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What bothers your mind is what to do with the stuff you don't want to move to your new location? The best way to get rid of this problem is to sell or donate the items you think are unnecessary. How do you do it? Let's check!

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Sell your Stuff

Where can I sell unwanted items?

The best thing you can do to sell your unwanted stuff is to list all the items on your social media feed. It's pretty lucrative to occasionally share a post filled with a few items you're selling. Social media is filled with your friends, so you don't have to worry a lot about delivery or shipping as they can visit the stuff and buy it directly from your doorsteps.

Facebook marketplace is also a great alternative to sell the stuff online to unwanted items selling companies. You can choose this area to help yourself in selling unnecessary stuff.

Donate large items you don't need in the new home

It's true that decluttering saves your time and helps you pack your items efficiently for a move. But if you consider donating a few gently used items to charities or non-profit organizations, it will be a great step towards humanity. If you are not sure where to donate your stuff, you can ask your packing and moving company to help you do that.

Where is the best place to donate household items?

Goodwill is the organization that accepts new or gently-used stuff as donations and sells them to stores (located around the country). Apart from that, if you have books to donate, you can go to local libraries and ask them for a free donation pick-up of your books. This step can help many people gain knowledge with your donated books, DVDs, and CDs. 

Rest, a reliable moving company can help you find other options to do the same even in better ways.

Buy cost-effective moving boxes and supplies

Moving boxes are crucial to make a relocation journey successful. It's something you can't miss if you've planned to relocate to a new location. To pack the entire house, you need the bulk amount of cheap cartons for packing, from small, medium, to big, and it ultimately costs a bit high to buy these boxes. You can reduce the cost of moving boxes for a long-distance move if you buy them from a reliable company or the best online sources.

Putting efforts in buying moving boxes can help if you are doing the entire packing by yourself. Your stress can be mitigated if you hire professional packers and movers and leave everything to them.

What is the best place to buy cost-effective moving boxes?

Only online e-commerce stores can give you a variety of moving boxes options at cost-effective prices. For reference, you can explore Amazon, Walmart, and Home Depot. These websites provide moving boxes at reasonable and discounted prices.
It's good to contact your movers if they can arrange the required moving boxes at comparatively low prices

Rent a moving truck

The best and cheapest way to move long-distance is to rent a moving truck and manage the move yourself. If you're prepared to drive for long distances, consider opting for a rental truck for moving from a trusted enterprise truck rental company.

What is the best place to hire truck rental services for moving?

So you've decided to move yourself to your new long-distance location. It's excellent as you will likely save thousands of dollars. Before renting the truck, you need to make yourself sure to do this alone or need professional help to get this done.You can hire a moving truck anywhere from a reliable truck renting company. Still, it is believed that seeking professional help would be beneficial to make the moving journey stress-free and smooth.

Hire moving agencies

Hiring moving agencies has become vital to make a move successful and stress-free. Before joining hands with any of the moving companies, you've to make sure if the selected company is reliable and capable of completing the job within your budget.

How much does it typically cost to hire movers?

If you plan to hire professional packers and movers for your long-distance move, you can expect to pay a minimum of $1000 for your move. The cost may rise depending on the belongings to be packed and the distance to be covered.

How much should I pay a mover per hour?

When it comes to moving, there is nothing inevitable about the cost of moving. Everything depends on you, your current home, belongings to be packed, and your new location. It's challenging if you ask about what to pay movers per hour.

Check out this chart to get a rough idea of movers per hour cost:

  • For a small studio or apartment – Moving cost would be $140 to $165 per hour
  • For a two-bedroom apartment – Moving cost would be $650 to $850 for the labor of 5-6 hours
  • For a three-bedroom apartment – Moving cost would be $900 to $1500 for the labor of 8-9 hours
  • For the move of 1000 miles away – Moving cost would be $1500 to $2200 (for a small studio apartment)
  • You can seek the help of your moving consultants to get an exact cost idea of your move.

You can seek the help of your moving consultants to get an exact cost idea of your move.

Look for discounts

Moving quotes are not set on stones. These can be easily customized as per your demands and requirements. Start looking for the best moving companies to check which is better and offer cost-effective services.

What is the cheapest way to move long-distance?

The best method to move reasonably is to connect with at least 3-4 moving companies and get multiple moving estimates.
Ask them to include the same list of services so you can compare the cost and additionally offered facilities like special packing, loading, and unloading.

Can you negotiate with movers?

You can talk to your moving company and see if there are any savings available. Perhaps there is a portion of the quote you can eliminate altogether like taking on additional packing or perhaps having furniture and other items disassembled. maybe there is a large piece of furniture that makes up a big piece of the cost which could be sold prior to the move.

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