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March 4, 2022

In 1923, the Dickman family became owners of Apollo Beach and was majorly used for grazing and farming. However, due to the presence of mangrove and low-elevation land, it was considered uninhabitable. Later in 1930, Paul Dickman, with the help of Radar Engineering based in Miami, created a waterfront community that included roads, schools, canals, and community services. Finally, in 1957, a retired businessman named Francis Corr renamed this area Apollo Beach at the suggestion of his wife, Dorothy. In the current times, Apollo Beach is a prosperous waterfront community that allows residents to enjoy year-round water activities like boating, fishing, etc., and around 55 miles of the constructed canals that lead to Tampa Bay, Gulf of Mexico, and other nearby areas.

Population and Demographics of Apollo Beach, Florida

Before you start packing and moving, it is necessary to ask people the directions to Apollo Beach Florida or ask google the answer to the essential question, where is Apollo beach Florida? The city of Apollo Beach is located in Hillsborough County, Florida. The last known population known in 2020 is around 20,947. A significant number of the population is comprised of white people with about 82%, followed by African-American people with approximately 8%. The remaining demographic is Asians at 2.08%, and other demographics at 4.43% and 4.21%.

Also, the average age of the residents in Apollo Beach, Florida, is 45 years. The female population takes up around 51.21% of the people, and males come in at around 48.79%. The age dependency ratio in Apollo Beach is 29.7 for the older residents, whereas the child dependency ratio is marked at 34. Additionally, the city of Apollo Beach provides the locals with an affluent party scene. Hence, moving to Apollo Beach, Florida, can be an eventful change in your life, for which you need to be ready in every way possible.

Best localities in Apollo Beach, Florida

Some of the best localities in the city of Apollo Beach, Florida, are as follows:

  1. Simone Shores Circle
  2. Limelight Drive
  3. Bowspirit Place
  4. Current Drive
  5. Wayfarer Avenue, and many more

Living Costs in Apollo Beach, Florida

In Apollo Beach, Florida, the cost of living is nearly 9% more expensive than the US average, 109 out of a national average of 100. The cost of goods and services is 98 for Apollo Beach and the US out of a national average of 100. Groceries, however, scored 104 out of the national average of 100, which makes it two points lower than the US average. Health care is 98 for the US and Apollo Beach out of the national average of 100. Housing achieved a score of 132, which makes it quite expensive compared to 96 for the US out of 100. Transportation scored 100, and utilities scored 101 for Apollo Beach compared to the US with 101 and 106 in each category.

Weather in Apollo Beach, Florida

Apollo Beach, Florida, the weather provides enough time for residents to indulge in water sports and activities like boating, surfing, swimming for a significant part of the year. The temperature in the summer ranges from 73 degrees Fahrenheit to 91 degrees Fahrenheit with a lot of slightly cloudy days and sudden showers.

On the other hand, winters in Apollo Beach do not last long and are cool and wet, with temperatures ranging from a comfortable 49 degrees Fahrenheit to 71 degrees Fahrenheit during the day. The annual rain received by Apollo Beach, Florida, is about 51 inches per year.

Things To Do Near Apollo Beach Florida

If you are thinking of moving to Apollo Beach, Florida, you would surely like to know what you can do in and around the city of Apollo Beach, Florida. The most popular areas in Apollo Beach are suitable for people with families and kids:

  1. Tampa Electric’s Manatee Viewing Center provides opportunities for you to observe manatees in their natural habitat. 
  2. Nature Preserve at Apollo Beach has 63 acres of natural habitat for various aquatic life. Additionally, there are options for fishing, bird-watching, observation towers, and picnic tables. 
  3. Fishing Academy at Tampa not only gives you a chance to fish but also helps you learn the basics of fishing if you are new to it. The head of the academy, Capt. Shawn has 40 years of experience in fishing and provides helpful tips on the best locations and reasons you can enjoy fishing as a hobby.  
  4. MiraBay Market is an outdoor market where you can find fresh produce and local delicacies and handicrafts like soaps, jewelry, glass decorations, clothes, and more.
  1. Also, the Apollo Beach, Florida gulf coast provides several places where people interested in fishing or enjoying the views can fish or enjoy the sunset views.    

Employment Opportunities at Apollo Beach, Florida

Job opportunities in Apollo Beach, Florida, are somewhat limited to the small Paradise Shoppes section. However, there are more employment opportunities in the larger area of Tampa, and the best part is that the commute time of 30 minutes makes it easy for you to reach your destination. Additionally, the average income of a resident in the Apollo Beach area is around $43,000 compared to the US average of $31,177. Apollo Beach, Florida, the overall household income is $80,140 compared to the US  average of $60,000.

  • The future job growth prospects are marked at 43% compared to around 34% for the US.
  • The highest salary according to occupation is in the field of arts and entertainment, which is about $100, 313 whereas the lowest-paid profession is material moving, which is approximately $11,618.
  • The highest-paid industry for the Apollo Beach area is in the professional, scientific, and technical services, with $84,397 and accommodation and food services being the lowest-paid at $13,286.

Apollo Beach Guide for Real Estate, Shopping, Healthcare & Schools

Here are a few of the best places in the Apollo Beach area in terms of real estate, shopping, healthcare, and schools. With this guide, you can decide on the best places to live, relax, recuperate and educate your kids before moving to Apollo Beach, Florida:

Schools in Apollo Beach, Florida

With a population of nearly 4000 kids under the age of 18 living in Apollo Beach, the best public and private schools are mentioned below:

  1. Walker Middle Magnet School
  2. MacFarlane Park Magnet School
  3. Creative World School at Apollo Beach
  4. Brooks DeBartolo Collegiate High School
  5. Kids ‘R’ Kids Academy at Waterset

Hospitals in Apollo Beach, Florida

The hospitals mentioned here are considered to be best in providing healthcare services for the residents of Apollo Beach, Florida:

  1. St. Joseph’s Hospital
  2. South Bay Hospital
  3.  Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital
  4. Kindred Hospital Bay Area
  5. Memorial Hospital of Tampa

Super Markets in Apollo Beach, Florida

Suppose you have decided that moving to Apollo Beach, Florida is the best choice for you and your family. In that case, it is necessary to know the best supermarkets to get the best and freshest groceries and other home supplies at the lowest cost possible. So here are some of the best supermarkets in Apollo Beach, Florida, from where you can get your pantry filled up:

  1. Sprouts Farmers Market
  2. Winn Dixie
  3. Riverview Fresh Market
  4. Sal’s Bodega Charcuterie
  5. Sam’s Club

Golf Communities in Apollo Beach, Florida

Apollo Beach, Florida, offers various facilities for those interested in having long golfing sessions with friends or colleagues. Here are a few of the golf communities in and around Apollo Beach that provide residents a chance to play golf or improve their golfing skills:

  1. Waterset Cottage
  2. Waterset Garden
  3. Twin Rivers
  4. Isles at BayView

Corporate & Business Parks in Apollo Beach, Florida

The presence of corporate and business parks in Apollo Beach aid in the increase of employment opportunities. So here are a few of the best corporate and business parks in and around Apollo Beach:

  1. Park Square Townhome Model
  2. Harbor Point Business Center
  3. Apollo Beach Park and Community Center
  4. Madison Business Park Llp

Town Centers in Apollo Beach, Florida

Downtown Apollo Beach in Florida provides various places for you to relax and explore a variety of cuisines with family, friends, or colleagues. Here are a few of the best town centers at Apollo Beach:

  1. Apollo Beach Plaza
  2. Waterside Shops
  3. South Bay Plaza
  4. Shoppes of Apollo Beach
  5.  Mira Bay Village

Tips to consider before moving to Apollo Beach, Florida

Here are a few constructive tips that can help you decide if you are thinking of moving to Apollo Beach in Florida:

  1. Living in a fast-growing community that is seeing a lot of growth while avoiding crowds
  2. Fun outdoor activities like visiting the Apollo Beach Preserve or watching wild manatees at the local beach
  3. Affordable cost of living with amazing views and beautiful homes
  4. Year-round good weather and enjoyable neighborhoods all over Apollo Beach

You could be moving into Apollo Beach, Florida, for a new job or to start your family. There is a place for you in the neighborhood for sure.

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