How To Save Time With Faster, Easier, and Less Stressful Moving

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June 2, 2022

Moving to a new location is a part of life but can be quite stressful and overwhelming. You are moving yourself to a new location, but you also need to pack many of your possessions to reduce any chances of damage. However, with the packing tips mentioned here and the assistance of moving professionals from Sarasota Sunshine Movers, it will be much easier to understand the process of how to start packing for a move and what you need to add to the moving packing list for a successful move to the new location.

Packing Hacks to make your move easier

Before you are ready to pack up and move to the new location, reading through the packing tips mentioned here will make it easier to understand the best ways to ensure all of your belongings reach the new location with minimal to no damage. So without much delay, here are the essential tips you need to remember before packing up for the move:

  1. Clean up so you can pack less

Clean and sort out anything you might not be able to take to the new home. These include old clothes, old toys, school books, and other items with very low value. They can be either donated or given away to charity organizations. Alternatively you can sell them through a yard or estate sale to people who might find a need for them. Other necessary yet undecided items can be placed in a short-term storage area. Any other junk and unnecessary possessions can be removed with the assistance of a junk removal company. Before beginning the cleaning process, it is good to contact moving professionals from Sarasota Sunshine Movers.  

  1. Buy quality moving boxes

It is better to get packing experts' moving boxes at low prices. Exposure to moisture, wear and tear, or bug infestation can compromise the boxes. Sarasota Sunshine Movers can also provide tips for packing and have boxes that can be used to store all of your belongings.

  1. Pack valuable items first

Another of several important moving packing tips is to pack all the delicate and fragile items with lots of packing material. Doing so can reduce the chances of broken possessions when you reach your new home. Apart from this, working with a team of packing professionals from Sarasota Sunshine Movers can ensure that all of your fragile utensils and boxes are packed and moved into the moving vehicle carefully and tied down to the floor of the moving vehicle.

  1. Label each box after packing up rooms

After all previously mentioned points have been completed, it is important to ensure that each box is labeled according to the room you have completed packing. Such helpful tips on packing to move can help you ensure that you can sort out all of your belongings in the correct room. Furthermore, the correct labels on each box make it easier for you to restart your life in your new home.

  1. Don't overpack a moving box

One of the most important tips for packing to move is not to overpack any box when packing your belongings. Doing so could damage your precious belongings. For example, suppose you have packed books and reading material into a box. It is necessary to ensure that all books and reading materials are placed so they do not get damaged while being transported.

  1. Keep your wine glasses in one piece

When packing your precious cutlery, glasses, and utensils, one of the most important moving packing tips is to pack your wine glasses to reach the new location without any damage. It is possible to do this with the help of small clothing pieces like socks placed into the glass or packing peanuts to reduce any chances of breaking or damaging them.

  1. Put your laundry baskets to work

Among the many tips on packing to move, using laundry baskets can help in reducing the need for cardboard boxes. By placing most of your clothes in a laundry basket, you can ensure that all your clothes are ready to be worn at the earliest if you do not have too much time and need to rejoin the office within a short time. Alternatively, you can ask moving experts from Sarasota Sunshine Movers about the best ways to pack your belongings into laundry baskets.

  1. Use the right size boxes

One of the most helpful packing tips that can ensure the safe packing of all your belongings is choosing the correct sized boxes for each room and possession. Choosing the correct boxes for each room and packing items can reduce the chances of damage or breakage. Additionally, expert moving professionals from Sarasota Sunshine Movers can also guide you on how to start packing to move to the new location by selecting the exact box size which will accommodate all the things from each room without any chances of damage.

  1. Try not to leave void spaces in boxes

Another important point among moving packing tips is not leaving any space in the box. Any space in the box could cause packed items to look messy and jumbled up. It could also lead to fragile belongings being damaged. So it is the best choice to not only line any empty spaces with cloth or packing material. It will aid in reducing any chances of damage to fragile possessions in the box. However, taking the assistance of moving and packing professionals from Sarasota Sunshine Movers. In that case, you can be assured that they will take all the necessary measures to minimize damages to your belongings.

Some other helpful tips on packing to move are packing a bag of essentials and documents. Remember to use plastic wrap so that no liquid spills occur during the moving process. Also, wrap all fragile utensils and other cutlery sideways to protect them and use space-saving techniques to pack clothes.

A professional moving service like Sarasota Sunshine Movers will be able to provide you with some extremely helpful tips that can answer the question of when to start packing for a move. The tips given ahead will make it easier for you to do so.

Dos and Don'ts of Packing for a Move

Here are some extremely useful and helpful tips on packing to move to a new location:

  1. Do not wait until the last minute to pack and move with the help of a moving and packing service.
  2. Check at least three different moving services thoroughly before selecting the most compatible moving service.
  3. Help the moving professionals during the packing process and do not overfill boxes.
  4. Never leave all drawers filled as it can become quite difficult for the movers to pack and move them.
  5. Do not stay up till late the day before the moving and packing begin.


All the above tips will make it easy for you and the moving company. In addition, it will ensure your belongings reach the new location with minimal to zero damage. Sarasota Sunshine Movers can provide high quality. However, there are a few questions often asked by people looking to move.


What should I pack first?

The first items that need to be packed are the decorative items placed in the home for aesthetic effect. Items like books, magazines, and artwork are the first things that need to be packed at the start of the moving process.

How do I pack a lot into a little space?

By rolling clothes into compression bags, using small bottles for liquids, placing smaller items into empty spaces, and placing heavier items at the base of the bag, you can pack a lot into small spaces.

What are some helpful tips for packing and organizing for a move?

Some helpful tips for packing and moving are as follows:

  •  Create a moving binder for proper organizing
  • Color code moving boxes for better sorting
  • Print checklists to check off completed tasks
  • Pack a bag of essentials for the new home

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