Living in Sarasota Springs, Fl - Things To Know Before Moving in 2022

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March 4, 2022

After introducing golf from Scotland, Sarasota Springs, Florida, has a fascinating history after the late 1880s. The history of Sarasota Springs also includes some history related to the Ringling family of circus acts, which led to the increase in resorts and natural investment attraction in the 1920s. In the current times, Sarasota Springs has become popular in terms of a residential and retirement destination. With that being said, here are a few reasons why you should place Sarasota Springs in your list of to-move locations.

But before we get on to learning more about Sarasota Springs, it is essential to answer the question, where is Sarasota Springs, Florida? Sarasota Springs is located on the shore of Sarasota Bay in Sarasota, which is on a level sandy terrain across a long, narrow barrier island.

Population and Demographics of Sarasota Springs, Florida

The entire city of Sarasota Springs, Florida, has a population of around 20,000, and there are 5119 people per square mile. The median age of a resident of Sarasota Springs is 45.2 compared to the US average of 37.4. In each home of Sarasota Springs, there are about 2.5 people, which is 0.1 less than the US average of 2.6. Additionally, around 48.5% of the families living in Sarasota Springs are married, 16.3% of the families are separated, 26.4% are married and have kids, and finally, 14.6% of the residents have children but are unmarried.

Best Localities in Sarasota Springs, Florida

Sarasota Springs in Florida has expensive apartments in the northern part of the city, whereas affordable homes are located on the city's western side. However, compared to Florida's average of $320,679, the homes in Sarasota Springs are less expensive. Additionally, homes in Sarasota Springs are priced at around $275,468 compared to the US average of $376,286. Here are a few of the best places to live in or near Sarasota Springs:

  1. Laurel Park
  2. Indian Beach -Sapphire Shores
  3. Siesta Key
  4. Gillespie Park
  5. Lakewood Ranch, and many more.

With so many localities that are open for potential residents, it is better to choose one specific neighborhood that would cater to your needs before you end up moving to Sarasota Springs, Florida.

Living cost for Sarasota Springs, Florida

The cost of living in Sarasota Springs, Florida, is around 97.6 compared to Florida's average of 102.8. In addition, grocery is marked at approximately 104.8 for Sarasota Springs compared to 102.8 for the entire state of Florida. Health scored a 97.6 out of 100 when compared to 98 for Florida on the whole. Housing came in at 97 in comparison to 102.6 for Florida state. The average cost of a home in Sarasota Springs is $267,900 compared to $294,900 for Florida. Also, utilities scored 94.2 for Sarasota Springs in comparison to 101.3 for Florida state. Transportation was marked at 92 out of 100, whereas 112.6 was the score for Florida and other miscellaneous prices scored 101.8 compared to 96.9 for Florida.

Reading up on these scores can be helpful for you to decide whether moving to Sarasota Springs, Florida, for you or your family is a viable option.

Weather in Sarasota Springs, Florida

Once you have decided that Sarasota Springs in Florida is the city you intend to move to, it is also a good idea to understand the everyday weather conditions not to end up unprepared for the next day's weather. Here are a few helpful pointers about the weather in Sarasota Springs:

  1. March, November, and February are the most pleasant months of the year. There are six months of comfortable temperatures, which see a high of around 70 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit.
  2. August is the hottest month for Sarasota Springs where the highest temperature can reach up to 91 degrees Fahrenheit, which makes it somewhat comfortable compared to the humidity in other areas.
  3. Snowfall is a rare occurrence, and the humidity levels are oppressive, as described by residents.
  4. Winter temperatures in Sarasota Springs can go as low as 51 degrees Fahrenheit.

Hence, the comfort index for Sarasota Springs is marked at 2.5 out of 10, which means it is less comfortable than most places in Florida. The mentioned numbers and other data should also help you decide on moving to Sarasota Springs, Florida.

Things to Do in Sarasota Springs, Florida

It does not matter if you are moving to Sarasota Springs by yourself or with your family. There are many things that you can do and explore in and around the city of Sarasota Springs. Here are a few of  the best ones are as follows:

  1. Siesta Key Beach

Ranked number one beach in America by TripAdvisor, it is reputed for its soft sand, warm waters, and variety of aquatic life. Nearby to it is the Mote Marine Laboratory and Aquarium, which provides a closer look at the sea turtles, manatees, and other animal life commonly found in the ocean.

  1. Sarasota Classic Car Museum

A haven for car enthusiasts, this museum has around 60,000 square feet of a collection of about 100 vintage cars. Some of the most noteworthy ones are the muscle cars made during the 1950 and the 1970s and vehicles with reputed owners like John Ringling, Paul McCartney, and other futuristic design cars.

  1. Myakka State River Park

This 37,000-acre park is one of the oldest and largest parks and provides ample areas for hiking, canoeing on the Myakka River, or enjoying rides on the Safari Tram Tour. Fishing enthusiasts can also enjoy a day of fishing on the two lakes located inside the Myakka State River Park.

Additionally, there are various restaurants, and state and county fairs held every year where you can go by yourself or with friends and family.

Job Opportunities in Sarasota Springs, Florida

When you have decided on moving to Sarasota Springs in Florida, there are many job opportunities available in the city and around it. The average income in Sarasota Springs is around $31,181 compared to the US average of $31,177. In addition, the average household income in Sarasota Springs, Florida, is approximately $60,500, which is higher than the US average of $57,652.

Also, the unemployment rate is marked at 4.5%, which is less than 6% for the entirety of the US. Furthermore, although the recent job growth has been observed at -5.98%, it is lower than the -6.18% for the entire US. Finally, future job growth has been projected at approximately 42.23% compared to the US average of 33.51%.

Guide for Real Estate, Shopping, Healthcare & Schools in Sarasota Springs, Florida

Here is a valuable guide for understanding the best real estate, shopping, healthcare locations, and schools that you can know more about before moving to Sarasota Springs, Florida.

Schools in Sarasota Springs, Florida

About 5,400 children are studying in the best-rated schools in and around the city of Sarasota Springs, Florida. Some of the best schools in the city are:

  1. Ashton Elementary
  2. Ringling College of Art and Design
  3. Suncoast Polytechnical High
  4. Sarasota Middle School
  5. Riverview High, and
  6. New College of Florida

Hospitals in Sarasota Springs, Florida

The following are some of the best hospitals in and around  the city of Sarasota Springs, Florida:

  1. William L. Little Health and Human Services Center
  2. Beneva Professional Center
  3. Waldemere Medical Plaza
  4. Complex Care Hospital at Ridge Lake
  5. PAM Speciality Hospital of Sarasota

Supermarkets in Sarasota Springs, Florida

Here are a few of the best and popular supermarkets in and around the city of Sarasota Springs, Florida:

  1. Walmart Sarasota at Cattlemen Road
  2. Brazuca Market
  3. Detweiler's Farm Market
  4. Bulk-n-Natural Foods
  5. FLA Deli

Golf Communities in Sarasota Springs, Florida

Here are some of the best golf communities in the city of Sarasota Springs, Florida:

  1. TPC Prestancia
  2. Laurel Oak
  3. Stoneybrook
  4. The Meadows
  5. The Founders Club

Corporate & Business Parks in Sarasota Springs, Florida

Below mentioned are some of the corporate and business parks in and around the city of Sarasota Springs, Florida:

  1. Sawyer Business Park
  2. Crestwood Business Park
  3. Fruitville Office Park
  4. Interstate Park Corporate Center

Town Centers in Sarasota Springs, Florida

Here are a few of the best town centers in and around the city of Sarasota Springs, Florida:

  1. Ridge Center
  2. Palm Plaza Shopping Center
  3. Forest Lakes Shopping Center
  4. Colonial Village Shopping Center

Helpful Tips for Moving to Sarasota Springs, Florida

Here is some beneficial information that will help you in deciding whether moving to Sarasota Springs in Florida is a good idea for you:

  1. A flourishing community where people love to live
  2. Various ways and places to spend time, including the best beach in America
  3. Lower living costs as compared to other communities in the area
  4. Beautiful views with spectacular views and pleasant living
  5. Sufficient jobs for people looking for work in the area

How Sarasota Sunshine Movers can help in easy moving

All the reasons mentioned below will help you understand the reasons for which Sarasota Sunshine Movers will help you while moving to Sarasota Springs:

  1. Care and Protection of packed boxes and possessions
  2. All around the clock, customer support for queries
  3. Committed to providing the best services for the customer
  4. Proper equipment and safety measures during the pandemic

With all these fantastic benefits, there is no reason why Sunshine Sarasota Movers should not be selected when you are moving to Sarasota Springs, Florida.

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