What to Expect When You Move to Riverview, Florida

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December 6, 2021

The first recorded resident of Riverview in Florida was Benjamin Moody, accompanied by his six children in 1842. They settled on the Southern side of the Alafia River and built a small log church in 1846 for himself, their kids, and neighbors. Later in 1866, L.G. Lesley created a new church connected to the previously built church by a steel and concrete bridge. 

But if you would ask us where is Riverview, Florida, we would direct you to about 12.5 miles to the southeast direction towards Tampa and about 9 miles south of Brandon. With 48 miles of square miles of space, there is a lot of room for growth in the city of Riverview.

Population and Demographics in Riverview, Florida

Riverview, located in Hillsborough County, Florida, is home to about 90,000 people. The highest demographic percentage is the white people at around 67.53%, followed by African-American people at 17.95%. Other races make up 6.22% of the population, mixed-race 5.08%, Asian demographic is made up of 2.94%.

When divided according to gender, the population has 52.6% of males and 47.4% of females. The average age of a resident in Riverview, Florida, is 37.8 years, with the average male age being 35.2 years and the average female age being 36.6 years. Therefore, the age dependency ratio is 57.1 years in general, 16.1 for the old-age dependency ratio, and the child dependency ratio is 41. If you have decided on moving to Riverview, Florida, the information about the population and demographics should be helpful.

Best Localities to Move in Riverview, Florida

Riverview, Florida, has about 50 square miles that provide many options and plenty of space on where you would like to live. Some of the best Riverview Florida neighborhoods are considered to be Ashley Oaks and Boyette Springs. Both of the communities are located on the southeast side of Riverview. Another good place to live here is the neighborhood of Lake St. Charles, built around a large water body. 

However, if you wish to live closer to the city of Brandon, Bloomingdale Hills would be a good choice as it is on the border of both Riverview and Brandon. So deciding the best suitable Riverview Florida neighborhoods for you and your family is a good idea before moving to Riverview, Florida.

Cost of Living in Riverview, Florida

If you are planning on moving to Riverview, Florida, it is a good idea to understand the living costs for the city. The average price of homes in Riverview, Florida, is around $278,251, and the average rent cost for homes in Riverview is about $900 per month. The main reason for the sudden boost in the city’s growth can be attributed to the large variety of choices for homes. However, due to a 4.5%  increase in the last year and a projected increase of about 2.2% in the next year, the chances are that housing prices will increase further. 

In addition, the utility price is approximately 16% more than the US average. However, the transportation and gas prices are about 6% more than the national average.

Food and grocery prices are around the same price as the national average for the USA. In addition, healthcare prices are about 2% less than the national average for the US. So these might be some factors you will need to consider when you are moving to Riverview, Florida.

Weather Forecast for Riverview Florida 

Riverview Tampa, Florida, is located about 5 miles into the Hillsborough Bay area. So the weather usually has the same advantages as that of the cities situated on the Gulf Coast. The summer season lasts for five months, i.e., May to October, and sees an average high temperature of about 87 degrees Fahrenheit. Also, the hottest month in the city of Riverview is in July, with an average high of 91 degrees Fahrenheit and a low of about 75 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Winters in Riverview last for 2.6 months, i.e., December to February, with an average daily temperature of 76 degrees Fahrenheit. The coldest month in Riverview is January, with a low temperature of 52 degrees Fahrenheit and a high of 72 degrees Fahrenheit.

Things to Do in Riverview, Florida

Riverview in Florida has many fun things that you can do by yourself or with friends, family, or colleagues. The following are the best places you can visit for some fun and relaxation:

  1. Alafia Scrub Nature Preserve is an 80-acre park with hiking trails, picnic tables, and many open spaces with easy access to the Alafia River, known as the “River of Fire.” 
  1. Xscape Theatres Riverview has multiple screens that play both new and old movies, which you can watch at your convenience. 
  1. Ciccio Cali Brandon provides a wide selection of delicious pizzas, burgers, and unique Cali Bowls that makes your night out even more fun.
  1. Acropolis Greek Taverna has a yummy collection of Greek delicacies like gyros, moussaka, and much more that you can enjoy with a traditional Greek ambiance.
  1. International Independent Showmen’s Museum has exhibits of the daily lives of carnival workers with a variety of photos, artifacts, and memorabilia.  You can also view the first sample of a working Ferris Wheel. 
  1. The Alley at Southshore has child-friendly bowling lanes, a laser maze, a billiards area, and an arcade. In addition, you can get lessons or enjoy delicious food at The Alley at Southshore.

Other than the mentioned places and dining locations, you can explore the entire city of Riverview for more fun and exciting areas.

Job Opportunities in Riverview, Florida

Many jobs in Riverview, Florida, are found chiefly around retail stores and food chain options. However, with an average income of $68,442, a few well-paid jobs can be found in reputed organizations like BlueGrace Logistics or the local school districts or at the St. Joseph’s Hospital  - South for medical experts. Also, residents usually travel to the nearby cities of Brandon or Tampa for work and employment.

Around 7.2% of the residents are employed in the educational field, and 6.5% are in construction. Nearly 6.3% of the residents work in finance, insurance, and the accommodation and food services sector. Approximately 6.2% of the residents work in the professional, scientific, technical services industry, 5.7% of the residents are employed in the health care industry, and 5% of the city’s residents work in the Administrative & support & waste management services industry.

The most common occupations and the percentage of residents working in each discipline are as follows:

  1. Driver/sales workers and truck drivers (2.9%)
  2. Retail sales workers, except cashiers (4.1%)
  3. Building and grounds cleaning and maintenance (3.4%)
  4. Secretaries and administrative assistants (3.5%)
  5. Other office and administrative support staff and supervisors (4.9%)
  6. Other management occupations, except farmers and farm managers (6.0%)
  7. Other sales and related fields, including supervisors (6.0%)

Guide for Real Estate, Shopping, Healthcare & Schools in Riverview, Florida

Here is a helpful guide for all the critical areas for real estate, shopping, healthcare, and schools in the city of Riverview, Florida:

Schools in Riverview, Florida

As Riverview is located within the Hillsborough County Public School District provides local students with high-quality education programs on various campuses. Some of the best schools in Riverview, Florida are:

  1. Stowers Elementary
  2. Bell Creek Junior Academy
  3. Spoto High
  4. Riverview High
  5. Valrico Lake Advantage Academy

Hospitals in Riverview, Florida

Here is a list of the best hospitals in and around the city of Riverview, Florida, that are equipped to provide good quality healthcare for patients:

  1. AdventHealth Carrollwood
  2. St. Joseph’s Women’s Hospital
  3. South Bay Hospital
  4. Brandon Regional Hospital
  5. South Florida Baptist Hospital

Supermarkets in Riverview, Florida

Get your shopping and daily grocery needs completed at the best supermarkets located in and around Riverview, Florida:

  1. Riverview Fresh Market
  2. Save-A-Lot
  3. Dollar General
  4. Albertsons
  5. Aldi and many more

Golf Communities in Riverview, Florida

Here are some of the best golf-based communities where you can get a few pars on the course or putt around to improve your skills:

  1. Riverside Club Golf & Marina Community
  2. Caloosa Greens Executive Golf Course
  3. Bay Palms Golf Complex
  4. Palma Ceia Golf & Country Club

Corporate & Business Parks in Riverview, Florida

  1. Interstate Business Park
  2. Madison Business Park Llp
  3. Tri-County Business Park

Town Centers in Riverview, Florida

  1. Winthrop Town Centre
  2. Bloomingdale Towne Centre
  3. Goolsby Pointe Shopping Centre
  4. Rivercrest Commons Shopping Center

Helpful tips for moving to Riverview, Florida

Moving to Riverview, Florida, in Hillsborough County, Florida, should be helpful with these tips:

  1. The weather in the city is usually warm for most of the year
  2.  Metropolitan areas in Riverview are pretty attractive
  3.  A prosperous economy provides multiple job opportunities
  4. The beach is easily accessible all through the day

Sarasota Sunshine Mover makes your move to Riverview easy

With all the information about Riverview mentioned previously, you must be ready to move here. So here are a few ways Sarasota Sunshine Movers can help you in moving to Riverview quickly:

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  2. Round the clock customer service
  3. Committed to high quality and the right equipment for packing and moving.
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