5 Shortcuts That Will Cost You in a Move

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October 28, 2021

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Moving tips are everywhere. Just a few minutes of searching online will tell you all kinds of things you can do to save money on move. But there’s one problem. These articles often aren’t written by movers or moving experts. They don’t have specific knowledge on the ins and outs of a move, and where the cost savings really are.

That’s why we wrote this blog post for you. We want to help dispel the myths about budget-friendly moving and keep you from wasting time and energy on things that don’t work. These so-called shortcuts may even end up costing you more.

Here are 5 Shortcuts You Don’t Want to Take in a Move

  1. Getting your own boxes. Yes, they’re often free if you ask at a grocery store or warehouse. Resist the temptation. These aren’t professional heavy-duty moving boxes, and they can’t withstand pressure or weight like true moving boxes can. Many items end up breaking or getting ruined because people used cheaply made boxes. The other problem? Many warehouse boxes don’t have lids and are used for produce. These are famous for containing bugs and mouse droppings. We’re sure this is not what you want on your personal belongings!

  2. Renting a truck. We could tell you many stories about customers of ours who rented trucks, realized everything didn’t fit in the truck, and then called us. At Sunshine Movers, we’re masters at fitting entire households into one truck. It’s a calculated game of Tetris to keep each item protected and safe, but we’ve been doing this for years.

  3. Asking your friends to help. It’s always fun to have friends around when you’re moving, but again—without proper training, things can get broken or ruined. Do you really want your cousin or your buddy from college handling your wife’s favorite four-foot tall vase, or  moving your prized family heirloom? Some items are irreplaceable. That’s what Sunshine Movers is here for.

  4. Using cheap supplies. Even things like packing paper and tape matter when packing your items. Our packing paper is heavy duty and provides a safe buffer for fragile belongings, and the moving tape we sell keeps boxes sealed tight and secure.

  5. Attempting a DIY move. Moving is complicated. It takes lots of time, energy, and money. When you hire an experienced moving company, you don’t have to worry about your move. Having your new home up and running in a short amount of time is a big deal, and it saves you money and sanity in the long run.

The next time you’re tempted to go for what seems like the cheapest option or attempt a DIY move—remember that some things aren’t always as they appear. Moving can be expensive, but moving with shortcuts can be even more costly. Why not do it the right way and give yourself the peace of mind of knowing your move will go smoothly?  

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