nor the piano suffers injuries or damage.

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