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July 14, 2022

Do you desire the peace and serenity of a small town? Then you will enjoy moving to Venice. This beautiful waterfront city boasts a charming downtown area with an average population of 25,000. In addition, Venice is conveniently located where you can access Tampa, Sarasota, beaches, and parks.

There are numerous moving companies to help movers from Bradenton Fl move to Venice. However, you need to ensure you choose the right one. You should ask the moving company about their rates, check their reviews, and ask for their license and insurance. 

How Long Does It Take to Move From Bradenton to Venice?

The distance from Bradenton to Venice is 36 miles, making it approximately a 43 min drive. So, you can expect your movers in Bradenton, Florida, to have your things ready in Venice within a few hours of your move. However, some factors will affect the duration of the move.

For example, the weather. If it rains, there may be periods of delay. When it is too hot, there will be heat waves which can pose a challenge. Although despite the weather during the time of your relocation, you can count on Sunshine Sarasota to move your items safely and quickly as possible.

Your preparedness also matters. If you are packed, the move will take a shorter time since the movers in Bradenton, Fl, will only need to load the boxes and offload them on arrival. However, if you need help packing on the day of the move, it might take a few hours more.

Top Reasons to Relocate to Venice

Venice is a haven for families and individuals who want small-town city community feels and the best of beach life. The lifestyle and culture in Venice is a reason most people travel there. The white sand beaches, relaxed lifestyle, and fantastic weather have more people moving.

Every day in Venice will feel like a dream. Unlimited access to beaches and numerous trails for hiking, biking, and walks. The real estate market is suitable and ideal for different types of buyers. So, there is something for you within your budget.

1. Venice Is a Top-Rated Florida Retirement Community

Retirement should be an excellent time for you. You have total freedom from the routine work schedule. Now, you can spend time with friends, checking things off your bucket list, or devoting time to your business.

In 2017, Venice was rated 2nd in the best cities in Fl for seniors to retire. Living in a top-rated retirement community helps liven up your lifestyle. It also makes it easy to actualize the retirement of your dreams. Other benefits you will enjoy:

  • Low living costs
  • Upscale living
  • Safety and security
  • Vibrant social life
  • Remaining active for your health and keeping in shape
  • Personal care services
  • Learning, growing, and the opportunity to travel
  • Easy to access and convenient transportation
  • Eating healthy
  • Consolidated expenses

2. Venice Is a Very Safe Town

Compared to other cities in Florida, Venice is a safe town. When moving around, an essential factor to consider is the neighborhood's safety. You wouldn't risk having your house broken into or items stolen after your move.

Safety benefits include:

  • Reduction of theft cases, injuries, and violence
  • Sense of community pride
  • Systematic model for dealing with emerging issues
  • Saving lives
  • Promoting safety and health
  • Improved quality of life
  • Demonstration of unity and ability to make a difference at local levels
  • Changes in perception

3. Venice Has Gorgeous Gulf Beaches

Enjoy the best of Venice through its gulf beaches. A tour to Venice is never complete until you walk along the famous Venice Beach and other beaches. If you enjoy watching movies, renowned movies like American History X and Californication were filmed on Venice beaches.

There are many advantages of visiting beaches, such as:

  • Stress reduction
  • More sunshine
  • Better health through mood improvement and feeling calm
  • Fresh and less polluted air
  • Ability to engage in low-impact exercises
  • Better sleep

4. Venice Has a Strong Employment Market

According to statistics, Venice, Florida, has a 4.5% unemployment rate, lower than the 6.0% average in the United States. In addition, the job market has also seen a 2.6% increase, showing a strong employment market.

In Venice, the primary employment sectors are the tourism and hospitality industry. Others include healthcare, skilled trades, education, and professional services. In addition, there is a large population of retirees. So, the healthcare industry is the major employer.

How Much Does It Cost to Move From Bradenton to Venice, Florida?

The cost that local movers Bradenton will charge you for moving to Venice will depend on various factors. First, it will depend on the service you need. For example, do you need help packing, customized crating services, or packing materials?

It will cost more if you need assistance packing or special moving services. The cost of your move will also depend on the number of people you need to help with the move.

Other factors for movers in Bradenton Fl come into play are add-ons during the move. For example, assembly or disassembly services will increase the cost of the move. Extra materials like big mattress bags or TV boxes can make it more costly.

The time you schedule the move also matters. Scheduling in advance helps decrease the cost of moving. If you can, schedule at least a month in advance. It is cheaper to schedule a weekday move as demand may be low. Additionally, scheduling a mid-month move can reduce the cost since most people move at the beginning of a month or the end.


1. Why Are People Moving From Bradenton to Venice?

For many reasons, most people are moving to Venice Fl from Bradenton, Florida. First, it is because the town was ranked among the ten best retirement destinations across America. Thus, it is appealing to most people.

For the high rank, Forbes considered its location, activities, weather and climate, cost, quality, and availability of medical services. It also included walkability, crime rates, and air quality. These are advantages most people are willing to take; hence, most are moving to Venice.

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