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At Sunshine Movers of Sarasota, we’re masters of moving. We handle every type of move. Whether it’s residential, commercial, or senior relocations, we’ve got your back. Check out the menu below to learn more about each area we specialize in. Ready to get started? Moving is easy when you’ve got Sunshine Movers of Sarasota on your side.

Professional Movers  

If you are considering a move involving valuable or sentimental items, it is important you choose a company that works with experience in handling these items with the care they need otherwise damage may occur. Sunshine Movers is your source for professional moving help from your first call to the last item placed at your new home so you can rest assured your items are safe with Sunshine Movers. Our team is skilled in all aspects of moving and utilize professional tools and equipment to move your items without incident. Be the hero of your family and hire a team that will make you look great for choosing Sunshine Movers for your upcoming move!

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About Sunshine Movers

Sunshine Movers is not only one of the top-rated moving companies in Florida, but we’re nationally recognized. Our 5-star reviews are growing every day. How do we do it? Our unmatched customer service from start to finish and our employee retention. That’s why we were selected as a Best of the Best National Award Winner for 2020. It’s an honor we’re proud of!

About Us

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We take care of our crew so they take care of YOU!

Sunshine Movers understand that by taking care of the crew, that they will take care of the client. With this simple technique Sunshine Movers attracts the best movers in the industry therefore offering the best service possible to the client. Sunshine Movers continuously finds way to reward their amazing team with family block parties, catered team meetings, incentive-based pay and even trips to see the Buccaneers play live at the Raymond James stadium. With this formula Sunshine Movers has created a family culture within the business that adds up to successful moves every time. Think about it, wouldn't you want the crew in your home to feel like family rather than someone there for a paycheck?

If you are looking to join our team as a future employee, click the link to read more.

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Looking for a Moving Company with Unbeatable Customer Service?
5 Reasons Sunshine Movers Nails it! Six years ago, when Sunshine Movers began, I decided we were going to do moving differently. I didn’t just want a successful moving company; I wanted to WOW my customers with each move.  
As you can guess, that’s not easy to do. But at Sunshine Movers, it’s our top priority.  

So how do we nail customer service so well at Sunshine Movers of Sarasota? 

We use a specific customer service process that we continue to develop as we grow.  Yes, we’re a top-rated moving company in Sarasota, but we’ll never grow too big to care about our customers.

Customer Service

Top 5 Principles for Unmatched Customer Service

When you call us, you’re not a number. Each time you reach out to us, you’ll get the same person—our move coordinator. She’s the first line of contact for all of our customers. We hired her because she’s kind and caring, and she knows our moving business. She’ll answer all your questions, and do whatever she can to ease your moving stress and fears.

We have an incredible team of movers, and we retain our employees. Sunshine Movers is more than a job, it’s a tight-knit family. Many of these guys have been with us since day one. When we’re not working, we hang out with each other because we’re friends. That’s a good sign of a strong company that takes care of their employees, who in turn take care of their customers. Would you rather someone just punching the clock moving your belongings—or a happy mover who loves his job? I’m sure I can guess your answer to that!

We give incentives to our crew.
The way we see it, why not make working fun if you can? So, we make it fun. We reward our staff for top-notch customer service, 5-star Google reviews, and customer testimonials. Whether it's a day at a Bucs game, company dinners at a local steakhouse, or holiday parties with presents, food, and raffles with prizes—we recognize our team for their outstanding performance. We also have bonus systems in place for feedback from happy customers. As a result, we’ve got people banging down our doors wanting to work for us.

We offer a wide range of moving services. If a client wants the highest level of moving service, we provide white glove, next-level customer service. This goes above and beyond the average packing and moving service. We’ll pack an entire cupboard and unpack it, neatly placing all of the items where the customer wants them in the new home. We’re also known for being the most organized moving company in Sarasota. Our unique system helps our customers relax knowing we can handle any sized move with ease.

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We’re used to handling unusual items and priceless family heirlooms. We know it’s scary having someone you don’t know handling your most treasured possessions. These items are irreplaceable, and we take that seriously. At Sunshine Movers, we spend countless hours training our movers on how to handle and pack unique, fragile, and oddly-shaped antiques and family heirlooms. When our movers come to move your belongings, they’re already prepared for what to expect. You’ll breathe a sigh of relief when these items are safely delivered to your new home. 

Customer service isn’t just something you teach your employees. It’s a mindset. Taking care of each customer every time is one of our top values as a company. We love knowing our customers see that we care about them, and we will continue to do that with every move.

Why Choose Sunshine Movers?

The results speak for themselves; residents of Sarasota and the Tampa Bay area trust us to move their families!

Customer Referral Rate

We have a strong reputation for taking care of our customers. As a result, word-of-mouth referrals are our main source of business. 

5-Star Google Reviews

With nothing but 5-star reviews, our number of happy customers continues to grow every day. 

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We’re proud to offer consistent and unmatched customer service from start to finish. 

Our Customer Reviews

Google Review
"Highly recommend Sunshine Movers! I called Blake and he was able to squeeze me in last minute for the next day. The guys worked until 8:00 p.m! They were fantastic and you can’t be the price (no hidden fees either)!! They took great care of all of our belongings, were very efficient and respectful."
Bryce Geiman
Google Review
"Jason and Joe were amazing. They were proficient, courteous and met every need I required. I had a lot of things to be moved from Sarasota to North Port and they made the experience less stressful. Thank you guys so much and job well done. I highly recommend them for any job. I hope I don’t have to move again but if I do I will definitely use Sunshine Movers."
Michelle Murphy
Google Review
"Terrific experience. Mark and Jason were great. Clean and prompt. Our office was set up perfectly. No damage. They worked very quickly and got us in under the estimate. Definitely recommend. "
Olivia Papa

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