How to Choose the Right Size Moving Truck for Your House or Office Relocation

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June 20, 2022

Change is the only constant thing in life. When you decide to move to a new house or relocate your office, you need help to make the moving process easy. You can always hire a moving truck if you can't handle the move with your resource.

For example, renting a moving truck is best if you have more belongings than your car can carry. It gives you control over your move and saves you money. However, to make the most of your move, you need to hire the right size moving truck. To know what size of moving truck you need, you must be well informed.

What Are the Most Important Features to Consider When Choosing a Moving Truck or Trailer?

There are three most important features to consider. The first is your moving needs. Every move is unique for everyone. Whether you are moving from a studio apartment or moving your company, you need a moving truck that accommodates your belongings. So, consider your moving needs to ensure you choose the right truck size.

Second, consider your budget. You need to seek the services of an affordable moving company that offers reasonable rates and value for your money. However, you still need high-quality services. So, compare quotes from different companies, and choose one with transparent rates to avoid hidden charges.

Lastly, consider the moving truck size. There are different moving truck sizes and moving truck lengths. Depending on the items you want to move, you can estimate the moving truck size that can fit your belongings. Choosing a smaller truck means several trips, while choosing a larger truck may be too expensive and inefficient.

How to Choose the Right Size of a Moving Truck

To ensure that you choose the right size of a moving truck, you need to consider your belonging, cubic feet, and the size of your home. In addition, the size of items you want to move and the number of boxes will affect the moving truck size. So, consider your belongings, their weight, and the furniture items you need to move.

Also, consider the size of your home. The number of rooms. Here are the details on the ideal truck size depending on the size of your home: - 

  1. Studio Apartment - 10-16 ft
  2. 1-Bedroom - 12-22 ft
  3. 2-Bedroom - 16-22 ft
  4. 3-Bedroom - 22-26ft

Some moving companies use cubic feet space to approximate the size of moving truck you need as trucks are measured in cubic feet. They allocate about 200 cubic feet per room, including furniture and boxes. So, if you are moving five rooms worth of items, you may need a 15ft truck or more.

1. Create an inventory of All You Will Have to Place in the Truck

Are you wondering how big a moving truck I need? Consider your belongings. What items will you be placing on the truck?

Make an inventory of all the items you intend to carry—the furniture, kitchen appliances, electronics, beds, mattresses, and clothes. Then, consider your items and compare them to the rental agency's standard moving truck size. Then, you will be in a better position to estimate the moving truck size for all items.

2. Use a Moving Truck Size Calculator

Sometimes, it can be hard to estimate the size of the moving truck you need. Using a moving truck size calculator, you can make your estimate more accurate. The calculator accurately answers ‘what size moving truck do I need’ since it calculates the size based on your input.

You will need to input the number of rooms in your house, items you need to carry, and other questions. Then, the calculator will recommend the best moving truck size for you, depending on your needs.

3. Contact a Truck Rental Company

Once you have an ideal estimate of moving truck size for your move, contact a truck rental company. You can inquire about the size of truck you need and what type of trucks they offer. There are different moving truck sizes and types-for example, there are pick-up and box trucks, each used under different circumstances.

When you contact the organization, ask about their services. Do they also help with packing, loading, and offloading? Also, inquire about their charges and other expenses or additional costs that may pop up later. Ask if they have insurance and certifications and other questions you may have.

4. Think About a Moving Company 

There are numerous benefits of working with moving companies. First, they offer door-to-door services, which makes moving less stressful. Additionally, they may provide loading or unloading only services that are affordable however less convenient as you must provide the truck.

Moving companies are also flexible and can help you transport some or all of your items to your intended destinations. They are also versatile, as they offer residential and business moving services. Moving companies adapt to your moving needs and fulfill them.

How Big Should My House or Business Be Before I Require a Larger Moving Truck? 

The size of the moving truck you need will depend on several factors. For example, you will need a larger moving truck if you have a lot of heavy bulky stuff to move or items that need more space. Similarly, if you live in a  big house with a long list of items you would like to take with you during the move, you will need a larger moving truck. 

How to Save Money With the Right Size Moving Truck for Your House or Office Relocation

With so much to do during a move, you probably have a tight budget. You can save on moving by using the right size moving truck. If you choose a smaller truck, you will spend more on additional trips to transport all items. On the other hand, a larger truck than you need will be more expensive to hire and won’t be fully utilized.

So, save money by following our guide above and choosing the right truck size. Then, use this moving truck checklist to save space and make your move easier.


1. What Factors Should Be Considered When Choosing a Truck?

Consider the size of the truck and if it is spacious enough to fit all the items you would like to move. So, list items you want to move with or the number of rooms you will be moving to.

2. What Are the Size and Weight Limits of a Truck?

There are restrictions on the size and weight a truck can carry to avoid damaging the roads. These limitations are different depending on the class of truck and should be listed on the driver door which can be seen when the door is open. 

3. What Kinds of Trucks Are Available for Rental?

There are different types of trucks you can rent for moving. You can rent a pick-up truck if you have a few items and are moving a short distance. Alternatively, you can choose to move in a cargo van. It is more spacious than a pick-up truck and ideal for more items or a studio apartment.

Moving from a bigger house than a studio apartment, you can rent a box truck. They are heavyweight and ideal for moving long distances. You can also move in a U-Haul if you move a large home or business.

4. How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Full-Sized Moving Truck for an Office Relocation?

It will cost you an average of $250 to rent a full-sized moving truck for a local move and $2,780 for a long-distance move. However, some costs aren’t included in your quote, for example, gas, supplies, insurance, and mileage.

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