Ultimate Moving Hacks for a Short Distance Move

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September 22, 2022

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The moving process is notorious for being overwhelming and stressful. While it is recommended to start packing and organizing months before your move, you may find it hard to make time from a busy schedule. In other instances, you can procrastinate until it is a few days before moving day. The moving hacks, local move below, are perfect for anyone who wants an easier way to pack, sort, and carry their items.

1. Draft a To-do List

It is easy to feel paralyzed if you don't know where to start with the moving process. To make things easier, make a checklist of all tasks and start ticking them off.

You can start by deciding if you will rent a truck or hire a moving company. If you are renting a truck, you can identify the parking areas you will use during your move. If you decide to hire a moving firm, get a quote from several firms near you. Your checklist can include:

  • Cancel all utilities
  • Forward mail via UPS
  • Change addresses for banking, insurance, and other essential businesses
  • Reserve a storage unit
  • Order moving supplies
  • Get a baby or pet sitter on moving day

2. Leave Clothes on the Hanger

When moving short distances, it may not be necessary to remove clothes from their hangers. However, you should be extra careful to avoid ending up with wrinkled clothes.

To start, divide your clothes between high-end and less-expensive clothes. Purchase wardrobe boxes, which are designed to be portable closets. The boxes feature an inbuilt metal hanger bar and are about three feet long and two feet wide. Additionally, the boxes are corrugated to keep your clothes protected during the move.

Trash bags will come in handy when packing your less-expensive clothes. The bags are low-cost, and they can hold a lot of clothes. You can also use garment bags to move hanging clothes, which double as protective sheets.

3. Decide What You Don't Need

Moving is the perfect opportunity for downsizing. The more possessions you have, the more moving costs you will incur, and removing junk will save you money. Identify all the items collecting dust in your garage and basement that can be sold in a garage sale. Online sites like eBay are also ideal for selling things you don't need. You can also donate furniture, electronics, and other gently-used items.

4. Start Packing

Packing is time-consuming and frustrating, and you may find yourself procrastinating until it is several days to the moving day. The best thing to do is to begin packing asap to avoid underestimating the number of your items.

Start by asking local stores for sturdy boxes that you can use. Next, place your items in the boxes without worrying about sorting. The goal is to pack your possessions securely, and you can deal with organizing once you are settled in your new residence. You can wrap glasses and other fragile items in clothing and towels to prevent breakage.

5. Measure Your New Home

A short distance move is convenient because you can visit your new space more often. Therefore, you can determine if your new space is bigger or smaller than your current place. Measure the home's windows to help you buy window accessories like curtains and doors to ensure that your items will fit.

The last thing you need is to reach your new home on moving day and find out that your furniture is too big. If the new place is smaller, you can sell some items online or on garage sales.

6. Pack an Essentials Bag

Moving is chaotic, which is why you should have a duffel or gym bag packed with essential items. You can load your wallet, keys, medication, laptop, and phone. It is advisable to include important documents like your passport, birth certificates, registrations, lease, and social security cards. In addition, pack the contract you have with the moving company.

The essentials bag should also include basic toiletries to avoid rummaging through boxes to find your toothbrush after a long moving day. Include a small tools kit with basic equipment like screwdrivers and measuring tape should you need to repair anything.

7. Leave Some Jobs to the Movers

One of the primary advantages of hiring talented movers is the help you will get on moving day. For example, you can let them wrap up your furniture or pack your clothes into wardrobe boxes. While the extra services will cost you a little more, you will enjoy a less-stressful moving experience. When choosing movers, ask if they can customize a moving plan that includes packing supplies and packing services.

8. Don't Underestimate Short-Distance Moves

Local moving can be as stressful as long-distance moves. Therefore, you should give yourself ample time to pack, sort, and organize your possessions.

The easiest way to relocate for a short distance is to hire reliable professionals to simplify the process. These experts will take care of your vases, glassware, fine china, artwork, and any other fragile items you have. Local movers will also know your new neighborhood's traffic and weather patterns, and they will help you settle in without any problems.

9. Ask for Help

Moving can be overwhelming, and you can ask your family and friends to help where they can. Let them know about your relocation plans and the areas where you need help. They can provide moving boxes, help you organize garage sales, and look after your kids during moving day. You can also get child and pet care when moving to have one less thing to worry about.

10. Have a Plan for Food

You will need to be energized for moving day, and you can pack water and snacks to keep the moving team hydrated and energetic. Once you get to your new home, you will likely be too tired to cook. Therefore, you should make plans to order takeout or carry cooked food early in advance.

In Conclusion

Many people wrongly assume that short-distance moves are easier. However, moving is complicated, no matter how close or far you are relocating. These moving hacks, the local move will simplify the packing and sorting process, so you can look forward to settling in your new residence.

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