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April 5, 2022

A Guide to Changing Driver's License Address in Florida in 2022

When you change your home and move to a new location within Florida from out of state, one important part of the move is to provide your new address to all the important agencies who need to be informed regarding the address change for your driving license. In addition, you need to provide an update regarding your new address either before or after the move so that your driver's license does not become invalid.

Let’s discuss the steps you need to follow for Florida drivers license address change on your driving license. Getting in touch with the moving professionals from Sarasota Sunshine Movers will also help get useful tips and advice. 

Importance of changing address on Driving license after the move

The importance of Florida drivers license address change can be understood through the following points:- 

  1. It is the law

Driving your vehicle without a valid license is considered a criminal act, and the new license has to have information regarding your current residence. Once the new license mentioning your new address has been provided by the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, the old one will be destroyed.

  1. Important notices might be missed

Missing out on important notices and updates related to vehicle registration and renewal could lead to fines or suspension if you do not update your driver's license information.

The process of Florida drivers license address change needs to be done at the earliest to minimize chances of having to pay a fine or suffer a suspension due to an invalid driver's license. Now that the importance of changing the address on your driver's license has been understood, let's start with understanding and learning about the process of changing the address in detail.

Process of applying for change of address on your driving license online

Let’s learn about the process of applying for a Florida drivers license address change online. Sarasota Sunshine Movers and their team of movers can also provide you with some methods which will reduce the time taken to get your change address florida drivers license. The following steps and the precautions mentioned will help ensure that the change of address can be done smoothly and easily.

  1. Take and complete a DATA and TLSAE course

A Traffic Law and Substance Abuse Education course, as well as a Drugs Alcohol Traffic Awareness course, will be quite helpful as a first step to getting your license with the new address of your home. Completing this course will get you a little closer to the Florida driver's license.

  1. Pass the knowledge exam

The knowledge exams are based on understanding road rules and best practices while driving. You can study for the exam with the help of the Florida Driver's Handbook, which can provide all the information you need to learn about. Once this step has been completed, you are closer to getting your change of address florida.

  1. Preparing for the road test

To take the road test, you will have a duration of one year minus any traffic convictions before being allowed to appear for the test. The year provided is a great way to prepare and practice real-life situations and general safety rules.

In addition, practicing with a car driver having experience of at least five years will help you fully prepare for the road test on the scheduled date for proper change address Florida drivers license. All of the steps mentioned above will make it easier for you to get your driving license at the earliest. It will also be useful in understanding and gaining some expertise on important concepts related to driving.

  1. Appear and pass the test

 Some of the most important maneuvers which might be asked during the test are:

  •  A three-point turn
  • Reversing the vehicle
  • Staying within the lane
  •  Signaling and turning
  • Approaching a crosswalk, among many others

Completing the driving tests mentioned above makes it easier for you to change of address florida.   

  1. Get your Florida driver's license

After you have passed the driving test, you will be directed by your test administrator to provide some other documents and pay the fees further to expedite the process of change address Florida drivers license. Once these are completed, you will get your new driving license. But, first, you will need to provide the following proofs to deliver the driver's license to the correct person.

  •  Identity proof
  • Address proof
  •  Social Security Number proof

Anyone below 18 years of age needs to provide the following documents to get their driver's license with the new address:

  • Parent proctoring form
  • Certification of Minor Driving Experience form, and
  • Parental consent form

Once all of the above documents have been verified, the assigned DHSMV staff will provide you with a temporary paper copy of the Florida drivers license address change. The permanent copy of your driving license with the change of address for Florida within five to ten days.

Now that you have understood the process of applying for a new driver's license with address change for Florida. Let's move on to the process of applying for vehicle registration when you start living in Florida. You can also get help in knowing a little more about the process of getting your Florida driver's license change of address completed. 

Vehicle registration for Florida

Due to the move into Florida, the vehicle registration process also needs to be updated. The change of address for your new home in Florida. The points mentioned below will help you in understanding the process and applying for the address change Florida:

  1. Visit the closest office of the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles.
  2. Remember to have the vehicle title and proof of identity with a government-issued ID along with valid proof of Florida car insurance.
  3. Get a VIN inspection and odometer reading done at the office.
  4. After the above steps have been done, you need to pay around $225 +taxes to get the new plates and title.

Finally, you get a license plate for your vehicle and a registration sticker. The validation decal needs to be placed on the upper right-hand corner of the license plate. Additionally, the registration certificate provided to you should always be present in the glove box. Some other steps you can take for your out-of-state vehicle are:

  1. Florida's driver's license
  2. Auto insurance from a Florida based insurance company

Now that you know the system for Florida drivers license address change, it will be easier for you to get a new driver's license for your new home in Florida. However, with the steps mentioned in this section, it is time to learn a little more about the cost of getting your driver's license in Florida.

Cost of getting a driving license in Florida

When you move to any city in Florida, you must get a driver's license and registration plates for Florida. In this blog, you will learn about the cost of changing your address to a Florida driver's license. You need to pay a specific amount depending on the type of vehicle. However, the fee to renew the license in Florida is usually renewed after eight years, which is inexpensive.

  1. Depending on the type of vehicle you own, the fees can change depending on the type and weight. Additionally, the license for a learner in Florida will cost around $50. However, an experienced driver would have to pay around $15 to $33 depending on the weight of the vehicle they own.
  2. Additional costs like knowledge tests, skill tests, taxes, and other charges will be added to the initial cost.

Therefore, the process of applying for a Florida drivers license address change needs to be done in a careful and well-planned way. It should also be kept in mind that Florida has additional charges along with the basic charge of getting a new driver's license with a change of address. Therefore it is necessary to ensure that you set aside enough finances to complete the process at once.


Can I change the address on my driver's license online in Florida?

The process of changing the address on your driver's license while living in Florida can be done online with the help of an external website.

Do you require a driving test during a Florida DMV change of address?

A driving test is necessary at the Florida DMV to complete the change of address process after moving to any city in Florida from another state.

How long does it take to receive a Florida driver's license or ID card?

The time taken to receive a Florida driver's license or ID card depends on how quickly you can prepare for the knowledge and road driving test.

How long does it take to update the registration of your vehicle?

The time taken to update the registration details of your vehicle can be up to thirty days. The duration also depends on any important date that might be declared a holiday. In such cases, the registration might take some time to be updated and delivered to your new home address.

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