Living in Lakewood Ranch, Fl - Things To Know Before Moving in 2022

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March 4, 2022

Lakewood Ranch in Florida, formerly known as Schroeder-Manatee Ranch, covers about 31,000 acres in the north-eastern part of Sarasota County. This community transitioned into a full-fledged residential area in 1994. What follows next are some of the reasons why you should consider moving to Lakewood Ranch as a great idea.

Population and Demographics

With around 35,000 people already living in Lakewood Ranch, it is a fast-growing community with more than one dozen residential spaces waiting for new residents. Some insight into the demographics for Lakewood Ranch can show that the highest number of people coming into the Ranch belong to the baby boomer generation, followed by around 25% of generation x and about 18% of the millennial population.

In addition, Lakewood Ranch has captured the top spot as the best-selling community in Florida according to mid-year rankings for 2021. The spot was given to Lakewood Ranch based on the studies conducted by RCL & Co, a well-respected and independent consulting firm for real estate. The community of Lakewood Ranch provides residents with a town center, multiple shopping and dining options, top-rated schools, hiking trails, parks, and many more amenities.

 Best Localities to Move in Lakewood Ranch, FL

While the idea of moving into Lakewood Ranch seems to be a good idea, take a moment to understand the specific needs of you and your family. Due to the multitude of communities in Lakewood Ranch, it can be a little complicated for you to know which of the three neighborhoods suits your needs and requirements the best. Here are a few of the communities in which you can move into:

  • Arbor Grande at Lakewood Ranch
  • Avaunce at Lakewood Ranch
  • Bridgewater
  • Central Park
  •  Cresswind in Lakewood Ranch
  • Del Webb Lakewood Ranch
  •  Edgewater Village
  •  Esplanade Lakewood Ranch
  • Greenbrook

The most well-known neighborhoods in Lakewood Ranch are as follows:

Polo Run – With giant playgrounds, a complete fitness center, and a private bus stop for school children, it is a great family-friendly neighborhood that emphasizes sustainability with the help of harnessing solar power for its daily needs.

The Savanna – Wetlands and wooded conservation areas this neighborhood is a definite attraction for nature lovers due to the beautiful natural environment that makes it feel upbeat and prestigious.

The Lake Club – Safety and prestige is the most common adjective used for this neighborhood. Luxury homes with lakefront enclaves are the mainstay of this community.

Cost of Living in Lakewood Ranch, FL

Living in Florida near the coast can be quite heavy on you. However, when it comes to living in Lakewood Ranch can be somewhat easy due to the master planning of the community, wherein the majority of the homes are new constructions or recent resales that were built from the 1990s to the 2010s. The lowest price range for the homes at Lakewood Ranch varies from $200 to around $3 million for the top-quality homes with waterfront views.  

The median cost for a home in Lakewood Ranch comes at around $178,000. So if you are interested in buying or moving into a house in Lakewood Ranch, Florida, make sure to do your research and select the best-suited living quarters for you and your loved ones.

Beautiful Weather in Lakewood Ranch, FL

Lakewood Ranch in Florida enjoys year-round pleasant weather. However, homes are in the lowest price range in June. Therefore, if you buy a house in Lakewood Ranch, it is good to track real estate patterns to get the best prices. In addition, the average temperature is around 50 degrees during the summer season, and plenty of rain throughout July, August, and September. Keeping all this in mind, it is a good idea to look up Lakewood Ranch weather before you start your move.

Explore fun and entertainment at Lakewood Ranch, FL

There are many fun and exciting things to do in Lakewood Ranch, Florida, due to the community's various shops and eating establishments. Also, Bradenton and Sarasota are only a 15-minute distance from Lakewood Ranch, making it a great area. Here are a few of the best places to explore in Lakewood Ranch:

  1. Main Street at Lakewood Ranch provides a lot of sites that are perfect for family-friendly fun. Asking any resident, and they can point you in the right direction. For example, Lil Nancy's is an excellent option for grilled foods, while Craft Growlers To Go & Tasting Room provides various food and drinks options with a laid-back and at-home vibe.

  1. The parks within Lakewood Ranch give residents ample opportunities for different outdoor activities and sports. So this gives them a choice to play any sport they like. Walking and hiking are also possible, thanks to the 3500 acres of allotted green area.


  1. Local events at Lakewood Ranch celebrate arts, culture, and music by artists in the vicinity.  Children can also explore their artistic side with the help of Storytelling theatre At Ranch (STAR).

  1. The University Park Country Club provides golfers to take a swing and hone their golfing skills. But do remember to keep an eye out for birds and alligators while you putt around.


  1. Explore the wildlife, take a walk on the trails or go on a fishing adventure. You not only get to see some exciting wildlife but also get to take some beautiful pictures and stories to recount.


Excellent Job Opportunities in Lakewood Ranch, FL

There are several job opportunities available in Lakewood Ranch due to the many important job markets in Lakewood Ranch and the surrounding areas of Bradenton, Sarasota, and Tampa. A significant reason to move into Lakewood Ranch is a great job, especially in the retail and food sectors. In addition, several residents in the community work in nearby areas but are pretty attracted to the amenities available for kids and other family members. 

Real Estate, Shopping, Healthcare & Schools in Lakewood Ranch

Due to its claim of being the best master-planned community for all age groups, Lakewood Ranch has a lot of facilities and areas to explore. With over 36,000 people already staying and 31,000 acres of land, living spaces for newer residents have been created. You can choose from already-built homes or new homes according to your requirements. Here are a few of the best neighborhoods in the Lakewood Ranch community that will best suit your needs:

Lakewood Ranch, FL Schools

Several schools cater to young families intending to make Lakewood Ranch their home. Some of the best public and private schools are mentioned below:

  •  Braden River Elementary School
  • Braden River Middle School
  • Lakewood Ranch High School
  • Saint Stephens School, and
  • The Classical Academy of Sarasota 

Lakewood Ranch, FL Hospitals

The community of Lakewood Ranch provides medical and healthcare services for its residents. Some of the medical providers are mentioned below:

  • Lakewood Ranch Medical Center
  • Lakewood Ranch Medical Care 

Lakewood Ranch, FL Super Markets

Grocery runs are more accessible to make due to the well-planned grocery, drug stores, and banks. Due to the convenience, anyone from the communities can reach them. Here are a few of the supermarkets that are open for the community members:

  • Gateway North Plaza
  • Lorraine Corners Plaza, and many more 

Lakewood Ranch, FL Golf Communities

There are several golf-based communities for residents to relax over a few swings or practice and improve their golfing skills. Here are some of the golf based communities at Lakewood Ranch:

  • Lakewood National Golf Club
  • Esplanade Golf & Country Club

Lakewood Ranch, FL Corporate & Business Parks

There are several high-level employers in Sarasota and Manatee County. Below are some of the biggest employers that have their head offices located in the Lakewood Ranch community:

  • Gold Coast Eagle Distributing
  • Trinet USA
  • Neal Communities

 Lakewood Ranch, FL Town Centers

Have a fun time with your family and friends while also getting to see local artists perform. There are other amenities like movie theatres, restaurants, and other similar places. Here are the main town centers located at Lakewood Ranch.

  • Main Street Town Center, and
  • Waterside Town Center

Tips for Moving to Lakewood Ranch, FL

Here are a few helpful tips for moving into Lakewood Ranch:

  • Select the best-suited community from 17 different ones ranging from luxurious properties to family-centered houses.
  •  Affordable cost of living possible at Lakewood Ranch 
  • Some prestigious schools in Central Florida
  • Multiple food and drink options
  • Reduced commuting times

With the help of Sunshine Sarasota Movers in Florida, it will be a stress-free experience when you intend to move into Lakewood Ranch. They provide a variety of services in the ambit of moving and ensure that they provide you with different moving services as per the requirements. Whether residential, senior, or any other form of moving, Sunshine Sarasota Movers gives you professional help and ensures that no one of your precious possessions get damaged. Moving professionals from Sunshine Sarasota come equipped with all types of packing material for everything you need to move.

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