Beautiful & Active 55+ Communities in Sarasota FL [List, maps]

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March 22, 2022

Active communities for senior citizens in Sarasota, Florida

A retirement village or senior community is where older adults can usually take care of themselves, and agencies take care of the maintenance and upkeep of the exterior areas. Through the blog, the question of what 55+ communities are and the benefits of living in an active senior community will be discussed. Also, how 55+ communities operate will be answered through this blog.  

55+ Population and Demographics of Sarasota

The population and demographics of Sarasota, Florida, can be understood with the following points mentioned below. With these points, you will understand the city of Sarasota a little better.

  1. Sarasota, Florida, has a population of around 55,000 people, with 3704 people per square meter.
  2. The median age of people living in Sarasota, Florida, is 46.5
  3. The male to female ratio for Sarasota is 0.9:1
  4. The percentage of families with kids in the age of 15 and above is around 50%
  5. The percentage of families living in Sarasota with kids below 18 is 32%
  6. Families living in Sarasota speaking English is around 80%
  7. Families living in Sarasota who can speak Spanish is around 17%

Now that you are aware of the population and demographics for Sarasota, Florida. Let's get to knowing and understanding the benefits of living in a 55+ community for seniors.

Benefits of living in a 55+ community

Before we begin to know about the benefits of living in a 55+ community, it is important to answer what 55 communities are. A 55+ community is an established community created for active adult living. These areas usually have one resident living above the age of 55. 

Within this section of the blog,  you will not only get to know about how strict are 55 and over communities but also learn a little more about the benefits of living in active senior communities in Sarasota :

  1. Proper maintenance and social events

The communities are quite well-maintained and provide many common services and several social events you take advantage of.

  1. Age restrictions

Due to the age-related rules, there is more peace than in a traditional neighborhood. Also, there will be no need for you to worry about young children or teenagers involving themselves in risky behavior. Living in an active senior community also allows you to have adequate space in your home but not regular maintenance.

  1. Active life

There are several walking trails and activities that will be useful in keeping you healthy both mentally and physically. As the floor plans create space for adults and minimal yard work, active senior communities are a great place for adults.

  1. Support services

When you start living in an active 55+ community, there are a lot of in-house services that you can avail whenever you need them. However, before moving into any of the senior communities in Sarasota, you must check any additional services and costs. For example, some active senior living communities may also provide housekeeping, meal prep, pet care, physical rehab, medication reminders, and other services.

  1. Safety and Security

Almost all active 55+ communities provide safety and security measures to live safely. Measures like lighted sidewalks, well-marked exit doors, brightly lit common areas, properly maintained fire alarms, smoke detectors, and other similar measures help increase residents' safety.

  1. Variation and choice in living setup

Before you decide to move into senior communities in Sarasota, you need to choose the best home as per your needs.

The points mentioned above make it easy for you to understand the question of what are the rules for 55 communities. There are several different types of 55 communities, including 55 communities where you own the land. 

Within this blog section, the rules mentioned above create an atmosphere of safety and security to provide a better living situation for their residents. Whenever you decide to move into any of the senior communities in Sarasota, always ensure that you choose the senior relocation services provided by Sarasota Sunshine Movers. Now that you know how strict 55 and over communities are, it's time to get started with the next section detailing the active 55+ communities in Sarasota, Florida.

Active 55+ Communities in Sarasota, FL

Within this blog section, you will learn about some of the best senior communities in Sarasota. It will also be helpful for you as then you can choose the best-suited senior living home as per your requirements and budget. It will be more helpful for you to get in touch with senior moving experts from Sarasota Sunshine Movers to understand how are 55+ communities legal.

  1. Bahia Vista Estates

The senior community of Bahia Vista Estates provides residents with well-done homes, senior villas, and friendly neighbors. They also provide a lot of recreational activities like walking trails, swimming pools, dog parks, and other facilities that will be useful in the residents being able to maintain great health both mentally and physically. In addition, a fully equipped kitchen ensures that there is ample food available for residents that is not only healthy but also makes it delicious as per their choice.

  1. Lakeridge Falls

Lake ridge Falls has around 400 homes and is close to several shopping areas, restaurants, and a movie theater. It is located within 15 minutes of the award-winning beaches of Lido and Siesta Keys. In addition, several lakes, preserves, and walking trails provide healthy activities.

  1. The Cascades at Sarasota

The community of Cascades provides its residents with resort-style homes with a wide variety of activities and social events for everyone. The living spaces for the homes can range from 1429 square feet to 2489 square feet that have two to four bedrooms, two to four bathrooms, two to four bathrooms, and an attached two-car garage.

In addition, several areas for entertainment, shopping, and dining provide residents with ample opportunities for physical and mental wellbeing. Many arts, music, and live theatre events provide entertainment and relaxation.

  1. Strathmore Riverside Villas

Low-maintenance lifestyle, several amenities, and social clubs, Strathmore Riverside Villas provide you with the best living facilities. In addition, the Siesta Beach nearby provides a lot of areas for relaxation. You can enjoy card games, fishing, and Tai Chai sessions within the senior community.

5) Whispering Sands

Whispering Sands' luxury beachfront condominium-based lifestyle creates a beautiful atmosphere for senior living. The homes range from 1271 to 2746 square feet with two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and assigned parking areas. In addition, the community provides a wide variety of resort-style amenities and several clubs and social groups in which you can participate.

Village Plaza and Cresswind Lakewood Ranch are some ideal senior communities in Sarasota. There are a lot of communities where you own land, so research them and get in touch with them to find the best choice. With these amazing senior living communities, it will be easier to move as long as senior moving experts handle the packing and loading part of the moving process at Sarasota Sunshine Movers. The next section of the blog will discuss and explain the cost of living in 55+ communities. 

Cost of living in 55+ communities

The cost of living in active 55+ communities depends on the services you avail of. While it's more viable in a senior retirement community, some might require you to pay a move-in fee, which could be less than or equal to a month of rent. You can visit or contact the active senior living community officials to understand the costs and pricing.

On average, the assisted and independent living communities charge $1500 to $6000. The costs may or may not include specific hospitality and care services that can be added with some additional monthly charges.

So, when you decide to move into any of the well-managed senior communities in Sarasota, remember to ask the senior moving community about their charges. Also, ensure that you choose the best team of senior moving professionals from Sarasota Sunshine Movers. 

Advantages & Disadvantages of 55+ Active Adult Communities

There are several benefits and disadvantages when you start living in an active 55+ community. So, before you start living in the senior community, with the help of the following points, it will make it easier for you to adjust to living in any of the senior communities in Sarasota.

  1. Reduced need for home and community maintenance benefits seniors with mobility issues. However, the maintenance costs of the HOA (Home Owner's Association) can be quite expensive.
  2. Due to the resort-like atmosphere, there are a lot of places to gather and explore mutual interests. But, on the other hand, the lack of diversity in age can be off-putting for people who want to share their skills and knowledge with willing people.
  3. Compared to a standard neighborhood, a peaceful atmosphere in senior living communities is a great way to live. However, if children are not allowed to visit, it can be somewhat bothersome.  
  4. Subsidized property taxes make it possible to live in a 55+ active community. But with increased medical needs, it is better to look for a medical needs-based senior living community.
  5. An ideal location provides pleasant weather, and proximity to medical facilities helps continue medical care. But due to the small size of the homes in the senior living communities in Sarasota, large family gatherings can become a little cramped.

Hopefully, the above points highlight the benefits and disadvantages of living in senior communities in Sarasota. Some helpful questions you can ask are the questions of what are the rules for 55 communities and how strict are 55 and over communities are two most of the important questions you need to ask and follow. Now, let's find out what question you need to ask when researching the best active adult communities in the next section.

Queries to Ask When Researching Active Adult Communities  

There are many things related to active adult communities that you need to know and understand before you decide to move into any one of them. Additionally, when it comes to living in any of the multiple senior communities in Sarasota, you can choose the best-suited senior living communities as per your budget. Also, remember to ask the following questions to make the best choice.

  1. What are the choices of homes offered by the senior living community?
  2. What are the rules for 55 communities?
  3. What is the layout of the senior living community?
  4. Are the residents allowed to customize the home's external areas?
  5. What all are included in the cost of amenities?
  6. What are the 55 communities where you own the land?

Additionally, there can be more questions that you can ask the senior living community management about. Once you have asked all the necessary questions, get in touch with the senior moving experts from Sarasota Sunshine Movers to downsize and move into the senior living facility you have chosen.

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