Queries to Resolve Before Moving into a New Home

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June 2, 2022

Moving is an exciting process. You get to look at several different homes and choose the best one that suits your requirements and budget. But, you might not know what you should ask about the home you want to rent. Therefore, it will be easier to ask the correct questions when renting an apartment from the property owner and moving into the home with the information given here.

Questions To Ask Landlord Before You Rent

When you decide to move into an apartment or home that fits your requirements and budget perfectly, it becomes quite important to ask the exact questions which will help in cementing the decision to move into a house or not. Therefore, the questions to ask when renting an apartment mentioned below will also be a deciding factor for you to move into the house: -

  1. What is the rent?

As residential prices fluctuate regularly, it is important to confirm the exact rent prices from the property manager, which will help you compare the difference between the online and the actual price of the home. Another key point to keep in mind is to enquire about the due date and if there are any late fees. Finally, it is also necessary to ensure that the lease length and the rent do not put too much pressure on your budget.

  1. What is a security deposit?

Another one of the most important questions to ask when renting an apartment is about the security deposit. It is a specific amount paid at the start of the renting period and usually consists of the first and last rent.

  1. What are the utilities provided? Are they included in the rent?

It is quite common for the tenant to pay for the utilities like gas, electricity, water bills, and other important utilities. Therefore, the cost of garbage disposal might also be included in the rent. However, it is good to contact the property manager or owner among the several questions to ask when renting an apartment.

  1. How do I pay utility bills?

One of the most important questions to ask before renting an apartment is how you can pay the utility bills. In addition, before moving to the new location, it is extremely necessary to contact your wi-fi service providers in your area about the range of their services and enquire if they will be able to provide their services at the new location.

So if you are still thinking about what to ask when renting an apartment from the property manager or owner, the following points should be a major help: -

  • Are pets allowed?
  • What amenities are provided to the residents?
  • Ask about the application fees and the process of becoming a resident
  • Remember to ask about any impending changes to the lease and rent
  • Get to know about any of the house rules that the property owner might have
  • Finally, ask the property manager about the earliest you can move into

Now that you know what questions to ask when renting a house from the property owners or managers. Let's learn about a few of the most important things you should ask the property owner before moving into the home.

Important Questions to Ask Landlord Before You Rent

The duration of time before you rent an apartment is quite important. It will be helpful for you in understanding what to ask when renting an apartment and then making a final decision before you move into the new home. In addition, the questions mentioned below will help get into a discussion with the property owner or manager about the home you intend to live in:

  • How often will rent increase, and by how much?

The most important question to ask the landlord is how often the rent is raised. Ask the property owner or manager when the rent will be hiked. It will make it easier to understand how long you will be able to pay the rent.

  • What happens if you need to break or extend the lease?

You might face sudden situations wherein you might need to break the lease before the specified time or require an extension on the existing lease. In such cases, you might need to move to a different home or ask for an extension on the current lease date. Before signing the lease, read the contract to ensure you know the penalties for breaking the lease, or you can ask for a month-to-month lease agreement that allows you to move to a new location with a simple notice.

  • What is the security deposit amount you need to pay?

Among a few of the most important things included in what questions to ask when renting an apartment list is the security deposit you need to pay before starting to live in your new home. The security deposit charge is separate from the rent and is a big expense to plan. It usually ranges from one to three months' rent, and the most common type of security deposit is the first and last month's rent.

  • Is parking available? Is there a cost associated with parking?

If you have a car, you should be aware of the parking situation in the area you are moving to. For example, if it is an apartment, you should ask the property manager if the parking space is on a first-come, first-serve basis or designated for each resident. If there is no such rule or designated space, you can ask for a secured and paid parking space, reducing the chances of your car being damaged or broken into.

  • What do you need to know about garbage collection and recycling for the property?

There are several important questions to ask when renting an apartment in a society or a neighborhood. The most important question is about the property owner or property manager's garbage collection and recycling system. Usually, there is a specific day and time in a neighborhood where the garbage collection truck arrives for collection.

On the other hand, garbage chutes are placed on every floor in an apartment, allowing residents to drop their garbage into the main container and send it to the main garbage collection center.

Some Additional Information

All the questions to ask when renting an apartment have been mentioned above. These are considered necessary to ask the property manager or property owner. So, asking these questions is a great way to know about the immediate neighbors and residents. In addition, some of the questions to ask the landlord will help compile your moving out of state checklist for the new home.

  •  Pet policy and a fee for pets
  • Necessity of renters insurance to protect your belongings
  • Guest and subletting policies
  • Changing locks for new tenants
  • Maintenance requests
  • Changing the interiors of the apartment or home
  •  Upgrades to the existing building

Asking the additional questions to ask when renting a house mentioned above can make or break your decision to move into the new home. Once you have understood what to ask when renting an apartment and resolved all your queries, it is time for you to move into the new apartment and get to know your neighbors and the areas you can visit to relax and hang out with friends or family.


What are some questions to ask a landlord about a potential apartment?

Asking the property manager or owner can help you understand the location and neighborhood you are moving into and the apartment and its facilities. A few pointers on the topics you can ask about:

  • Rent and money
  • The application process
  • Maintenance and repairs
  • Lease and subletting
  • Utilities and other various questions

What are normal questions on a rental application?

A few of the normal questions on a rental application are your personal information, employment history, monthly income, rental history, and references from previous landlords or property managers. Besides these, questions about pets, eviction, bankruptcy, number of tenants, and criminal history are also commonly asked.

What should you consider when deciding how much rent you can afford?

The most important thing you need to consider while renting is your budget, the location, the amenities provided, and the curb appeal and condition.

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