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Everything You Need To Know About How To Move A Hot Tub

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October 28, 2021

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The move can be less of a hassle if you know how to move a hot tub, even less if you hire professional hot tub movers to do the job for you.

How to Move a Tub/Spa by Yourself

By design, tubs are large, oddly shaped, and quite heavy. This design poses some challenges during moving, and it can get quite challenging if you are doing the moving yourself instead of hiring professional hot tub movers. It can, however, be done. Proper planning and careful execution are paramount. 

Prepare your tub for the move by turning off the power, draining the tub, unplugging the filters, and drying the tub. Depending on the model of your tub, you can then disconnect items such as the heater and pump. You will need enough manpower, so have a few strong friends to help you out. Tilt your tub and place 2-by-4s on each side for leverage. The next step is to secure the tub onto the furniture dollies using straps. Once the tub is all set on the furniture dolly, you can move it to the moving truck.

Hot tub Moving Equipment

The right tools will get the job done right, and for hot tub moving, you need the following moving equipment and supplies.

  • Furniture or Appliance Dollies: For the average-sized hot tub, you will need at least two furniture dollies
  • 2 by 4s or 4 by 4s Framing Lumber/Wooden Planks: Get 2 for each side of the tub. The size of your tub will inform your selection of wooden plank size.
  • Moving Straps: High quality straps for fastening the tub onto the furniture dollies
  • Moving Blankets: These are perfect for providing that additional cushioning to protect your hot tub during the moving process.
  • Moving Truck: Ensure the truck is adequately sized and the ramp in good condition.

Who Are Professional Hot Tub Movers and Installers?

What may come across as a seemingly difficult and even impossible task for you is pretty easy for trained professionals. Professional hot tub movers and installers are trained and experienced in doing precisely that; moving and installing your hot tub.

Sarasota Sunshine Movers have the expertise, experience, and equipment required to safely move and install a hot tub. The company has a diverse clientele across different service locations.

Should I Hire Professional Tub Movers and Installers

Even though you always have the option of moving your tub or jacuzzi by yourself, there are several advantages to hiring reliable hot tub movers, as follows.

1. Reduce Risk of Damage to Your Tub

The skill and experience that expert hot tub movers bring to every job significantly reduces the risk of damage to your tub. Additionally, spa movers have the right equipment to ensure safe relocation. Hot tubs are no cheap investment, and they will certainly give you a lot of peace of mind knowing that you don’t have to worry about spending on repair or replacing the tub after relocation. Professional movers will follow the right procedure to ensure your tub is safe during the move and during installation at the new location.

2. Reduce Risk of Injury

Moving tubs requires skill, without which you are at a greater risk of hurting yourself. Apply the wrong technique in moving your spa, and you may end up with serious bodily harm or injuring those helping you move it. Better to hire hot tub movers and installers and guarantee your own safety.

3. Save Time

Go the DIY way, and you can be sure you’ll spend no less than several hours preparing your tub for moving and actually moving it. The process of moving and installing a hot tub is quite involving and, by extension, time-consuming. You can save yourself the hassle and attend to other matters in the time that it will take to move your tub. Spa moving company movers will no doubt take less time planning and executing the move.

How Much Does It Cost to Move a Hot Tub?

You can always find cheap hot tub movers, but with such, you can never be too confident in the quality of service that you can expect. Professional hot tub movers at Sarasota Sunshine movers will start with an in-house visit, assess what moving your tub or jacuzzi will entail, and then give you an accurate estimate for the job.

 Depending on several factors, you may be looking at average to high-end costs. The primary factors that go into hot tub removal costs include

  • Size and weight of your tub
  • Ease of access 
  • Choice of hot tub movers
  • Scope of service, that is, removal alone or removal and installation

Sarasota Sunshine Movers offers market-competitive rates for hot tub moving, placement, and installation. We also offer affordable rates for spa removal and disposal.

Contact Professional Hot Tub Movers

Get in touch with Sarasota Sunshine Movers for an expert hot tub moving service. We are your reliable local hot tub movers and installers.


1. How to Move a Hot Tub on Grass?

Bare ground is likely to sink in under the weight of a hot tub. As such, place the tub on the wooden planks when moving it on grass as opposed to directly on the grass.

2. How to Move a Hot Tub with PVC Pipe?

Leverage the PVC pipes under your hot tub, which will allow you to roll the tub to a new position. Take a pipe and replace it under the tub as you roll it along.

3. How to Move a Hot Tub on Its Side?

 Can you move a tub on its side? Yes. Instead of trying to lift the jacuzzi from the sides, have someone at each corner lift up the tub and gently place the hot tub on its side. 

4. How to Move a Hot Tub Alone?

It may be practically impossible for you to move a hot tub alone, given the typical weight and size of these spas. But with the help of some friends, the right equipment, and lifting techniques, you can do that on your own without hiring professional hot tub movers and installers.

5. How to Move a Hot Tub on a Trailer?

 Trailers are perfect for hot tub transport. Gently place the hot tub on the wooden planks. Use the planks to lift the tub off the ground and place the tub on the rear end of the trailer such that the planks are perpendicular to the trailer’s rail system. You can then push the tub along the rails and center it on the trailer.

6. How to Move a Hot Tub Upstairs or Downstairs?

Secure your tub onto the furniture or appliance dolly using straps. Carefully lift or lower the dolly one step at a time to move your tub upstairs or downstairs.

7. How to Move a Hot Tub Over a Fence?

One option is to remove the fencing panels. The other option is to lift the hot tub over the fence using a hi-ab truck or crane.

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