10 Things to Do on Sarasota Beach - Everything You Need to Know

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January 3, 2023

Moving and living at Sarasota Beach - Things to Consider

Moving to Sarasota Beach in Florida can be a great choice if you prefer living close to the sea and getting a lot of sunshine all year round. With the high-quality school system, beautiful architecture, and an ever-growing art scene, this blog will help you understand the benefits of moving to Sarasota Beach with the help of Sarasota Sunshine Movers and their expert moving team. However, it is important first to answer the question, where is Sarasota beach. Sarasota Beach is located in the North Port–Sarasota–Bradenton, Florida.

Sarasota beach Population and Demographics

Before you decide on moving to Sarasota Beach, it is important to know about the population and demographics of the city. The population and demographics can be understood with the help of the following points:

  1. The total population of Sarasota Beach is around 7500. The male population for Sarasota Beach is around 3800, and the population of females in Sarasota Beach is around 3400. Therefore, we can understand that this data is equally divided among males and females.
  2. The median age of Sarasota Beach, Florida, is 67 years. The number of people born in the city is around 6427, and naturalized citizens are 608. Additionally, 430 non-citizens are living in Bradenton Beach.
  3. There are 3852 households located in Bradenton Beach. The average number of people in a household is two. Family households are 2381, and non-family households are 1471 in number.
  4. Households with children living in Sarasota Beach are 318, and households without children living in Sarasota Beach are 3534.

So how far is Sarasota from the beach can be answered by this sentence, Sarasota Beach is quite close to the sea, so it is a popular place for people to settle down within the city. Now that you know more about the population and demographics of Sarasota Beach, it is time to learn about the best localities in Sarasota Beach.

Best Localities to Move in Sarasota Beach, Florida

This blog section will answer the most important question, where to stay in Sarasota beach. After you decide to move to Sarasota Beach, you can choose the best localities to move into with the help of moving teams from Sarasota Sunshine Movers. Some of the best-suited neighborhoods in Sarasota Beach, Florida, are as follows:

  1. Laurel Park

Designated as a National Register of Iconic Places District in 2008, there are a lot of historical buildings and several bungalows and multi-unit apartments from the Colonial revival, Mission revival, Mediterranean era revival styles. The neighborhood can be explored by walking and is quite close to downtown. The average price of homes in the Laurel Park neighborhood is around $700,000.

  1. Gillespie Park

As a relatively new neighborhood, there are many walking areas, greenery, and comparatively low value for homes. Located north of downtown Sarasota, several historic homes from the 1920s and 1930s, several homes updated recently. The average price of a home in Gillespie Park is around $400,000, around 31% higher than the listing price from the previous year.

  1. Siesta Keys

The neighborhood of Siesta Keys will answer the question, what is the best in Sarasota? With one of the best beaches in the entire country, it is considered one of the most desirable neighborhoods in Sarasota Beach.

Concentrated development in the center of the island provides several waterfront restaurants and open-air bars which provide views of dolphins playing in the ocean. The median value of homes in Siesta Keys is around $660,400 for purchase, and the average rent price is around $1420.  

  1. Indian Beach Sapphire Shores

The Indian Beach Sapphire Shores locality is quite stylish and close to the Ringling Estate. The historic mansions and modest single-family homes, and the twin parks of Sapphire shores and Indian Beach provide some extremely beautiful views of Sarasota Bay.

Other than the above locations, there are several different areas that you can explore while searching for the best-suited place to live. Ask anyone where Sarasota's beaches are and they will provide you with information about how to reach Sarasota Beach and provide directions on how to reach Clearwater Beach. 

In addition, the neighborhood has a college town vibe with the Ringling College of Art Design and New College of Florida nearby. Considering all of the above information, the average price of homes in the Indian Beach Sapphire Shores area is around $315,000, nearly a 4% increase from the previous year's average prices.

Within this section of the blog, where to stay in Sarasota beach has been explored within this subheading. Therefore, the next part of this blog will be about the cost of living in Sarasota Beach.  

Cost of living in Sarasota Beach

The cost of living in Sarasota Beach can be understood with the help of the points mentioned below:

  1. The overall score for the cost of living in Sarasota Beach is 102.7. Therefore, it is higher than the cost of living in Florida, marked at 102.8.
  2. Grocery costs are marked at 106.5 and are higher than the average score in Florida of 102.8
  3. Health costs are 97.6, lower than 98 for Florida.
  4. Housing prices came in at 114.4, higher than 102.6 for Florida.
  5. Compared to Florida's score of utilities at 101.3, Sarasota Beach has a lower score of 94.2
  6. Transportation costs in Sarasota Beach scored 90.9, which is lower than 112.6 for Florida.
  7. Miscellaneous expenses related to the cost of living came in at 101 for Sarasota Beach compared to 96.9 for Florida.

With all these points mentioned above, you can easily understand the cost of living when you move to Sarasota Beach, Florida, with the assistance of moving professionals from Sarasota Sunshine Movers. Additionally, when you decide to move to Sarasota Beach, Florida, remember to ask your friends and family about what is the best beach in Sarasota, as well as areas that can be suggested when you ask where to stay in Sarasota beach. 

Beautiful Weather in Sarasota beach, Florida

When you start living in Sarasota Beach, you can be sure to get the perfect combination of hot and cold weather. In case you are someone who prefers summers to winters, you have relocated to the perfect city. The summer season in Sarasota Beach can be summarized within three words, hot, humid, and subtropical. However, the warm sub-tropical breeze from the Gulf of Mexico aids in minimizing the heat and humidity in the summers. Winters in Sarasota Beach are usually within the range of mid-70s and low -50s during the night. However, there might be chilly weather due to the cold winds from the northern side.

During summers, you can not only enjoy the warm weather but also relax on the best beaches available in Sarasota Beach, Florida. 

All this weather and climate-related information regarding Sarasota Beach will make it easier for you to choose where to stay in Sarasota beach. With the next part of this blog, you will be able to understand the best reasons to move to Sarasota Beach with all the amazing job opportunities provided for both new and old residents.

Great Job Opportunities in Sarasota Beach, Florida

The beautiful city of Sarasota Beach provides several job opportunities that can help you get a lot of improvement in the employment sector, with nearly 15% growth. So if you are thinking of moving to Sarasota Beach, the following locations will be a great choice for you to get a job as per your qualifications and experience:

  1. Schools in Sarasota Beach, Florida
  2. Sarasota Beach, Florida based hospitals
  3. Supermarkets in Sarasota Beach, Florida
  4. Golfing communities in Sarasota Beach, Florida

Additionally, you can get employed in several other places, especially due to locations in and around Sarasota Beach. So with the next section of the blog, you will be able to understand some helpful tips which make it easier to move into Sarasota Beach, Florida.

Tips for Moving to Sarasota Beach, Florida

The following tips will make it easier for you to move in and settle at your new home in Sarasota Beach, Florida:

  1. Lower cost of living makes it easier for you to choose the best neighborhood
  2. Wide variety of employment opportunities for you
  3. Different beaches for relaxing and sports activities
  4. A growing community of people living comfortably
  5. Comfortable living and beautiful views

With all these tips, it will be quite easy for you to move to Sarasota Beach, Florida, and live in a home within your budget.

How Sarasota Sunshine Movers can make your move easy

The following points will help you understand the ways moving to Sarasota Beach, Florida, can be done with the help of Sarasota Sunshine Mover. Additionally, Sarasota Movers focuses on providing better customer service as they are always working on ensuring that they can cater to all the client's needs. Keeping this in mind, they also ensure the following points are followed:

  1. Caring and protecting all of the goods being moved to the new location
  2. Round the clock customer support for customer's queries and updates
  3. On-time delivery of all the packed belongings to the customer's location
  4. Updated equipment for the packing and moving services
  5. High level of safety measures with social distance measures

Due to all the above services and safety points, it makes sense for you to choose Sarasota Sunshine Movers when you decide to relocate to Sarasota Beach, Florida.

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