Living in Osprey, Fl - Things To Know Before Moving in 2022

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March 4, 2022

Osprey in Florida is a tiny city located in Florida with a total area of 6.1 square meters. During the last census conducted in 2010, the population of the town was around 6100.  Osprey is considered to be one of the best cities where one can enjoy the sunsets in Sarasota.

With this blog, you can understand more about Osprey. Several factors like demographics, public transportation, local communities, and other related information will help you know if moving to Osprey is a good idea.

Population and Demographics in Osprey, Florida

Osprey, Florida, has a population of around 7000 people. With 48% of the population comprising males and 52% of females with an average age of 58 years. The city has 18% of the town consisting of families with children, 8% of the population has single male families, 18% of single female families, and the highest percent of the people are couples at around 75%. There are about 82% of homeowners and 18% of home renters in the city of Osprey.

Continuing in the same vein, the average household size in Osprey is 2.34, and the average family size is 2.64. In addition, the population growth rate has been calculated at 1.1%  in the past year. Due to a suburban feel, Osprey is an excellent choice for families looking to have enough space compared to the city for the money and is a beautiful place to raise kids.

The Best Localities to Move in Osprey, Florida to 

Osprey, Florida, is spread over six square miles of shoreline in the Gulf of Mexico, which means that there are several areas with waterfront properties that attract real estate investors and potential homeowners. In addition, a mix of historic charm, natural beauty, and quality of life creates interest for home shoppers. Some of the best localities in the city of Osprey, Florida, are:

  1. Bay Acres
  2. Bayside
  3. Cordes Cove
  4. Emerald Woods
  5. Willowbend, and many more 

Cost of living in Osprey, Florida

In Osprey, Florida, living is 19.6% more expensive than in Sarasota, Florida. The overall cost of living in Osprey is marked at 128, whereas Sarasota, Florida, is observed at 102.9. The cost of food and groceries in Osprey, Florida, is 111.2 compared to Sarasota, Florida, at 106.5. Housing costs in Osprey, Florida, are 195.7 compared to 114.4 for Sarasota, Florida and the median home cost is $553,700 for homes in Osprey, Florida, compared to homes all over Sarasota, Florida.

Utilities in the city of Osprey are scored at 95.1 as compared to 94.2 in Sarasota. Transportation is marked at 96.8, whereas Sarasota comes in at 90.9. Health and other miscellaneous areas have achieved 101.7 and 101, respectively, which is the same for the entirety of Sarasota, Florida. All the above information makes it somewhat of an expensive city.

Weather in Osprey, Florida

Osprey, Florida has a comfort index of 6.9 out of 10, which means it is comparatively more comfortable than other places in Florida. The weather in March, November, and February is the most pleasant for Osprey. There are around six comfortable months with high temperatures within the range of 70 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit. The warmest month for Osprey, Florida, is August, where the temperature increases to 91.0 degrees.  

Osprey, Florida receives around 54 inches of rain in a year, and the lowest temperatures in the winters come in at 51 degrees. There are 225 sunny days in  Osprey, and there are many sunny days for you to relax by yourself or with your family. In addition, there are 106 days per year with precipitation of some type. Also, the average temperature ranges around 2.7 in the summer and runs approximately 9.2 in the winters.

Fun Things to Do in Osprey, Florida

Due to the rich history of Osprey, Florida, there are many historic and fun areas to explore and know about. This blog section will learn more about why Osprey is considered a place of culture and history. So, without much delay, here are a few fun things to do in Osprey, Florida.

  1. Historic Spanish Point

Historic Spanish Point has around 5000 years of history with prehistoric Indian mounds, pioneer rea buildings, and a very colorful garden by Mrs. Potter Palmer. There is also a 30 acre archaeological, environmental and historical museum on the Little Sarasota Bay in Sarasota, Florida. Some other notable areas are a large butterfly garden, picnic facilities, and nature trails are places you can visit.

  1. North Jetty Beach

This beach near Osprey, Florida, provides many opportunities for tourists and locals to observe passing boats. Additionally, there are a lot of other amenities offered to people who would like to fish, hike, watch animals and birds, playgrounds for children, and restrooms.

  1. Oscar Scherer State Park

This state park provides a space for relaxation in the middle of an urban area with facilities for bicycling, camping, fishing, geo-seeking, paddling, hiking, and many other unique opportunities for solitude, challenge, and beauty for everyone.

  1. Island Jet Ski Tours and Rentals

Tourists can rent boats, kayaks, and boats to explore the waterside areas while relaxing on the water.

Job Opportunities in Osprey, Florida

Osprey, Florida, has seen a positive growth trend in the field of job opportunities. There has been an increase of around 3% in job opportunities, and the average salary is $73,635. The highest compensation is paid in the business/financial sector, where the highest salary is approximately $ 80,000, followed by the management field with $73,000 as salary. Computer and math professionals get paid around $64,000, followed by health practitioners, who get paid around $62,000.

However, the lower range of salaries is in arts and entertainment, food preparation and servers. The highest-paid industry is the manufacturing industry as well as the wholesale and trade industry. The variety of fields to work in while living in Osprey is more than one, so it is understandable why it would be an excellent choice to reside in or near Osprey.

Guide for Real Estate, Shopping, Healthcare & Schools, in Osprey Florida

In Osprey, Florida, several facilities are provided for residents, including schools, healthcare, shopping, and many more. These help the residents interact with each other and help get more residents to live for a longer time. Here are the facilities provided in terms of schools, healthcare shopping, etc.:

Best Schools in Osprey, Florida

The best schools in and around Osprey, Florida, are mentioned as follows:

  1. Pine View School
  2. Bay Haven School of Basics Plus
  3. Laurel Nokomis School
  4. Sarasota Academy of the Arts

Hospitals in Osprey Florida

People can also avail medical facilities and get medical help for emergencies. Some of the best hospitals in Osprey, Florida, are as follows:

  1. Jill T Schecter LCSW Inc.
  2. South Bay Hospital
  3. Charlotte Regional Medical Center
  4. Camilla Bridgeman Hospital, and many more.

Super Markets in Osprey, Florida

Residents of Osprey, Florida can always get fresh food and grocery supplies due to their proximity to the grocery and daily need items available for purchase:

  1. Sprouts Farmers Market
  2. Earth Origins Market
  3. Publix
  4. Detweiler's Farm Market
  5. Aldi's and many more

Golf communities in Osprey, Florida

In Osprey, there are two golf communities and around 84 golf course communities within a radius of 20 miles of Osprey. Out of the 84 golf communities, 52 public golf communities, three municipal golf communities, and 27 private courses. Some of the notable ones are:

  1. The Oaks Club
  2. Stoneybrook Golf & Country Club
  3. Calusa Lakes Golf Club
  4. Hawk's Run Golf Course
  5. Heritage Oaks Golf & Country Club, and many more

Town Centers in Osprey, Florida

Some of the best town centers in the city of Osprey, Florida, are located on the SouthTamiami Trail and McIntosh road respectively:

  1. Southbay Shopping Center
  2. Bay Street Village and Town Center
  3. Walmart Supercenter, and many more

Moving to Osprey, Florida

Osprey, Florida, is a beautiful waterfront city that can claim to have the best sunset views, with several restaurants, fishing lakes, beaches, and parks that provides families with innumerable recreational activities. There are several reasons other than those mentioned that make Osprey an excellent place for you to live:

  1. Top ranking schools
  2. Lots of parks and restaurants
  3. Friendly and quiet neighborhoods, and
  4. More than one park and restaurant for people to meet and relax

Also, the best time to move to Osprey is between June to November so that you do not face any weather issues.

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