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Military Mover Providers

Military Mover Providers

Executing a Permanent Change of Station (PCS) or temporary duty move can overwhelm military families. At Sunshine Movers, our goal is to organize every little detail and provide seamless relocation services for our military men and women.

We understand the stringent standards required for these kinds of moves, which is why we maintain a highly-trained team of military movers. Additionally, we will work with your schedule to have you settled in your new station in no time.

Military Relocation Services

Sunshine Movers is honored to support the armed forces with world-class relocation services. Moving is a regular part of military life, but it does not have to be stressful. We have quality packing materials to protect your fragile items and certified movers to handle everything you need. What’s more, our moving consultants are ready to customize your military move, depending on your family’s needs. Our reputed services include:

1. International Moving Support

The primary concern for families during military relocations is how to take their beloved possessions with them. We provide door-to-door relocation support and household goods forwarding services for military officers and their families to and from overseas locations. You can rely on our network of reliable partner agents and experience in international relocations for a stress-free move.

2. Interstate Moving Solution

Relocating to a new state in the service of your country is a thrilling transition. However, you will need an army moving company that understands the logistics of an interstate military move. Our licensed movers will pack up your home and get you settled and ready for the new adventure.

What Are My Military Moving Options?

When relocating to another duty station, you can either liaise with the local transportation office or organize the move under the Personally Procured Move (PPM) Program. The latter, formerly known as a DITY move, lets you choose a moving method. Members who procure their move can get reimbursement up to 100% of a government move. You can hire a moving company, use your vehicle, or hire rental equipment.

While there is a greater deal of work involved in moving items by yourself, you will get to declutter and oversee every step of the move. The relocation will also occur according to your schedule. Before you organize the move, it is advisable to seek counsel and approval from the base personal property office to ensure you get reimbursed.

What Are the Moving Entitlements Under a PCS?

Military officers relocate to a new base or assignment every few years. The military provides monetary allowances and entitlements to ease the financial impact of Permanent Change of Station (PCS) moves. These benefits primarily depend on your rank and dependency status and include:

1. Weight Allowances

Your weight allowance increases as you rise through the ranks. It is essential to stay within the allocated allowance to prevent surprise charges after delivery. Additionally, knowing your weight allowance will help you declutter or make storage arrangements.

2. Dislocation Allowance

Dislocation allowance meets part of the relocation expenses incurred during PCS moves. This payment can be paid in advance to help you set up your new home. The rate varies according to rank and dependency status, and it can range from around $978 to $5,000.

3. Travel Expenses

The military pays the transportation expenses to take you and your dependents from one station to the other. You will receive an allowance for every day you are in the air or on the road to cover lodging, food, and other incidentals. There is also a mileage reimbursement to offset the costs of driving yourself and your family to the new station.

4. Professional Books, Papers, and Equipment Allowance

A professional gear program allows military officers to move papers, books, and professional equipment in a PCS move. These items include military reference material, specialized clothing, and military communication equipment. However, there is a 2000-pound limit for these possessions.

5. Non-Temporary Storage

Military officers can also have the military store their household goods on a long-term basis during their assignment. You can check the maximum weight allowance with your TO.

6. Temporary Duty

Military officers who receive PCS orders get a 10-day leave that is different from ordinary leave. You can use this period to make travel arrangements for yourself and your dependents.

What Is the Weight Exceed Limit?

When you exceed your weight allowance, you are liable to pay the difference. Keep in mind that overweight costs can quickly add up and dent your wallet. Some tips to help you stay within your weight allowance include:

  • Sort all your items and get rid of things you don’t need. Donate some items or host a yard sale as you don’t want to pay for possessions that you rarely use.
  • Pack everything you need when moving in a suitcase to take with you. Include items you will need for the first few days in your new homes, such as your wallet, toiletries, chargers, and extra clothing. Ensure that this box is not placed in the moving truck.
  • Take pictures of your valuable or fragile belongings and note down the date on the picture. Also, you can write the serial number for the valuables and keep the documentation with you.

Why Use Sunshine Movers for Military Moving Services

Military officers who want more control over the packing and moving of their items opt for PPM moves. Not every mover can execute a military move flawlessly, given the logistical intricacies involved in military moves. You need a certified, well-equipped, and experienced mover to customize your relocation to suit your family’s needs.

At Sunshine Movers, we will handle your interstate or international packing and moving requirements so you can focus on more important things. When you choose our reliable team, you can expect:

1. Best Price

We strive to offer the most cost-effective army moving services for our military men and women. Our relocation services are fully customizable, and we work with your budget without sacrificing quality.

2. Multi-Vehicle, Door-to-Door Auto Transport

Our state-of-the-art moving trucks will transport your items to your new home safely. We will assign a professional crew to move your items from your current station to your new residence on time.

3. Personal Inspection

The best thing about PPM moves is that you will oversee the packing and moving process. We will send you regular updates during transit, and you can track your items at every step of the relocation.

4. No Upfront Payment

As one of the most reputable military movers in Sarasota and surrounding areas, we don’t ask for cash upfront. Therefore, you can look forward to reuniting with your belongings at the destination.

Here at Sunshine Movers, we aim to reduce the stress involved in military moves. Our moving coordinators will customize a package suited for your family, which can include packing, moving, customs clearance, and any other service you need. Call our reliable military movers today for a free estimate or free online quote.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the weight limit in a military move?

The weight limit for a military move may span around 350 – 18,000 pounds. Further, the amount may vary depending on rank and dependent status. However, you can take advantage of the moving allowance provided to all the enlisted officers and personnel.

How do you determine the cost of your military move?

The process is a bit tricky but works best to count the cost of a military move.

  • You can determine the number of days by taking the Official Government Mileage between duty stations and then divide it by 350.
  • An additional day of travel will be allowed if the remaining travel is 51 miles or more during your move.
  • Likewise, the total per diem reimbursement on your move is the overall cost that is allowable per diem for each family member.

How long does it take for a military move?

Usually, a military move planning takes place within or less than 30 minutes, as the professional military movers do it with the help of a computer. After the visit, movers will determine how many days they need to pack, load or unload the stuff. The duration may vary based on the weight and distance to be covered. Contact us to get a free quote for your military move.

How does your military move service differ from your competitors?

Sunshine Movers is a reliable moving company and has proudly moved thousands of government families and military members safely with their required belongings. Whether it’s a temporary duty move or a Permanent Change of Station (PCS), we aim to assist military families with a stress-free moving experience.

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