How to Move A Piano By Yourself Without Professional Piano Movers

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September 22, 2022

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Moving to a new home? One of the most daunting move day tasks has to be moving the piano. You can learn how to move a piano by yourself or avoid all that hassle and hire piano movers.

How to Move a Piano by Yourself?

Given the sheer size and weight of a piano, moving this musical instrument by yourself can be quite an arduous task. Even if you are going the DIY way, you will want to get information on how the experts do it, so research on how to move a piano across the room, how to move a piano downstairs, how many people to move the piano, and more. Prepare your piano for the move by closing and securing the top lid and disassembling the pedals.

Get together all the required moving supplies and equipment, which includes moving blankets, a dolly, straps, and rolls of tape. Cover the piano with blankets for protection against damage during the move, and you can secure the blankets using tape. You will need to take off the foot pedals as well as one leg of the piano. Get as many helpers as you can find to get the instrument onto the piano dolly and fasten it onto the dolly using quality straps. Finish removing the last 2 legs now that they are off the ground. Measure your doorways and stairways beforehand to ensure the piano will fit through these entry and exit points. Create a path through the room by pushing out of the way any furniture that may hit the piano. In addition to covering the piano with moving blankets, you may also want to cover the sharp edges of your doors with some towels to further avoid possible damage.

Piano Moving Equipment

To safely move your piano, you will need the right equipment, as highlighted

  • Tools to remove foot pedals and piano legs.
  • Moving Blankets and Padding: Covering your piano with either or both will help to protect it from dents and scratches.
  • Piano Dollies: Select a dolly that can hold the full weight of your piano.
  • Piano Skid Board: You will need this specialized piece of equipment for a grand piano. Get the right size for your piano, or build a piano skid board 
  • Straps: Use adequate straps to hold your piano in place on the dolly.

Who Are Professional Piano Movers?

Moving a piano requires skill and a lot of workforce for both the preparation and execution phases of the move. It is truly not a task for everyone, and that is why there is a piano moving niche in the moving industry. Professional piano movers dominating this niche, such as Sarasota Sunshine Movers, have perfected how to move a piano across the room, downstairs, and up the stairs safely.

Instead of stressing about how to move a piano yourself, these pro piano movers will take care of it for you. Expert piano movers will do more than just move your piano from one location to the next. But you can also benefit from the extras offered. This includes reassembly, that is, screwing the legs back onto the piano and cleaning it at the new location. The movers may be able to help you return your piano or can give you some excellent references for this.

Should I Hire Professional Piano Movers?

Yes. Definitely yes. You stand to enjoy several benefits when you choose to hire piano movers instead of doing it yourself.

1. Avoid Hurting Yourself

Pianos are too heavy, and you always run the risk of hurting your back if you don’t enlist enough help or if you lift the wrong way. Leave it to the experts for your health and safety.

2. Avoid Damage to your Piano

A scratch here and a dent here are only superficial damages. Pianos have so many delicate internal parts which you wouldn’t want to risk damaging. Hire professional movers, and you can rest easy knowing your piano’s internal sound mechanism and the playing mechanism will not suffer any damage.

3. Save Time 

Preparing your piano for moving and actually moving it takes a lot of time. Leave it to the experts, and you can focus on other aspects of your move.

What Is an Upright Piano?

An upright piano has the soundboard and strings plane running vertically, that is, perpendicular to the keyboard. Studio upright, console upright, spinet upright, and digital upright are some of the most popular upright piano styles.

Among the most popular upright piano brands include

  • Steinway & Sons Model 1098: 480 lbs
  • Yamaha P22: 490 lbs
  • Young Chang 121: 496 lbs

What Is a Grand Piano?

No doubt the largest type of pianos. The soundboards on this type of piano are mounted horizontally. The hammers also lie horizontally, and adjacent to these hammers are the dampers lying on top of the strings plane. Available in different styles and sizes, namely baby grand, medium grand, parlor grand, and concert grand.

Popular brands of grand pianos include

  • Mason & Hamlin CC: 1,399 lb
  • Mason & Hamlin Artist Grand Piano BB: 1,090 lb
  • Steinway Model D Concert Grand Piano: 990 lb

How Much Does it Cost to Move a Grand Piano?

Sarasota Sunshine Movers and any other professional local piano movers will assess your job and provide an estimate based on

  • Type and size of piano
  • The expected level of challenge because of, say, narrow hallways and stairways and low ceilings
  • Distance to be covered, as a long-distance move will cost more than a local move

Which is the Best Piano Moving Company?

Sarasota Sunshine Movers has all the piano moving equipment and brags of years of combined experience in safe piano moving. The company offers an extensive piano moving service, including disassembly and reassembly, local and long-distance piano moving as well as piano storage. You get the best service from experienced professionals at an affordable rate, with a guarantee of value for your money.

Get in Touch

Wondering about what to expect? Unmatched quality of service delivery. Professionalism. Excellent customer service. And more. Get in touch with Sarasota Sunshine Movers for the best and most affordable piano moving service.


How to Move a Piano Upstairs and Downstairs? 

For just one step, you can lift the instrument along with the dolly and carry it up or down the stairs. For more steps, you have to do away with the dolly, place cardboard pads on the steps and lift the piano up or down one step at a time.

How to Move a Piano in a Pickup Truck?

Use an auto loader ramp if you are moving your piano using a dolly. Get mini stairs if you are lifting the piano onto the truck bed using lifting straps. 

How to Move a Piano Across the Room?

Secure it onto a dolly and wheel it across the room. Ensure you remove furniture and other items in the way which may damage the piano.

How Many People Are Required to Move a Piano?

You will need at least four people to move a piano for both the heavy lifting and guiding the move. The bigger the piano, the more people required.

How to Move a Piano Across the Country?

You can hire a truck and move it yourself or hire professional movers. You also have the option of peer-to-peer sharing and consolidated freight.

What Is the Cost of Moving a Piano Long Distance?

An average of $ 700-$ 2000, depending on the distances involved and the movers’ pricing policy.

How Much Does a Piano Weigh?

The weight of a piano varies by model. Some upright piano models weigh as little as 300 lbs, and some grand pianos models weigh 1400 lbs.

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