The Best of Bradenton, FL: Top 10 Things You Need to Know in 2022

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June 20, 2022

Whatever your reason for visiting Bradenton is, it is a great city. There are amazing water views and a laid-back vibe by the locals; hence, the name 'Friendly City.' So, if you are looking for a city in Florida, with plenty of sunshine, beautiful beaches, and awesome museums you should put Bradenton at the top of your list.

The nice weather and scenic views make Bradenton a top preference for retired people, who comprise a considerable proportion of the population. The city traces back to the 1840s, although it became a tourist destination during the 20s. Since then, the town expanded, grew, and flourished. Currently, tourism is a significant part of the town. Let’s check out all the things to do in Bradenton!

Is Living in Bradenton Expensive?

Before we dive deep into the things to do in Bradenton, first, let’s discuss whether it is expensive to live here? No, it isn't. On the contrary, it is an affordable place to live. The cost of living in Bradenton is lower compared to the national average. Although the cost of living in any town is relative to your salary, career, and the real estate market, Bradenton is an affordable place to live.

The utility prices are lower compared to the national average. In addition, you can get healthcare services at a lower price than the national average. Bradenton's childcare costs are also below the national average price, making it a great place to live.

10 Things to Do in Bradenton

With so many things to do in Bradenton, planning what activities to do and where to visit can be overwhelming. There are many fun things to do in Bradenton, and never a dull moment. Besides the perfect weather, there are overflowing outdoor activities and cultural marvels you can engage in. Here are ten things to do in Bradenton, Fl.

1. Busch Gardens Tampa

Busch Gardens in Tampa should be your first destination if you would like a fun-filled day for you and your young ones. They offer thrilling rides for people of all ages on advanced roller coasters. There are also entertaining shows for adults and kids.

Young kids will enjoy the kid-sized rides and Sesame street friends. The gardens are also home to exotic African animals like orangutans, cheetahs, giraffes, kangaroos, gorillas, and so on. Busch Gardens remains open all year round and is an hour's drive from North Sarasota.

2. Adventure Island

Among the fun things to do in Bradenton is visiting Adventure Island. It is across the street from Busch Gardens and sits on 30 acres of water. The island offers a lot of serenity and fun with high-speed tropical thrills and tranquil surroundings.

There is an unrivaled blend of slides, a wave pool, corkscrews, and a children's water playground, among other attractions. The island is also home to magnificent outdoor cafes, sunbathing areas, and picnic and gift shops. You will enjoy the sandy volleyball complex under the sun if you like sports.

3. Florida Aquarium

Do you like marine life? Visit the Florida Aquarium to see different fish and sea life in their natural environment. There are eight areas where you can visit. The wetland, sea hunt, no bone zone, explore a shore, coral reefs, bays and beaches, and dragons down under.

Explore a shore is where kids can have fun in an outdoor area filled with water and different activities. They can climb on animals, play with water jets, and experience being in a pirate ship or a wave water slide. If you have a toddler, you can take them to the shipwreck shore.

4. Tampa Bay Downs

Enjoy this horse-racing establishment in Bradenton. You can engage in horse betting and win some money during your trip if you're lucky enough. Tampa Bay Downs is accessible, and you can watch the horses racing from indoor lounge rooms or the stands.

If gambling gives you a thrill or an adrenaline rush, you can watch the race from the concession stand. The staff at Tampa Bay Downs is friendly and welcoming to first-time horse racers. They always walk around to attend to you and answer your questions.

5. Weedon Island Preserve

Are you tired of the hectic and noisy city life? Visit Weedon Island Preserve on the western shore of Tampa Bay. The tranquility, beautiful scenery, and perfect weather offer the ideal environment for unwinding.

There are hiking trails around saltwater ponds and forests, allowing you to interact with nature. You can also go fishing, canoeing, or kayaking through the seagrass flats, bushes and mangroves. From an elevated angle, you can see the panoramic view of Tampa and the different picnicking sites and boardwalks.

6. Empower Adventures Tampa Bay

If you like an adrenaline rush, one of the fun things to do in Bradenton, Fl, is visit Empower adventures in Tampa Bay. This adventure center offers zip-lining, suspended rope bridges, and some obstacle courses to get your heart pumping. If being in the face of danger sounds thrilling, Empower Adventures Tampa Bay will leave you with unforgettable memories.

However, you need to make a reservation before going. It is also essential to ask about their age and weight restrictions. However, it is a perfect adventure if you seek thrilling experiences.

7. Tampa Museum of Science and Industry

Kids grow fast, and if they are past the age of going to the playground or zoo, you can tour the Tampa museum with them. The museum has been widely recognized in the scientific community for outstanding contributions. Additionally, it is a great place to take your kids who have a remarkable interest in STEM.

Activities in the museum include interactive stations for both kids and adults, exhibits, games, tours, and other activities. Exhibitions include Mission: Moonbase, where you learn more about the moon, atmosphere, and environment in a simulated lunar base. There is also "Slippery Science," which teaches aerodynamics and friction.

8. Dinosaur World

You can reward your kids by taking them to the dinosaur world. This unique kid theme pack offers different habitats of dinosaur models, which kids find fascinating. Other than kids, if you are a paleontologist, archeologist, or generally a dinosaur lover, there is much to enjoy.

The life-sized models replicate actual dinosaurs. There are different extinct species to explore, like skulking velociraptors while hiking. Besides dinosaurs, there are stingray barbs and shark teeth which kids can go hunting and dig with supervision.

9. International Plaza and Bay Street

How else would you remember your trip to Bradenton if you didn't carry some souvenirs? So get into the International Plaza and Bay Street, a retail space sitting on a million square feet. The plaza is home to stores and restaurants where you can buy souvenirs, clothes, shoes, toys, etc.

Located not far from Bradenton, Florida, the International Plaza is near the Tampa International Airport. So, you can list it among the last things to do in Bradenton, Fl, as you pick what you need before your flight. The plaza is enclosed, so, despite the weather outside, it's always a fun time shopping!

10. Ybor City

Previously known as the cigar capital, Ybor city boasts numerous old cigar mills. However, it isn't a City but an expansive neighborhood with a rich, vibrant culture and a colorful history. Visit it to learn about the history and tour around.

There are microbreweries where you can taste differently crafted beer. You will also find nightclubs, boutiques, shops, and food trucks. So if you want to have a good time, eat good food, and dance your sorrow away, Ybor City is the place to be.

Pros and Cons of Living in Bradenton, FL

There are numerous advantages of living in Bradenton. The cost of living is affordable, and the town is in a central place, making different towns easy to access. In addition, Bradenton offers unbeatable watersports and art.

On the flip side, the area has high humidity levels. It is also a flat downtown area, and most homes don't have basements. However, the cons of living in Bradenton are relative.


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